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  1. The company I work for let go half the staff. The execs took pay cuts to save the other half of the company. By Friday I believe we will be closing all 150+ stores and we will all be out of job.
  2. I just saw they will be doing Toronto to Ottawa for $59 one way starting in June.
  3. It will be interesting to see their routes within Canada from the Montreal area. They just pulled out of Abbotsford. I see they are looking to remove reclining seats from their planes. I for one hope to see Jetlines get off the ground. We need more ULCC carriers.
  4. It may not happen in that configuration, but something similar by 2030.
  5. Another rendering of the exterior courtesy of GH+A via Retail Insider.
  6. Who's fault is if for letting the building to fall into disrepair? I do hope they can save the exterior and at least the lobby or something.
  7. Courtesy of Retail Insider It will be interesting to see which two retailers that will move into the existing food court. They still need to find someone for the old Deco location. Not sure if this was posted before or not.
  8. It be great if they could test it out somewhere in the city or in a mall parking lot. It be nice in the future, having roads and highways free of snow and ice all winter.
  9. WSP is looking to aquire Aecom.
  10. There use to be a building on the corner of Henri-Bourassa and Valiquette. It would be nice if city could manage to expand Brabant Marineau north to Thimens and Pitfield. That would help with traffic. True, they would have to be allowed to build through Hydro Quebec land.
  11. I am guessing she didn't want to lose her view.
  12. They are going to sell some of the malls that they own.
  13. For this to work, they need to get rid of parking spaces and a lot of people will complain.