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  1. One of my favourite spots in the city, editing this video was absolute torture, I have such a craving now.
  2. Didn't they put out a press release saying this was supposed to begin in January 2020, then was delayed to March and finally June of course because of COVID? And now they're announcing they're starting demolition September 2020? I can't see how this project is going to open as they predict anymore...
  3. Thank you so much! Surprisingly, based on the comments I'm seeing, the video seems to have made people want to visit during winter rather than scaring them away lol
  4. People always comment on my videos saying I don't properly showcase the downside of Montreal which is our winters, so here's a video of tourists freaking out and braving the cold and snow on their first winter trip to the city 😂.
  5. Based on suggestions from others, I will post and group all the videos I create in this topic. I wanted to make unique videos that showcase the city through authentic experiences captured by visitors for two reasons: to make Montrealers realize how special their city is (and to go out and discover it themselves) but also to attract new visitors who may have never considered visiting Montreal before. If you like what you see, please share it with friends and on social media! Here is my newest, visiting Eva B on Saint-Laurent:
  6. I'm gonna try and make these videos more often, maybe I should create a topic specifically for them instead of all these separate ones?
  7. Video from YouTube with some screenshots:
  8. UNESCO wants its City of Design designation back. Atrocious!
  9. Great news about the station, but very disappointed about the name. After months of Plante hammering Landry as the name, she changed her tune in January 2020: https://www.iheartradio.ca/cjad/news/1.10484380 I hope there's some serious backlash and the name is dropped. You wanna honour Landry? Rename a street after him in the Cite Multimedia and be done with it.
  10. Spectacular video of Montreal shot in 8K
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