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  1. It's been gone for at least a month, possibly longer. I'm guessing they didn't feel the need to renew this contract with the building (it's typically not cheap)
  2. Honestly one of the classiest buildings going up at the moment. Thanks all for the pictures.
  3. You can see thousands upon thousands of these blocks in Verdun on Gaetan Laberge. They're used for the new sections of the 15 as well.
  4. I just drove by while getting some propane (so no pics) but yeah that's a decent hole. at least 2 level deeps and they don't look like they're done. While we're talking about Newman Boul. the Couche-Tard at Lapierre is completely gutted, only the side and back walls remain standing. All asphalt was removed. Unfortunately it's just for an A&W in the end.
  5. Near the #1 propane place in the southwest. Hank Hill would be proud of Inter-Propane Also Manzo Pizzeria 👌
  6. 2017 (google street view) June 2019
  7. 2017 (google street view) June 8th 2019
  8. This should be moved to Completed projects, not Forgotten.
  9. June 8th 2019. The clock is up and on time but everything else about this project seems lagging.
  10. June 8th 2019, not completed. Taking forever.
  11. Holy shit, from my pic to yours in THREE days? Wow.
  12. June 3rd 3019... A couple trees wouldn't hurt
  13. Not too different today honestly. One of the only reliable ways to get through downtown, even with all the fucking construction the past few summers.