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  1. Someone got a ticket for using his own personal e-scooter on the roads of Montreal. I am surprised the city of Montreal, hasn't banned personal use bicycles, to force people to use bixi.
  2. The city could always buy one or two buildings and turn them into social housing / working co-ops.
  3. That isn't green, all the machinery using dirty fossil fuel, cement/concrete and it be costly. The city will have BAPE breathing down their neck, because it will probably disrupt the flow of water and endanger some specifies of fish or things in that ecosystem. Start kayaking. /sarcasm
  4. Didn't Denis Coderre called this Montreal's Central Park?
  5. Thanks. I forgot I even said that.
  6. Their website has been updated, not sure when but they have what the footbridge will look like.
  7. That is interesting. As much as I would like to see AT be 100% Quebecois, if they get sold off, I would rather see WJ and Air France partnership to buy Air Transat and not Air Canada.
  8. How are they connecting the Ile Bizard portion to the portion in Pierrefonds? It sort of defeats the purpose to have such a large park, when one portion is not connected to the other or you need to take a car, because it is seperated by water. If that is the case, it shouldn't really count as 3000 hectares.
  9. They should compare it more to Phoenix Park in Dublin or Griffith Park in LA.
  10. On CAA website they state that 1 Kg of hydrogen would cost about $10 and you will be able to travel 100 km. If that is the case a hybrid car will cost less to fill.
  11. Who knows, maybe by 2100.