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  1. Hmm, dunno if it's "because of the project" but what I heard on 730AM last Saturday is "affaissement de chaussée" on Rene-Leveski between Guy and St-Mathieu. Also it's been like that for a while and will remain closed for a few more weeks? I'm surprised I didn't hear about it on this website or even the news.
  2. So it looks like despite the fire, thankfully we'll be keeping the facade?
  3. Verdun's holding a public consultation on January 22nd 2020
  4. Kinda rare to see a project with only three retaining walls like that. Or is one coming curbside eventually?
  5. Which beers will they serve and how late does it remain open?
  6. Unfortunately seems we're getting another dollar store
  7. Ready for liftoff Jan 4th 2020
  8. Olimpico is open -- not quite on Sainte-Catherine
  9. Kinda too bad. Haven't been in a while but it was nice to have a place open late in the area for the few all nighters I used to have to pull at work. Their menu was humonguous. Would be great to have another down-to-earth replacement instead of something too expensive and fancy that'll close within a year.