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  1. Lasalle **cking sucked. Almost saw a fistfight at super C.
  2. It's more or less complete. No épicerie.
  3. March 2nd 2020 -- hoping for something a little more exciting for the other stores
  4. Sad news
  5. I just meant to say this is going to be good for their business. Which is already booming.
  6. Which one is the ORYA, because that name is hilarious to me.
  7. denpanosekai


    maybe I dunno not shure
  8. There's a big chantier at the 10 35 intersection. Diagonally across from the ferme guyon, on the Saint Jean side. What's going on?
  9. Y'all shouldn't be downvoting her. This is horrible news but don't shoot the messenger.
  10. God I hope that parking lot goes away soon!!! (thanks for the pic tho!)
  11. thanks for the scoop, buldge bandit