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  1. August 21 2019 Under construction!
  2. That was my first thought. ugly as sin and it would be a huge mistake. It absolutely must be underground. My other thought is that business will explode at 4 Origines!!!
  3. That bureau en gros is completely dead at any time of the day. is really useful for businesses. B&M stores not so much.
  4. Pretty sure one of the site admins does but I'm not gonna put them on the spot
  5. I don't disagree, but it can be extremely dangerous for anyone else around these idiots. Imagine getting into a car crash because you wanted to avoid some dumbass.
  6. I'm pretty sure there's a Target and Walmart downtown Chicago
  7. Wednesday August 2019 - I'm on a boat
  8. Imagine 20 more floors and we could almost call it a sliver.
  9. Didn't they impose the same stupid detour last summer? Anyway I did notice a LOT more cyclists on the aqueduct bike path this morning. Which BTW is a really shitty bike path, very bumpy and lots of streets to cross. It's also closed between Willibrord and Gordon due to construction of the new pumping station.
  10. Thanks @FrancSoisD for the hint. Here is my take on August 4th 2019 with a pixel 2.