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  1. Sotramont on December 8th is unveiling their new development for Bois Franc. Some info that I manage to find mentions it is 100 unit development. Some details: "Choose from 1-3 bedroom condos with stunning park views of the condo project in Bois-Franc. Underground parking. Spacious floorplans. 1-3 Bedroom Condos. Indoor & Outdoor Pool. High-End Amenities." Courtesy of Sotramont
  2. Sabia is stepped down from the Caisse today.
  3. My wife isn't looking forward to going back to work in September. Thankfully my new job is near a few metro stations in VSL/TMR, so I can drop her off or she can try the Hudson line. I can't wait for this whole thing to be over and done with. It is to bad they can't the trains stop in TMR and they take a bus to the nearest metro, during the 4 years.
  4. I saw a piece of what they will be using to make the tunnels on the site yesterday evening.
  5. I cannot wait for this to open. Hopefully they will place the ugly Christmas tree in that location
  6. A large part of Lasalle needs to be redeveloped.
  7. That be great. I ordered something a few weeks ago, 2 day service. It shipped from Saint Laurent, had to go to their DC in Ontario and shipped to me. What is insane, the company is 15 mins from my house. They should have just shipped it with Canada Post.
  8. I knew a few people who lived in Ontario and would come work in Montreal. Not sure how that works tax wise.
  9. Since it is almost the end of 2019, here is where I got hurt the most: Blackberry, Dollarama and HMMJ. Hopefully 2020 will be better for those 3.
  10. They should name it: Rock, Rock, Rock, Pipe, Rock, Rock On the lines of this annoying commercial I hear on the radio once in a while talking about safety.
  11. I guess they don't want all the seniors hogging up all the registers at Walmart and Maxi.
  12. Walmart not so much. Not glam enough for downtown. Walmart would need to make their stores more like Target for that to work, also brand it under Jet (right now no physical locations) and it would have to find a home like at Alexis Nihon or the old Forum. Place Bonaventure would be a great location for Muji.
  13. Rental units, on Sherbrooke near Ritz and extremely expensive condos. I have a feeling these units will be like $4000 plus per month. Which will be catering to mostly execs or children of wealthy foreigners.
  14. With the amount of furniture stores in the city, it would make sense for Ikea to have a space there. Do what they do in VSL, have different life styles setup and instead of picking it up, have Ikea deliver.