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  1. "un mal pour un bien" as we say no? let's hope it really means tags/shitstains will be easier to remove.
  2. I would have preferred Griffintown-ETS, like guy-concordia, berri-uqam, etc...
  3. Does that imply Charlevoix has coverage too? I missed that memo.
  4. Desjardins just did something similar in Verdun... why aren't you up in arms about it too? Or is Desjardins not as evil as Ubisoft? I'm getting 30$ of beer for 20$ at maltehops -- no way in hell I'm going to complain about this.
  5. platinumed death stranding and now I'm about to platinum ff type-0 HD. Yeah I'm only about 5 years late on this one.
  6. I'm about to platinum Death Stranding tonight. Wooooo that was a crazy 120 hours!
  7. May 16th 2020 -- I'm only about 2 weeks late
  8. Hopefully something goes up on the parking lot between pub victoria and 740 NDO
  9. galt bridge is verdun's cavendish extension it's probably never happening
  10. Turcot back in full swing May 14-19
  11. Actually I noticed some men at work on the REM tracks near Dix30 yesterday.
  12. Thanks, I live a few blocks away and noticed they kept working on that building even during the shutdown. Some demolition work anyway. This doesn't look half bad, but it's a shame the extension is not using plain old bricks. I remember reading this used to be a restaurant a long time ago.