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  1. 09/13/2019 ooops petit bobo
  2. Warcraft 3 était de loin mon jeu PC préféré des années '00. Battu par WOW en 2004. Oui, je jeu au wow classic sorti la semaine passé!
  3. 3,5 km entre saint-laurent et l'aéroport.
  4. I was referring to @vanylapep last picture. The top floors have a similar shape that's all.
  5. I see a little flat-iron vibe going on.
  6. Coin Gaétan Laberge et Marc Cantin le 28 août 2019.
  7. I would say Marcel-Laurin and Henri-Bourrassa crossroads. A transport hub will hopefully be built in the area near Bois-Franc REM station. Hopefully a metro extension too.
  8. Entrée de force par @KidFreddy . Merci! On dirait que le vidéo a été créé pour les amateurs de gratte-ciels (nous) !
  9. Very interesting. The distance between downtown Toronto and Mississauga is roughly the distance between our downtown and Pointe-Claire. RoyalMount will truley be a Mid-Town. We shall see what happens. Bois-Franc in Saint-Laurent is almost finished after almost 30 years, I beleive this project will take almost as long especially if they incorporate schools and social housing, It will be interesting to see the outcome! I am pleasantly surprised that a private company is still willing to spend over 1 billion even though their initial vision has changed. Bravo!
  10. I think the final one will be 15 N to R-136E (downtown). This has been missing for a long time. I am very pleased at the work so far. They have done an amazing job!
  11. Thanks to @acpnc and his comment a few year's back, I will never un-see that USB key in the sky!
  12. When that bureau en gros dies, it will be the ultimate proof to everyone that Montreal is well into a huge construction boom. Obviously for all of us here, we know Montreal is booming for a while now. The closing of the ESSO station on de la montagne and the construction of a condo tower there is also a good indicator.
  13. I wonder if the developpers are cheap and don't care about esthetics/archetecture or if our construction industry is inflating prices to the point that they are eating into developper's margins. Regardless, I would rather see a parking lot than ugly buildings.