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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Cemet barriers is an absolute must. Maybe the trees and urban furniture will act as a berrier.
  2. Your two posts brought absolutely nothing to the conversation. Borderline personal attacks. Back your statements up and have a debate otherwise I am asking you politely to stop.
  3. True. What I mean is you don't have to know how the technology works just that the world will use it. Just like the internet in the early 2000's. I didn't understand how Netflix worked back in early 2010s but I had a feeling people would really get into streaming. Technology often comes with a solution looking for a problem. When you see that and especially when you see older people dismissing the technology, it is a good sign that the technology will become big soon.
  4. I say maximum 10 years. Invest in blockchain, 5G and IOT companies. Just take a look at this. Only blockchain can handle this. Read up on the technology. You don't have to understand it just invest in it.
  5. History is still being written.
  6. The people that got rich off of Cannibis stock in 2019 were buying back in 2016-2017. Do your research and buy blockchain companies now! Blockchain will be everywhere within 5-10 years. Now is the opportunity.
  7. It is right off the highway. Very easy acess and big trucks can fit there! Imagine, they don't have to go through traffic to get to the site. First exit bam, right there! Construction should go quickly on this one. I am so excited!
  8. Moi aussi. All or nothing.
  9. Chaque 2,5 minutes en heure de pointe.
  10. My wife would take one look at that and say "Oh man, there are going to be a lot of spiders hiding in there!"
  11. Don't forget that the REM will allow urban sprawl but still allow companies to centralize in the urban core. Commute times will be reduced therefore the CBD will continue to thrive.