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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all, Saw a sign on Crescent this morning for this project : Centra Condos - Montreal condos for sale, new condo downtown Montreal. 1190 is the site behind Maharaja buffet I know there's a thread for the old project but couldn't find it.
  2. 1421-1425 Crescent is deduced from the 1949 Land Use map (thanks catbus) and the fact that the Havana 1519 building is at 1427-1429 Crescent. I have no idea when or why 1421-1425 went down (presumably in flames) but I would love to know! Currently L.A. Hebert and Pomerleau have trailers on site. Slight possibility this has to do with the Ogilvy extension, but clearly something is happening on this lot. November 11th 2014 November 22nd 2014
  3. Website: [sTREETVIEW],-73.583658&spn=0.006204,0.009516&cbll=45.502583,-73.583658&layer=c&panoid=S8SQW7jZasjLsujb3Tl06g&cbp=12,299.98,,0,-7.69&t=h&z=17[/sTREETVIEW]
  4. Nom officiel : Les Condos Crescent Site web :
  5. Nom: Maison Ogilvy Hauteur: 17 étages Hauteur en mètres: 65 Coût du projet: 150 000 000,00$ Promoteur: Selfridges Group Ltd., Devimco Inc. et Fonds de solidarité FTQ Architecte: Groupe IBI CHBA et Sid Lee Architecture Emplacement: voir carte Début de construction: Fin de construction: Site internet: Lien webcam: Autres informations: * Projet résidentiel et commercial * 110 condos * 120 chambres d’hôtel * L'Hôtel de la Montagne sera détruit * Le nouvel hôtel sera un "MGallery" du groupe Accord * Le Wanda’s ne sera pas intégré au projet, le propriétaire à refusé d'être acheté * Le 1449 rue Crescent (Thurday's) sera détruit * Le 1443 rue Crescent (Taverne Crescent) sera détruit * Le 1429 rue Crescent (Havana 1519) sera détruit * Le 1447 et 1445 rue Crescent (Enzo's et Allo Inde) sera intégré au projet Rumeurs: * Le magasin Holt Renfrew déménagerait dans ce projet Images (cliquez pour agrandir) :
  6. Pay what you want in this Montreal restaurant PETER MCCABE FOR THE TORONTO STAR Crescent St. tavern hard hit by drop in business tries something new Feb 25, 2009 04:30 AM Andrew Chung QUEBEC BUREAU CHIEF MONTREAL – Already stung by a slide in American tourists and a deepening financial mess that's keeping business customers away, the Taverne Crescent, situated on one of Montreal's historic party streets, decided to implement a new policy: Pay what you can. So yesterday, lunch-hour customers were given the choice of an appetizer, plus either tagliatelle bolognese, salmon or braised beef, and coffee or tea, for whatever they wanted to pay. For a dollar even. Or nothing. "Some people might pay nothing," said owner George Pappas, "but maybe when they have more money in three or six months, they'll come back and pay more." Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems. Pappas's actions, though gimmicky, illustrate the darkening picture for all those attached to the tourism industry in the province. Despite the proximity of major Canadian cities like Montreal to the border, the number of American tourists coming into Canada by car – still the vast majority compared to other means of transport – reached a record low last year, data from Statistics Canada show. There were nearly 10 million of those trips in 2001. Last year, just 7.4 million. It wasn't even that bad during the last two recessions, including the oil shock of the 1970s. Meanwhile, Americans are taking 1.3 million fewer trips to Quebec compared to 2001. That number, which includes same-day trips, is off by nearly half Canada-wide. "It's astounding," said Statistics Canada analyst Paul Durk, "these are very big drops." There are a number of reasons why the Americans are staying away. New border security requirements, the perception of long border wait times, and even cross-border shopping may be less attractive for aging baby boomers, Durk suggested. Overall, there is a growing fear for the coming year, particularly since the recession has gone global. Already, there has been a sharp decrease in tourism from Britain and soon the rest of Europe will follow. "It will affect big cities the most," said Pierre Bellerose, vice-president of Tourism Montreal. "The cities get more international clients." In the last few years, the American malaise has been offset by increases in tourism from Europe and Mexico. And Montreal's hotels were saved last year by a strong convention calendar. But this year will be different. Bellerose said they're expecting the tourism sector to decline 2 to 3 per cent overall. Quebec's government has stepped in. On Sunday, Tourism Minister Nicole Ménard announced she's giving $4.2 million in financial help to certain businesses and groups, such as Aventure Écotourisme Québec, to try to pump up the tourist volume, and, a spokesperson said, to get past the economic crisis. It won't be easy. The horizon is bleak. Last year, there were 336 restaurant bankruptcies, the Association des restaurateurs du Québec reports – a 20 per cent increase from the year prior. Pappas, who also owns a nightclub in Montreal, describes having to cut staff in response to the American tourist decline. And until his bright idea to "pay what you can," his Taverne Crescent was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays because it was losing money. With no Formula One Grand Prix in Montreal this summer, he said, "It's going to be worse!"
  7. Feu vert à la revitalisation de la rue Crescent (INFO690)- Le maire Gérald Tremblay, qui s'était engagé à faire disparaître les stationnements illégaux au centre-ville, a donné le feu vert à un projet de revitalisation de l'Îlot Crescent-Bishop situé entre le boulevard René-Lévesque et la rue Sainte-Catherine. Audio
  8. Rénovations en cours au 1435 Crescent pour un nouveau Hooters. This place has been empty for a very long time good to see life returning to this address.
  9. Dans l'éventualité de l'interdiction et/ou tarification du stationnement dans notre chère république du Plateau, et ce 24h/7j, il m'appraît évident de commencer à chercher des alternatives aux nombreux bars et clubs sur St-Laurent, St-Denis et Mont-Royal. Je peux pas imaginer sortir des bars aux 2h pour payer 6$ à chaque coup, à 1h du matin... c'est pas raisonnable. Je préfère aller dépenser mon 100$ par fin de semaine ailleurs, et je suis sur que les places ne manquent pas. Crescent et le vieu Montréal me viennent à l'esprit, quoique le deuxième est vraiment pas évident côté stationnement...
  10. Un article très positif sur Montréal dans le Frankfurter Allgemeine (un journal allemand très important) L'article au complet en version originale: Quelques extraits: En dehors des extraits, l'impression générale du texte est que Montréal, avec laquelle on utilise des qualificatifs et des noms de lieux à 150% anglais (Mount Royal, la City, ...), et axée autour du monde anglophone. On nomme les universités francophones (avec de belles erreurs d'ailleurs) une fois et c'est tout, alors que Concordia a droit a une belle description. Bref, le texte est flatteur mais laisse un gout amer.
  11. Montreal snowplow driver suspended for burying car Vehicle's owner had been in argument over parking space Last Updated: Monday, February 2, 2009 | 11:29 AM ET CBC News A Montreal couple found their car covered with snow after an argument with a plow driver over the weekend near McGill University.A Montreal couple found their car covered with snow after an argument with a plow driver over the weekend near McGill University. (Kristy Rich/CBC) A Montreal snowplow driver has been suspended for dumping a whopping pile of snow onto a car after a dispute over a parking space. Now the couple who found their car looking more like an igloo than a sedan want an apology from the driver. "I think [he] should be sorry for what he did. He caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people," Roy Dudley, the owner of the car, told CBC News. On Friday night, Dudley parked his Volkswagen Jetta on Lorne Crescent near his home east of McGill University. A private snow-removal crew contracted by the city was clearing snow off one side of the street, so Dudley chose a spot on the other side. 'It was amazing how much snow there was on it. Obviously, it was deliberately done.' —Car owner Roy Dudley Dudley said one of the drivers ordered him to move his car because it could get in the way of their efforts to clear the narrow roadway. However, Dudley refused, saying there were no signs prohibiting him from parking there. The plow driver's boss arrived on the scene and suggested a truce: He offered to clear out a space for Dudley's car on a street nearby. Satisfied, Dudley moved his car to the new space and returned home. But he awoke Saturday to a frosty surprise. The entire street was clear except for two mountains of hard-packed, dirty snow covering his car. "It was amazing how much snow there was on it. Obviously, it was deliberately done," said Dudley. Roy Dudley found his car snowed-in on Lorne Crescent in Montreal.Roy Dudley found his car snowed-in on Lorne Crescent in Montreal. (Kristy Rich/CBC) His wife, Margaret Thompson, was dumbfounded. She said it would have been impossible for the couple to shovel out their car because the snow was so hard and compact. "Why would they do that?" she asked. "I realize their job is stressful and everyone is on their case about clearing the snow. But … where else are we supposed to park? Parking down here is really hard in the winter." City orders contractor to dislodge car The couple called police and the city, and by Saturday evening a city supervisor arrived on the scene. The supervisor ordered the contractor to clear the snow off the car. The crew returned Sunday and used a front-end loader and a tow truck to free the car from its snowy tomb. 'That is a rare problem, but it could happen. We have a very large operation.'—Yves Girard, Montreal's director of snow removal "I was happy that in front of my eyes, less than 24 hours later, the problem was being taken care of," said Dudley. Montreal's director of snow removal, Yves Girard, described the incident as an isolated one. "That is a rare problem, but it could happen. We have a very large operation," said Girard. "We have 3,000 employees, many pieces of equipment working on sidewalks and streets, and sometimes there are complaints because people don't want to move their cars." Entreprise Michaudville, a private snow-removal company, employed the driver. Gilles Gauthier, the driver's supervisor, told CBC News he'd never before seen a situation like this involving one of his employees. He said the company is taking responsibility for the incident and has suspended the driver for the rest of the season. Montreal has received near-record levels of snowfall this winter. Click on the link for pictures: