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  1. I agree but after a few pages, we can start another thread. I am always excited to see posts in this discussion because I always hope to find future skyline renders like that guy in Toronto that's all.
  2. Interesting discussion but please get back to the main topic please.
  3. So is Ju HG credible enough to change this to proposed/vision ?
  4. peekay

    Stock pick(s)

    Dude, take out your initial investment money and ride this puppy for free!
  5. peekay

    Stock pick(s)

    BCFN was a big gain for me but I bought a ton at 5-10 cents years ago. But my biggest gain was Canadian Solar inc. CSIQ. Awesome buy 2 years ago. It still has time to grow though. My biggest loss was Disney bigtime. I bought thinking that the world would subscribe to Disney+ (they did) but the pandemic closed all the parks and everyone is cutting their cable. Big loss there. Maybe looking to buy some more in the spring. It depends on their Q1 numbers.
  6. peekay

    Stock pick(s)

    Remember this quote. "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett. I hate that guy but he's right, stay the course do not panic sell. The next big thing is blockchain and digital currency. Also, digital tokens and non-fungible tokens. Stay the course. I've been in the crypto game since 2013 and soon y'all be using my site to buy crypto from me. lol Just kidding. This isn't financial advice, don't listen to me. But I mostly buy low fee ETF's, a little crypto and anything solar panel production related. Biden will give
  7. peekay

    Stock pick(s)

    Panic sellers. wow. I sold quite a few at 45 cents. It was way over bought. I still own quite a bit and will buy more.
  8. peekay

    Stock pick(s)

    Blockchain stock is the new cannabis. Easy money today.
  9. peekay

    Stock pick(s)

    Not yet. Mostly stocks. BIGG and BCFN are 2 that I own. They are doing good. Other than that, I buy S&P 500 ETF from vangaurd (VOO)
  10. peekay

    Stock pick(s)

    Blockchain stocks and crypto. Especially if you didn't listen to naysayers and sold early. Keep that until 2030. It is never too late. Take 10% of your investments and buy.
  11. I don't think it will take 24 years to reduce the cost. A lot of visionnaries see no ownership of vehicles, just car renting . Hopefully future governements will think about that and get more into the trend of the population renting cars but not owning them. STM can make a lot of money from that. Autonomous vehicle renting. This all looks like old technology and the population is salivating like the Simpsons episode and the monorail.
  12. https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2020/12/15/est-de-montreal-un-projet-de-transport-collectif-de-10-milliards-1 Predicting transit ridership 24 years into the future and not realize distince learning and autonomous cars will be the future is not forward thinking. Especially the net gains in productivity and above all cost reductions in rental space that 2020 has taught the world. Most of you will ne either on your retirement or approaching retirement. Do you really think CDPQ qill make their money back? Our money back.
  13. The world is changing so rapidly and the trend to online everything plus autonomous vehicles will definately have an impact on transit ridership. I would be surprised if all the universities on the REM lines will still be open in 2044. I didn't hear any 'visonnairies' talking yesterday. Have you seen how outdated the tech is? It will create scars across multiple sectors. I am dumbfunded by all the comments.
  14. $20,000,000,000. 20 Billion dollars total REM cost plus overruns. Probably 30 billion. This is your retirement money this governement is gambling with. 2044 projections I read in a article is a joke. Do you really think remote work and distance learning will not affect transport ridership? Plus above ground old style transportation is not 'modern' as the premier and mayor call it. Those power lines will look ugly in the main business artery. Hopefully this will never come to fruition. CDPQ will not get their ROI unless they charge a lot. We need to petition the government to stop gambling our
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