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  1. Wasn't this the Point Zero project or is that dead?
  2. Funny thing is, I have been wanting to have a foldable smartphone for a decade and finally Samsung is releasing one. I am waiting to see what the Motorola Razr (2019) will look like. --- Essential PH-1 Probably one of the most underrated Android phones. Probably won't change it until August, 2019 when it stops getting OS upgrades. Hopefully Essential will release their AI phone sometime this year. It will still get security updates until August 2020. Maybe I could hold onto it until 2020.
  3. Quick calculation +/- 1800 acres. With the 6600 acres, Mirabel has more than enough space to have an airport that can handle, some 60,000,000 people (close to the amount JFK handles)
  4. jesseps

    Hotel Peel - ~20 étages

    I don't remember if I said this before or not, but it looks like a crazy computer tower.
  5. (Courtesy of TVA)
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  7. Someone should bug Saputo to see if it be viable to build the extension now. It would have been an amazing Art Deco building.
  8. I am super excited to see how that whole area will change within the next decade. I wonder if people will call it "Old Port East" or "Neighbourhood Molson"
  9. That be such a great system. Something like this, would probably get people to forget about driving and take public transit. It would help with movement of people.
  10. If anyone saw the John Wick 3 trailer you can see the fight scene inside the old RBC.
  11. Yes, it be great for economy, but still bad for the environment. QS would lose their shit and probably the Liberals, too. As a customer I would have to spend money to convert my system from oil to natural gas, it would be a while before the system pays for itself.
  12. Not harsh enough. The city should be like sure you can bid on it, but we will put a lean on your company if you ask for more money or do not do it to spec. As a tax payer I am tired of work costing more and not being done properly. Why should we be stuck holding the bag all the time?
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  14. jesseps

    Métro: Ligne Rose

    If the CAQ wants more people to vote for them, they might have to bite the bullet and be open to building the pink line or something close to it, but that is just me.