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  1. @Mtlarch La Presse building was JUST recladded 2 years ago. Unfair comparison.
  2. Not at all what I'm suggesting. I'm actually praising them. I guess that wasn't clear enough.
  3. Absolutely insane effort to preserve the facades. Would anybody really care if they just rebuilt them with new bricks?
  4. Where is this in Carignan now? Can I street view the area? Found it. Completely unaccessible.
  5. I worry about a potential sinkhole on William like we saw on st Laurent due to Serenity. Those of you who drive on William should know what I mean. You won't really see it on my picture.
  6. Affaissement de chaussée dans le quartier chinois Sinkhole opens up in Chinatown, causing partial closure of St. Laurent Blvd
  7. April 7th 2019 from Crawford Park
  8. April 4th 2019 -- cranes as far as the eye can see
  9. April 4th 2019 -- sorry for any false alarms. But the former Sears space is getting some updates. See what it used to look like before. Yes that's a pépine on site.
  10. April 4th 2019 -- it's OKAY
  11. April 4th 2019 -- not too too bad in person. Some VERY mild shades of Unity 3 with the protruding volumes (does not show on my pic)
  12. April 4th 2019 -- is it really that far from Allard?
  13. More power to her if it suits her needs but................... YIKES
  14. Will believe it when I see it