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  1. peekay

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    Blockchain stock is the new cannabis. Easy money today.
  2. peekay

    Stock pick(s)

    Not yet. Mostly stocks. BIGG and BCFN are 2 that I own. They are doing good. Other than that, I buy S&P 500 ETF from vangaurd (VOO)
  3. peekay

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    Blockchain stocks and crypto. Especially if you didn't listen to naysayers and sold early. Keep that until 2030. It is never too late. Take 10% of your investments and buy.
  4. I don't think it will take 24 years to reduce the cost. A lot of visionnaries see no ownership of vehicles, just car renting . Hopefully future governements will think about that and get more into the trend of the population renting cars but not owning them. STM can make a lot of money from that. Autonomous vehicle renting. This all looks like old technology and the population is salivating like the Simpsons episode and the monorail.
  5. https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2020/12/15/est-de-montreal-un-projet-de-transport-collectif-de-10-milliards-1 Predicting transit ridership 24 years into the future and not realize distince learning and autonomous cars will be the future is not forward thinking. Especially the net gains in productivity and above all cost reductions in rental space that 2020 has taught the world. Most of you will ne either on your retirement or approaching retirement. Do you really think CDPQ qill make their money back? Our money back.
  6. The world is changing so rapidly and the trend to online everything plus autonomous vehicles will definately have an impact on transit ridership. I would be surprised if all the universities on the REM lines will still be open in 2044. I didn't hear any 'visonnairies' talking yesterday. Have you seen how outdated the tech is? It will create scars across multiple sectors. I am dumbfunded by all the comments.
  7. $20,000,000,000. 20 Billion dollars total REM cost plus overruns. Probably 30 billion. This is your retirement money this governement is gambling with. 2044 projections I read in a article is a joke. Do you really think remote work and distance learning will not affect transport ridership? Plus above ground old style transportation is not 'modern' as the premier and mayor call it. Those power lines will look ugly in the main business artery. Hopefully this will never come to fruition. CDPQ will not get their ROI unless they charge a lot. We need to petition the government to stop gambling our
  8. Tellement décu de voir cette expansion. Perte complet de notre argent à mon avis. L'année 2020 a démontré que le monde s'en va vers l'économie virtuel et enseignement à distance. Il doit absolument arreter meme les branches vers l'aeroport et au West Island. Oublie pas que c'est notre argent et les projections sont basées sur l'usage en 2019. Il y a aussi le nombre croissant de vehicles autonomes qui vont arrivées surement avant 2029. S'annonce pas bien pour récupérer notre argent.
  9. Malgré la manque de voies additionels, au moins, on a de l'éspace pour les véhicles en panne/urgences. Puis ca j'ai noté un peu partout pas juste dans les bretelles. Je crois aussi, qu'ils aurait-du réduit la largeur des voies. On est vraiment gâté en amérique du nord, les voies sont tellement large! décarie nord peut facilement accomoder 5 voies. Cette mesure offira par effet, une réduction de vitesse aussi car les conducteurs feront plus attention.
  10. What a horrible looking building. This chubby shouldn't be anywhere near downtown imo.
  11. I think this is an ugly and bland building. I cannot see what everyone sees in this. I think it takes away from the splendor of the 2 largest buildings that are currently U/C. Especially that blind wall! Hideous!
  12. Ils n'ont jamais obtenu les permis nécessaire pour la partie résidentiel.
  13. I've been saying this since before the pandemic. Maybe our sources are the same. The residential part was cancelled in January. I am not sure of the commercial part but the cranes will come down before winter.
  14. What is it about 5G and the Neuralink project (has nothing to do with Boring Company) that you don't think will happen? 5G is a few years away from mass use and even if Neuralink is abandonned by Musk, someone else will do it. IMO, Autonomous pods or automous buses are the future not a static track. What do you think a fleet of automous pods or buses will do to the STM? It'll be worse than what uber did to the taxi industry. There is nothing wrong with a moratorium, it has been done before. The total will be more than 6 billion by the end of this project of our money when public transit r
  15. There is no denying that even before this pandemic, businesses were more opt to explore remote work and remote learning, especially workplace training. All was on an uptrend. The events of this year just accelaerated the inevitable. Billions are being invested in networks to facilitate the transition. We have yet to see the true power of 5G and Elon Musk's Neuralink, which will radically change the world especially health and education. A huge amount of transit movement is students and the workforce which has been affected most likely permanantly. My work which was ademently opposed to re
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