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  1. Quebec isn't doing such a great job, when it comes to the amount of deaths. I compared Quebec to countries and regions/states/provinces in other countries with similar size populations. Province/Region/States Greater London (UK) – 6885 Quebec - 5810 Virginia (USA) - 3113 Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes (France) – 1771+ Andalusia (Spain) - 1466 Lower Saxony (Germany) - 665 Country Switzerland - 2060 Israel - 1376
  2. It be stupid of them not to build it. If they don't do it now, years down the road they will have to do it and it will cost more. People are funny they talk about how this project will help and be the future, but yet, they only still are looking at this as short term and lost their vision.
  3. What would be funny, the city is like sure, we will make sure there is the same amount of parking spots as before, but make it for Smart Fortwo's only. Store owners can't be upset with that, it allows people to park and go to their stores.
  4. That is sad. Hopefully they pop up soon enough.
  5. Maybe if it was changed to Valerie Plante station, it would get the green light.
  6. I wonder if they will be giving away from free airism face masks for the first 100 customers.
  7. It is nice to see, they will do something with that location.
  8. I guess Americans don't want to spend a pretty penny on Japanese minimalism.
  9. I found this on Treq website. A bit higher then I expected, but I believe still doable. I checked Montreal to St John, Nfld with AC is higher compared to Treq to iles de la Madeleine.
  10. I know the US has smaller players like JSX that does the west coast only and there is another one that does the east coast. They are not part of a co-op, but the prices are reasonable. With JSX you can fly on a private jet for as low as US$160 round trip. (Oakland to Vegas), which is 90 mins. If this coop can have low prices, it might do well.
  11. Really! Cuba? It might be just me, but I disliked Cuba so much. I would like to know why they went with Cuba and not Costa Rica or Colombia.
  12. The thing about NYC, it is so dense and there are many bus routes and metro stations. Here in Montreal, if you are in the city you are fine, but when you get to some other areas, you really need a car. Our metro system is centralized, it is meant for people to go into the city, the only way to bypass the city, is the blue line, even that is a pain. Montreal has a long way to go, before we can have a system that rivals NYC, Paris and other cities.
  13. I am guessing this project is dead?
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