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  1. Article won't load. Anyone's got another link?
  2. Probably something residential. Formerly Ice Queen and depanneur 365 jours.
  3. Oh thank **ck. So Atwater tunnel towards Verdun is now back to 2 lanes?
  4. Sweet video. Is this mast purely cosmetic?
  5. Dec 5 2019 Will it be taller than its decrepit neighbor?
  6. Not gonna lie, I often have to go from Square Victoria to 1981 McGill College... I just take the metro. The "worst" part is the transfer at LG.
  7. Cool. I *think* I saw new traffic lights at the upcoming Verendrye / 15 intersection. Slowly but surely making progress.
  8. Thanks for the plans. It looks to me like the connection to the VslP is closer to the thai express than the couchetard. This will bring a ton more people to the foodcourt!
  9. 2 quick questions 1. Will 800 and VslP be connected to the RESO and if so, where exactly? Near couche tard maybe? 2. Will 800 have an interior food court and other commercial offerings?
  10. After today, all I can say is that a local high tech company is doubling its square footage in Old Montreal and significantly increasing its head count next year. Maybe it'll pop up in Les Affaires sooner or later.
  11. I should have said historic, maybe not so much heritage (though Google turns up both)
  12. Actually its about a decent expansion in a heritage tower that you have ridiculed in the past
  13. There might be a minor announcement on Friday from a rising Montreal tech star.