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  1. Wasn't the (smelly) tunnel between A and B added much later, because ETS wanted a skybridge and the city said NO?
  2. My CSI enhance skills say: bassin Peel. Thanks everyone I take paypal
  3. What an amazing transformation for this sector. Can't wait to see what the REM brings too (a lot fewer buses and that's **cking awesome).
  4. October 8th 2019 Bricks and stones going up. Doesn't look halfbad.
  5. October 10th 2019 Mast illumination (test I guess), there were a bunch of workers onsite.
  6. Have I got this right? If so, it's a bit of a shame for 1071-1075 Beaver Hall. We've seen similar buildings on Ste-Catherine West / Shaughnessy Village undergo full renovations to enjoy a second life. Here's Heritage Montreal's page on the matter, they say the building is from circa 1900. This 2017 article clearly mentions 1071-1075 as being owned by the HEC.
  7. October 10th 2019 At first I was convinced this would be a continuation of the La Vie project on George. They have built, are after, 108 "logements" on George between 11th and 16th avenue. But now, over 200 dwellings from the IGA to the Couche-Tard? Yeah, we're talking 8-10 floors here. Now here's something weird. The public notice mentions Lot Number 6 278 915 at the corner of Gagne/George, but that lot doesn't exist at all! Instead it is 5 429 021. Worse, no mention is made of lot 6 231 048 which cuts right in the middle. pdfav27602.pdf
  8. Thank you, I was wondering what that project was. I think they're already at the 3rd-4th floor
  9. Possibly dumb question, but is there a way to cover this installation with a nice brick building? Or does this NEED to be fully exposed.
  10. Awesome. Never gonna use this ramp but won't complain. Just give me more Verendrye ramps please 😭 I get the feeling we'll get new ramps every other news at this rate. When's the official / final delivery date?
  11. Nice! But please tell me there are a couple benches... so that I can have my delicious burrito outside!
  12. You can take the 30 south from the 20... I think people will much rather park at 10-30 and pay 3-4$ for the REM than pay 30-40$ near a stadium and have to deal with any bridge / local traffic. But I absolutely agree about underground parking -- it's a must.
  13. By the way, I cannot seem to access the 3D viewer. It just hangs once the progress bar fully loads. Using latest Chrome, latest Windows 10.