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  1. The old Plaza Airlie is being torn down and replaced with a strangely-shaped 3F building. Full Consultation Publique on youtube. Even more bizarre is that the Dollarama and the Shish Taouk place will remain as-is. What a mess.
  2. This was a crackhouse when I lived in the area 15 years ago. It burned down on January 18 2021. Fully demolished as of July 15 2021. It was approved for demolition in 2018
  3. Formerly a St Hubert BBQ. Couldn't find a render. http://www.sidev.com/location/5235-cote-des-neiges
  4. Here's an interesting project in Lasalle, construction seems to have started in June 2021. They are moving a 1941 manor to build 16 townhouses. DOMAINE ALELPIN: https://www.domainealepin.com/ Much more information in the 2020-11-40 PPCMOI PDF
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