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  1. I am no expert, but i do believe it has lots of room to grow but for the time being, it will continue to go down a bit and trade sideways.
  2. That's amazing. Timing is key.
  3. Lucky. 2020 was a S**t year for me. If I didn't make the changes, that I did in December. I would have been negative. I am a bit behind, where I want to be. Hopefully the retooling that I did will help. A bit less conservative and more risk. Some of the stocks that I bought in December, but calculating the current YTD return (all on the TSX, TSXV or CSE) NUMI - +20.5% PAID - +15.6% FOOD - +12.93% TCS - +9.99% DND - -10.21% DCBO - -14.79% What I bought at the start of January is doing quite well: ACDC - +475% DFLY - +139%
  4. I have been holding since it peaking of March 2019 and been buying through many dips. It hasn't been this high since March 2018. It has been an interesting few months for BB and probably will be for years to come, as long as they don't get bought out by Prem Watsa or anyone else. If it goes below $0.24, I will double up on my shares. Blockchain does have a lot of potential.
  5. BCFN is so far my worst performing stock for 2021. Hopefully I will be back in the green by Dec 2021.
  6. Couche Tard testing out something like Amazon Go at McGill.
  7. The French govt is blocking the purchase. If that is the case, Legault should do the same when a French company or a Canadian division of a French company (i.e Lactalis Canada), try's to buy a Quebec brand/manufacture of food, it gets blocked. If they can protect their food, we should do the same.
  8. Article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2021-01-14/paris-dreams-of-a-calmer-greener-champs-elys-es?srnd=premium-canada
  9. That is true, but I believe they will be slowly adding in charging stations. It is like Amazon buying Whole Foods, no one saw it coming. I wonder how the grocery market will consolidate. It will be interesting to see if Metro or Sobey's or Loblaws, will do something similar and buy chains in the US, Latin America, Europe or Asia or vice versa? As a Couche Tard shareholder, I like the idea of them buying Carrefour, but seeing the stock down 10%, my stomach is turning.
  10. The mall is almost 1 sq.km in size. I do have to say buying it for $95 million, seems to be a bargain, compared to building a new building with the same amount of space.
  11. The Atlantic provinces have lost service with Air Canada as of today and I believe West Jet a while back. It looks like the Atlantic provinces should look into trying to do make their own COOP.
  12. One thing I do not get, do restaurants have to close at 730 just like the grocery stores or they can stay open and do delivery (uber eats, door dash, skip the dish or their own service) until later?
  13. It is nice to see that this building will get another chance.
  14. That is true. I will look into that company a bit more and see, how they compare to HIVE.
  15. I just cant remember was the old Cineplex on the part where the forest is or where the Reno/Rona is?
  16. If someone had the money, they could buy that and turn it into a great modern townhouse in Old Montreal.
  17. Now that looks like a really good project. You get a bit of Vancouver in Mississauga.
  18. I also forgot Goodfood.
  19. Looks like today will be a bad day. Last week I repositioned a portion of my portfolio for 2021 - new additions only: Modern Meat XTM Inc Loop Insights Lightspeed Nuvei Dye & Durham Numinus Wellness Docebo Most are high risk.
  20. Got to keep pumping money until the FED gets Elon to Mars. I got money in Ripple, but I don't remember my key 😆
  21. Things should be moving again by July. That's if things work out well with the vaccine here in Canada and abroad.
  22. What stocks has everyone put their money into for 2021 and beyond?
  23. If we would have something like this, getting around with public transit would be a breeze.
  24. The STM should look at Arrival for any future buses - https://arrival.com/?topic=products&id=1 or maybe even Lion Electric.
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