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  1. I went over the weekend and it is pretty nice. Too bad Time Out Market is closed, I would have liked to see it. Uniqlo opening late 2020, and i just found out you can order from Uniqlo Canada website. The only thing that drove me nuts is the elevator. It wouldn't want to go up to the 2nd floor, yet if you took the escalator up, the elevator would come up, so you can get back down.
  2. Montreal is an island, we do things at island speed.
  3. This wasn't an issue before they started this whole project?
  4. Luxury development next to the highway, hmm.
  5. The city really needs to look at their plan and see what rules could be "bent". If the city and others consider restaurants part of the fabric of Montreal culture/society, we should allow restaurants that closed forever because of COVID to try and get a loan or grant to re-open with a food truck.
  6. I wonder with a bus going directly from Deux Montagnes to the city, how many people from Roxboro and Sunnybrook will decided to take the train to Deux Montagnes in the morning to get to the city.
  7. I wonder if many restaurants that will not reopen again with a physical location, will they try again with a food truck?
  8. I was in the neighbourhood yesterday and I noticed something funny, there is a security camera looking directly inside one of the units.
  9. Sorry to bring back an old post from the dead. If Laval GDP is that high, honestly, Canada should just buy Dominica. Their GDP is about C$740B with the current exchange rate. That is well below the GDP of Yukon. It wouldn't even be 1% of Canada's GDP. With Trudeau printing money out of thin air about $250B to help people deal with Covid, why not give Canada a nice gift. The island is about 50% bigger to Montreal. It is between over seas territory of France. They speak English and creole French. The main airport is 3520 km away from Montreal and it would take about 4.5 hours to get there. The runway would have to be extended a bit so a A220 can land and take off without issue. Right now you need 2 flights to get there, but all the other islands that are neighbors, you can fly direct from Montreal. Just think of it one flight a day from Montreal with an A220, that would be about 58,000 tourists visiting each year and that will probably keep, 10s of millions of dollars inside Canada or even more RBC and Scotiabank are already setup there. There is about 300,000-375,000 snow birds leaving Canada during the winter months to go to Hawaii, southern part of the US, Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America. There is no way the island could be home to that many of them, but maybe we there is a way for 30,000 of them to stay in the winter months or even all year round. That will increase the population of the island by almost 50%. It would also account for almost half the people coming from Montreal on a daily flight. We can keep tourism dollars in Canada, people can feel safe and not deal with corruption in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and other places. Snowbirds can fly south and not have to worry about "healthcare". Canada gains a territory that can produce exotic fruits. What is interesting, there is about 200,000 tourists that visit Dominica each year. . True, we would have to deal with hurricanes. Build a port for the military so they can dock. Bell, Telus and others would have to setup shop. The list goes on, but some things can stay as is. The energy sector is pretty good, hydro and geothermal. The daily mean temperate is about 26 degree C.
  10. As long as they open, I am happy.
  11. I visited Magog for the first time in many years, 2 years ago. It is a really cute town. More towns across Quebec should be revitalized just like Magog.
  12. jesseps


    You beat me to it! I guess that is a good way for them to use the spot for the next 6 months and get money.