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  1. I just wonder what can be done with this lot
  2. Pont Samuel-De Champlain « Le vacarme des autos est insupportable » Avec la fin de la construction du pont Samuel-De Champlain, ils croyaient retrouver un peu de quiétude. Mais des résidants de Verdun sont encore dérangés par le bruit provenant des voies rapides menant au pont, qui longent leur quartier.
  3. I want to change my Civic 2012 LX (4 door sedan) for something a little roomier (2 kids) yet city-friendly... my family swears by the RAV4. I don't know much about cars really... any help appreciated.
  4. Unlikely. This has been discussed a few times. There is some sort of a ventilation / mechanical space between the two towers.
  5. Some good news from Eater Montreal https://montreal.eater.com/2021/3/12/22326081/montreal-chinatown-hotel-restaurant-lucky-belly-hilton-italian-japanese-french-vietnamese
  6. oh man, used to see this place twice a day pre-covid
  7. March 9th 2021 - just above ground
  8. March 9th 2021 - above ground
  9. March 6th 2021 from Crawford Park
  10. personal opinion? WFH all winter long. **ck walking to the metro / waiting for buses in the cold and shitty weather. WFH 2-3/5 days between May and November. Yes I miss Old Montreal but not that much.
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