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  1. Art is subjective. Here is my take... This thing is the dumbest design I have ever seen since crystal de la montagne. This absolutely flies in the face of everyone who sees symmetry (or lack of it in this case) everywhere. Garbage. I hope to live long enough to see this thing thrown in the trash.
  2. I agree 100%. However I am in my early 40s and I don't think that the newer generation see it that way. If we project to the year 2027 when this terminal is expected to go online, the people in their 20s today will be running the corporate business travel volume. It might be different. Don't get me wrong, the ADM should absolutely invest in this terminal. But to think that their projections on increasing business travel volume is a certainty while not taking into account the future technology is a mistake.
  3. I found your comment in regars to the "archaic"' taxi industry rather amusing considering the disruptive technology coming within a decade to the business traveling industry. (AR and VR tech) The next economic downturn will hit company's business travel budgets hard. If you can replicate a face to face meeting using technology and save an enormous amount of money, why bother travelling?
  4. Je sais que les anciens structures sont maintenant presque entièrement démolis mais est-ce que quelqu'un sait si les structures actuels sont-ils permanentes ou sont-t-ils des structures temporaires qui seront eux aussi démoli d'ici fin 2020?
  5. I've always maintained that if you are going to do it, do it right. I sincerely hope they will stain the wood and that is part of the 3-4% left. If not, it is terrible. It looks nice on the outside but people will look up and see that horrible ceiling.
  6. Avis aux membres que l'usage abusifs des downvotes sont monitorés. Ils ne sont pas de tout anonymes. Merci Pour le bien etre de tous, revenons sur le sujet.
  7. Hey guys, for those of you interested in getting rid of graffiti there is a VERY simple solution guaranteed to work....Just spray paint "Lets kill all xxxxx " or something VERY vulgar. Better yet, spray paint a giant penis ejaculating onto something and you will instantly see it removed. The city is partly to blame. But believe me, my solution works. I hope someone does that on the Turcott interchange.
  8. I agree 100%. If you are going to do it do it right! We waited more than 15 years for them to return. There is no point to half-ass it with a stadium without a retractible roof. it is too cold and windy in that area. Ask anyone who fills their car at the Costco gas station. That being said. I'm still buying 3 season tockets
  9. While they are at it, they should change thier road signs to be more descriptive. "Car Rental Drop-Off" instead of the ridiculously awful sign would help A LOT of confused business travellers! "Rental"? Rental of what? Idiots. I would try to get them to change but I am so lazy and have better things to do.
  10. I went to see the Miami Marlins yesterday. They were playing the nationals. Old expos vs. the team whose owner screwed the expos. It was really nice and comfortable. Late April, open stadium and warm breeze. Damn I miss baseball!!!! Very bad attendance. The Marlins have the worst attendance in baseball for many years now. Barely 10,000 per game.
  11. 1) Kyoto 2) Paris 3) Sydney 4) Tokyo 5) New York 6) Toronto J'ai été ailleurs en Europe et Asie et aux É-U mais rien de spéciale à noter.
  12. En plus ils ont une vieille photo de notre skyline sur le site (cachez par le mega watermark mtlurb) . Cela augure mal pour eux! 😛
  13. Montreal's skyline always seemed frozen in time from that angle. The stock exchange tower always stuck out as an outsider in almost every angle. Not anymore! Two new neighbours are moving in!!