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  1. peekay


    Yes. Many meetings starting this week to essentially block any residential aspect of this project. As much as I would LOVE to see this happen, there are storm clouds coming from everywhere
  2. peekay


    -4500 unités d'habitation (mais il faut l'autorisation de Ville Mont-Royal). They will never get it. Even with the current changes that are proposed. I cannot say why until later but there is even a team of lawyers in Toronto involved.
  3. peekay


    2020-02-23 Another crane going up. Ironic considering the legal issues against the residential phases coming up in March (rough estimate)
  4. Le projet de réaménagement dans ce secteur commence à porter fruits!
  5. Ok c'est sérieux là. Svp @Marc90 et @greenlobster contactez-vous pour régler cette affaire. Le rêve de boucher le plus gros trou est en balance! (That's what she said)
  6. Oh my Jesus lord almighty christ! I havent prayed in years but I think I will start by praying that becomes a reality! 😵
  7. Le Grand Quai du Port de Montréal est finaliste aux World Ports Sustainability Awards de l’IAPH! Jusqu’au 28 février, vous pouvez voter en ligne pour notre projet ! Le vote du public comptera pour 30 % du résultat final. Pour découvrir tous les projets finalistes, cliquez ici : Pour soumettre votre vote, cliquez ici : La catégorie est C. COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND PORT CITY DIALOGUE Focus area 1—Port Development and "license to operate" Les résultats seront dévoilés le 18 mars !
  8. It's been said many times that the graffitti will be removed at the completion of the project. However, If you go and spray paint a big, fat penis or write rascist remarks, it will be removed the next day. I am not kidding.
  9. The maintenance costs were taken into account as well when purchasing because no other screen technology available can have a better contrast ratio than OLED screens. TFT LCD is old but more reliable tech.
  10. Don't be so negative. This is a good first step.
  11. peekay


    One of your guesses is the issue .
  12. peekay


    I heard from a very reliable source (first hand) that there are storm clouds circling this project.
  13. Merci! Voici des tableaux interessantes: Ile 50% de moins en quelques années