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  1. It's been said many times that the graffitti will be removed at the completion of the project. However, If you go and spray paint a big, fat penis or write rascist remarks, it will be removed the next day. I am not kidding.
  2. The maintenance costs were taken into account as well when purchasing because no other screen technology available can have a better contrast ratio than OLED screens. TFT LCD is old but more reliable tech.
  3. Don't be so negative. This is a good first step.
  4. peekay


    One of your guesses is the issue .
  5. peekay


    I heard from a very reliable source (first hand) that there are storm clouds circling this project.
  6. Merci! Voici des tableaux interessantes: Ile 50% de moins en quelques années
  7. Neither did I. Argument doesn't hold water, never did...pun intended.
  8. Imagine tout le temps sauvé à cause que le chantier se situe à l'entrée du centre-ville à la fin de l'autoroute 10. Beaucoup de trafic locale évité! Surement une bonne trentaine de minutes comparer aux chantiers plus au nord.
  9. If we deconstruct the article, we can see the the National Post received a report through the freedom of information act. The Post doesn't say who produced the report. It just says that the report warned about stray electrical currents. The report recommended a fix and the chief engineer ensured the proper measures are in place to make sure it doesn't happen.... I am sick of sloppy, biased articles.
  10. There will be no hourly light show, and the colours won’t change very often, but builders hope the lights on the new Samuel de Champlain Bridge will still impress onlookers. The bridge’s lights have been switched on permanently after a short period of testing. It took 15 months for builders to mount the lights and wire the bridge. The lights — more than 7,800 LED bulbs — can display an “almost infinite palette of colours,” said Martin Chamberland, the operations manager for Signature on the St. Lawrence, the consortium in charge of building and maintaining the new bridge. Despite the possibilities available, white is to be the usual colour of the bridge’s lights. In recent nights, however, the bridge has been a mix of blue and green in an effort to minimize the possibility of causing collisions among migrating birds, Chamberland said. By comparison, the lights on the Jacques Cartier Bridge — installed for the city’s 375th anniversary in 2017 — are composed of 2,800 light tubes and projectors. Designed by Moment Factory, the lighting of that bridge reflects the mood of the city as gleaned through posts on social media. That bridge also has a light show every hour where the bridge displays many different colours. The cost of the lights on the Jacques Cartier was $39.5 million, paid by the federal government. Chamberland would not detail the cost of the lights on the new Champlain, saying it’s part of the overall cost to build and maintain the bridge. The laziest, dumbest article I've seen in months. Wow just wow...
  11. Les élections municipale sont dans moins de deux ans. Amplement de temps pour juger si ce projet va nuire ou aider St Cath...
  12. I know this is a very unpopular opinion but I don't like the CN Tower. I never did. It just sticks out like a sore thumb in almost every picture IMO. Also, those street car overhead electric wires drive me nuts. It all looks so dirty and asymmetrical.
  13. Facilement $180 d'ici fin 2020. Le line-up de films et series sur Disney+ est incroyable. Un no-brainer pour les parents de jeunes enfants. FOX et Star Wars et Marvel pour les parents!
  14. I've been buying Disney non stop since last May. Kraft-Heinz is now my main go to followed by crypto. When the next recession hits, people will go back to buying cheap foods and Kraft-Heinz is way too big to fall.