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  1. yeah great pictures. now bring back Bad Religion and other awesome bands No but seriously, are we ever getting arena concerts back in Verdun?
  2. It's back to its original state. Just a terrain vague now. Going to guess they had to remove contaminated soil for a future project.
  3. Sorry, no pictures, but this is in full swing. Lasalle's big dig! Quite impressive.
  4. À Lachine, un chantier «mal géré» donne des maux de tête aux résidants : https://lp.ca/fx2yg0
  5. Somewhat related? Maybe? I drove by today (on my way to Messorem) and I couldn't tell anything happened overnight. https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2020/09/02/montreal-un-batiment-industriel-vacant-incendie Un immeuble industriel désaffecté situé sur le boulevard de la Vérendrye, au coin de la rue Saint-Patrick, à Montréal, a été la proie de flammes mercredi vers 2h15. L’incendie dont on ignore pour l’heure l’origine a été difficilement maîtrisé par les pompiers qui ont empêché sa progression.
  6. I love my job and I love my building but no way I'm going back downtown until at least may 2021
  7. Gonna agree with Rocco. This should have been a petition, if not a referendum for Montreal citizens. I really like the idea of having a modernized plaque exposing both sides of the coin, but I probably would have voted in favor of removing it.
  8. Must have been something industrial, considering the area.
  9. 20200829 I have no idea what project this is corner seminaire/montagne looking east
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