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  1. Encore une fois un autre excellent article de la Presse. Let's go Expos! Come back! we can afford it now!
  2. I reread your passage and you do indeed give false hope because you say it may happen with growing public pressure and demographic changes etc. However, it won't happen anytime soon unless someone invents a better and more environmentally friendly way to transport your goods that you use everyday. I don't take it personal. It seems that you and your group does. Over and over again. I am merely stating facts. Why do you think they double stack? Why do you think the airport and port are expanding? If you look at the traffic numbers you will see that the economy is booming for both sectors. The free trade agreement with Europe will soon change the status of Quebec to a "Have-Province" I don't understand why you chose to ignore these facts. CN and the whole logistics around transporting goods doesn't have a personal vendetta against your group in blocking the river view. You make it seem like they do. You need to hire real railway infrastructure engineers hired by CP to look at the problem because you have to ensure to not affect commercial traffic during the many months it'll take to change the curve. Where is the space for that? Also, good luck getting CP on board. As you mentionned, they"re not even commenting. BTW, the railway going west is multiple times a day, you may not be there when it occurs because they try to do it when it doesn't affect the public.
  3. I admire your vision @IluvMTL but you are doing a disservice to the people of this forum by giving false hope that CP / CN and port railways will cede their land for any forseable future. You would have to come up with a better way of transporting billions of dollars of merchandise across the region than rail. The proposal for Notre Dame is very amibityious and I hope something like that happens but stop thinking that anything will move port/rail wise. Ask yourself if an airport would cede their land? It is the same thing with rail and port land. They NEED that land in order to survive and expand and for commerce to survive. There are thousands of jobs dependant on it. Moving the curve will cost hundreds of millions and expropriate quite a lot of land, the worst part is that you wil still have rail going west. You will not eliminate the problem at all.
  4. Maybe because it was cloudy that day. The same picture with a blue sky ceiling and more natural light pouring in would not have the same effect. Professional photograhers and sales teams always show that in their work.
  5. It is ahead of schedule because they scraped the original design to this cheap mockery.
  6. What I find so fascinating about the new bridge is that by the time we need to replace it in the year 2170 the entire population of the planet today will be dead. Every single one of us. Dead. Enjoy your weekend everyone! lol
  7. J'y étais parmi nombreaux au square Victoria. Ils offrent $5 dollars de rabais sur un trajet. Promo Code: MONTREAL19C Uber vont te chargé $25 dollars si tu ne verouille pas le vélo sur un rack de vélos. Après quatre fois ($100), Uber va fermer ton compte.
  8. Sigh. I guess I have to be the sole owner of the expos to stop this shared team madness. I'm buying an expansion team.
  9. I honestly feel bad for the fans in Tampa. I felt the sting of a half season in Puerto Rico. It sucks big time. Just do it already. This is ridiculous. It is bad for both baseball fans in both cities. Stop insulting people's intelligence and just freaking rip the bandage off already and get it done.
  10. Géniale! J'ai hâte de voir rouler les quatre rames de train REM à l'heure de pointe d'ici quelques années!
  11. Si tu es toujours à la recherche de bibittes, tu en trouverez toujours!
  12. Because as soon as anyone on this forum states anything negative during the design enveiling, a lot of people say "you are negative" and "wait and see".
  13. I am a huge baseball fan and I look forward to sitting in my season ticket seats in 2030. However, I strongly beleive that we would NOT be in the process of getting an MLB franchise if we didn't have the history of having one in the past. We are only trying to get a baseball team because we HAD one before. If we never had a team that left in 2004, we would be trying to get an NBA team instead of MLB. Especially after the Raptor's success.