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  1. Airfare will be available starting in April. You can become a member for $10/yr to get preferred pricing. I am very tempted to fly to Gaspe or Iles de la Madeleine.
  2. They are talking about changing the name of the airport now? Just change it back to Dorval or Montreal and be done with it.
  3. Did the STM finally convert all their buses to electric or that has been pushed to a future date?
  4. Yummy, brunch. One of my favourite spots would be Holder.
  5. Video will not embed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou8SuEcZb7U
  6. I sold at a loss. If I waited, I would have doubled, oh well. I put money in other things and made back my losses, pretty quickly and sold some of those shares, to jump into Graph Blockchain (GBLC). They work with IBM, Samsung, LG and a few others. Only issue, I have with them, they haven't updated their roadmap.
  7. Bye, bye, concrete! The new design is nice, but seems already dated.
  8. Thanks for the videos. I just watched the one about the underground. I really want to walk around. They really do need to make the connection from Bonaventure to OACI less zigzaggy.
  9. That is too bad. I really enjoyed visiting that museum a few years back.
  10. What is everyone running at these days? I managed to get upgraded to 100 Mbps from 60 Mbps. Pretty much seems the same to me.
  11. Legault opening up a lot of stuff because of March break. That is great, hopefully stuff doesn't go downhill.
  12. Funny thing is, it was supposed to be finished a long time ago. They have been talking about it for about 50 years now. I remember in the early 2000s they managed to get the funding and took them almost half a decade after getting the approval to start working on the project. It is a shame. People will be stuck taking a taxi or the city bus (which does not allow people to take luggage onboard). On another note, I am reading a book and they explain there will always be people miscalculating the budget for projects (average is 30%).
  13. I am surprised the feds allowed this. Lets see what the EU says about the merger.
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