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  1. I am happy I had a sizeable layover to see it a few years back.
  2. Notre Dame is on fire right now. Looks like part of the roof collapsed.
  3. It is shitty contemporary art that should only be at MAC and not on a bridge.
  4. A large portion of Hudson Yards is still closed, the Neiman Marcus + The Vessel is the only thing that is open. I was really hoping to walk from Penn Station all the way there, without having to walk outside. What is nice though, is the Highline is now connected to it, so you can go for a nice walk.
  5. It reminds me a bit of T Galleria in Honolulu.
  6. Any idea when they will publicly unveil what will be built on that piece of land?
  7. Meant to upload them this morning. They have one section of the sidewalk for pedestrians and another section for cyclists. It will be a great neighbourhood when it is completed.
  8. Vision 2025 will be nice, but I don't think the yellow line will be ready, nor the tram. The rest does seem possible and would make living in Longueuil/Brossard much better.
  9. The campus is coming along nicely. I was hoping more of it would be completed, so I didn't have to walk around the perimeter.
  10. New generation of powerlines? 😛
  11. Only reason I would like that, it connects pretty much all the universities in the city. It would be one huge education "highway" You idea is also good. Why stop in NDG, get it to Montreal Ouest, true, they already have the train, but give people another option.
  12. Between Sunnybrooke and Bois Franc, they should convert the rail line into a road for the 2 years that it will not be in use. They can have buses going back and forth all day long (1 articulated bus in each direction, every 2 mins during rush hour) and the bus can either go to Cote Vertu or Du Ruisseau (when that portion of the REM is up and running). It isn't rocket science, it wouldn't remove a lane from the road. O/T: I honestly wish the city planning was better thought up 50+ years ago. Soon enough they will need to find a way to add rail lines on the south side (Hudson to Montreal), having it run parallel to the lines already there, even though there isn't much space. Same goes for all the other lines that share the rail with CN/CP.
  13. I still say if they extend the yellow line into Montreal, it should connect to McGill and after UdM. Also extend it all the way to St Hubert airport, if and when the airport will be used for International/National flights with Jetlines and other future airlines. All in all, more metro lines, the better.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 25 posts to view.
  15. Things in 3rd world countries get built faster and probably cost the same amount (excluding viability tests), because 3rd world nations, just make people disappear if they block or oppose the project.