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  1. That would have been impressive. Thanks for sharing!
  2. More or less same article as La Presse, except Eater says "Not Damas 2.0" will open in December 2019.
  3. 42M$ pour du logement abordable à LaSalle
  4. Rarely drive on Shevchenko but yeah this is still "work in progress". However this article from the Messager caught my eye. LaSalle émet des avis d’infractions à Apéro Condos à LaSalle
  5. denpanosekai

    Origine - 7 étages

    I'm glad we have a project on this spot. But the greenwashing kinda sickens me, and white brick now?? Ehhh. Bet ya 20 it'll be beige leftovers from Griffintown.
  6. Very old news from November 2018 but I don't remember reading here that Centre NAD was moving to this building in late 2019.
  7. denpanosekai

    1981 McGill College

    ^I believe this has been there for a few months. At least it was there late last year.
  8. Looking for any before / in-construction pictures
  9. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for these job offers. Was already approached by AWS a few years ago but wasn't interested in relocating. Now I'm guessing even with the server farm in Varennes they'll still have downtown offices.
  10. show me this top 10 article please?
  11. I think it's absolutely amazing they're keeping the old buildings. It'll be jarring but in a good way. A great reminder of our rich history. Having said that Absolutely no graffitis should be tolerated Uniform signage would be amazing Various masonry/restoration work is sorely required on all of them
  12. University is absolutely canyon-esque. Not always the greatest buildings, but IMHO a canyon by Montreal standards. Of course it tapers off beyond R-L, but between Sherbrooke and R-L, I get mild NYC vibes.
  13. Feb 8 2019 I was told that yes, this is actual excavation and the sales office days are numbered.
  14. Feb 8 2019 I was told they're just cleaning up. No digging yet. Shout out to the construction guy who asked me if I was from "la banque". I heard Laval and said nope, I'm from Verdun 🤷‍♂️