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  1. http://www.lemay.qc.ca/project.php?unit_id=1&project_id=258&lang=en&selected_item=4-4-5 Lemay
  2. ^Awesome thx! Was this week's RenderPornStar!! If you like it, A List it merci.
  3. Totally hot. Best Canadian renderporn I've seen this month. Is this office or residential?
  4. P+S = Not good news, likely to be a bore.
  5. Just missed taking a good photo of the sales centre. I'm not convinced it will be a great design considering the architect's terrible history.
  6. 16 May 2012: Sales centre nearly ready for VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIPs
  7. 16 May 2012: Nice details: New meets old apartments:
  8. 16 May 2012--love this development!
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