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  1. I was thinking more one year. We seem to fail to realize we are a very cold northern city with horrible weather for stuff like this for almost half a year. Also, our blue collar workers have no pride and hate everything Montreal. Most of them live outside the island. We need Japan style pride in ownership to take care of the street archetecture. It also takes 1 month for the pebbles from winter to be fully removed. Solution is to get rid of the person who approved this nonsence to stop it from spreading. I am happy there is less than 1.5 years to go unfortuntely the damage will last for decades.
  2. petit rappel que ceci est un discussion sur: COVID-19: L'effet sur l'économie et sur l'immobilier à Montréal
  3. Maybe it is weather related. Maybe we screwed ourselves by staying indoors. The sun is up much longer here this time of year then any other major North American city. We will see what happens when the days get shorter and we go back indoors.
  4. peekay


    This project is dead not because of the commercial aspect, it is the residential part that was never approved and had very heavy opposers. The cranes will come down before the end of the year.
  5. peekay


    I posted it last Sunday actually. La Presse reporters often use for their reporting work.
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    It was in trouble before the pandemic. Now it will become this... It is with huge excitement that we announce Canada’s first Drive-in Event Theatre in Montreal. The concept is to offer guests and corporate clients the ability to be ENTERTAINED , while respecting SAFE DISTANCING PRACTICES. The Royalmount Event Theatre located at the nexus of Décarie and Highway 40 at the new Royalmount project, will be a drive-in venue capable of hosting movie nights, live bands, comedy shows, speciality screenings, graduations, live sporting events, corporate presentations, launches and other public gatherings. • Window service will be available to eliminate the need for guests to leave their vehicles. • Individual bathrooms will be maintained with a team to disinfect after each use. • Premium audio will be broadcast to each car though their own sound system. With a 30ft stage and 50ft LED screen, this 250 car site will be available for rent to private groups, charitable organizations, schools and other collectives. We intend to offer guests the ability to exit their vehicles and ‘tailgate’ in a predetermined safe zone in front of their own vehicle. This project is conceived and executed by two of Canada’s leading event producers Adam Bultz of C3 Events and Lorne Levitt of Total Events , both leaders in the Montreal event community and experts in design and logistics. It is also being built with support of Carbonleo Real Estate Inc., the visionaries behind the new Royalmount neighbourhood. Approved by both the province and local municipalities, this group is looking to include programming from Cineplex, evenko, Just for Laughs and many other of the cities top promoters and will be rolling out a full schedule of programming over the next month.
  8. Mon premier post en plusieurs semaines. Honnetement, je ne sais pas comment vous gardez le morale. J'ai suivi la pandemie depuis janvier car j'ai trouvé la réaction de la Chine assez préoccupant. Lorsque j'ai remis mes pieds au pays suite à mon retour de la Floride en mi-mars (deux jours avant la fermeture de la frontiere) je me suis dit que rien ne sera pareil. L'amour que j'ai pour l'architecture urbain et des nouveaux projets à Montréal a disparu soudainement. Idem pour mon espoir de le retour de baseball. A chaque fois que quelque chose de mal arrivait dans ma vie j'ai tournait tout de suite sur l'essor de l'économie québecois et surtout le 'bouchment' des trous dans le skyline, le REM, et plusieurs autres projets, et bien sur le retour de nos amours. Maintenant, c'est mon opinion que l'axe ouest du REM ne sera jamais construit, les projets de square phillips et Meastra ne veront jamais le jour. Aussi, une annonce que la BNC eliminera plusieurs étages de leur siege sociale est à mon avis inevitable. Désolé d'être pssimiste mais je ne voit que des décennies de ratrappage à faire du a notre énorme déficit. Le morale des investisseurs a fondu. Pourquoi dépenser un seule sou de voyage d'affaires si tout est faisable à distance? Surtout que il faut couper des dépenses? Comment assurer l'ame du centre-ville si la plupart des employées travaille de chez eux? Je me compte chanceux de toujours avoir une job mais ca était confirmer que je ne retournera pas avant 2021 et moi, je marchait et mangait plusieurs fois au centre-ville.
  9. peekay


    Yes. Many meetings starting this week to essentially block any residential aspect of this project. As much as I would LOVE to see this happen, there are storm clouds coming from everywhere
  10. peekay


    -4500 unités d'habitation (mais il faut l'autorisation de Ville Mont-Royal). They will never get it. Even with the current changes that are proposed. I cannot say why until later but there is even a team of lawyers in Toronto involved.
  11. peekay


    2020-02-23 Another crane going up. Ironic considering the legal issues against the residential phases coming up in March (rough estimate)
  12. Le projet de réaménagement dans ce secteur commence à porter fruits!