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  1. It is pretty much the case here, with expropriations. Look at all those people who lost their property for the extension of the 13 to Mirabel, that never happened.
  2. We need a larger labour force. At this rate, it will be a millennia, before our city can look like Shanghai - it only took a few decades over there.
  3. I know that, but i never seen homes with asking over 80%. I normally saw them between 25-40%.
  4. For the fun of it, I have been checking the prices of homes for sale around my area in the West Island, versus their evaluation from the city, people are asking for 50% to 80% more. Which I think is insane!
  5. I thought it was Pfizer, not Astra. My bad. I do know, that some people who took Moderna as their 1st shot, they will have to take Pfizer as the second one.
  6. Oppo building a new HQ in Hangzhou and it looks amazing. Read more: https://www.yankodesign.com/2021/04/19/oppos-new-o-headquarters-by-bjarke-ingels-show-how-architecture-typography-are-a-perfect-match/
  7. I will be shocked, if by June 24th most people who want to be vaccinated, can be. Canada will be missing 1M doses of Pfizer for one month, because India is not shipping. Either way, in 2022, the covid shot will be also administered with the flu shot. I am surprised, no one talking about, just adding some mRNA in OTC cold/flu medicine.
  8. Pretty funny. Government tells us one thing, but doesn't follow its own rules. We needed competition before the pandemic and we will for sure need it after the pandemic.
  9. Jet Blue going to start flying to Vancouver. We for sure need more competition in this country.
  10. Montréal obtiendrait toujours le bout court du bâton. La grande région de Montréal devrait devenir sa propre province.
  11. I for sure need to work on my will before leaving for Vancouver in July with WestJet.
  12. Cannot forget an island stuck between two capitals: Federal and Provincial.
  13. Communauto is adding 50 Kia Niro EV to their fleet of vehicles.
  14. The process to get a PR can be long and painful. Thankfully my wife did not have to do the test, even though she is French. She applied for PR when she was here doing her PVT and had to leave because of the process would not allow her to work, so we went to live in Europe until she got her PR which was over a year later. I find it comical, the French test has to be corrected by people in France. What Quebec French is not adequate? Yet the PQ and other parties want people to speak french. It is sad, that we need to out source and need to fall back on our previous rulers. We will never
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