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  1. Royal Bank was actually the tallest building in the British Empire, as was Sun Life when it was completed. During the 60s boom, Montreal had taller buildings than Chicago, which is considered the birthplace of the skyscraper.
  2. ^^ Come on! We've had so much rain this spring the city flooded, same two years ago, how are we gonna host teams in the spring without a roof? We need a retractible roof!
  3. Quick! Someone find something wrong with this!!
  4. Looks like they gave us April accidentally as well, guess we'll know in a month: Total +6,232,980 (that's also +4.8%) Domestic: +2.1% Transborder: +3.5% International +7.9%
  5. My friend lives right next to the Bois-Franc station and he had never even heard of the REM; I told him it was under construction and he said the same thing: "I'll believe it when I see it" I can't tell if it's just human nature, to always have your head in the sand and not be aware of anything until you actually see it in person, or if Montrealers are so beaten down with decades of infrastructure neglect and delays and constant construction that they aren't aware of the city's rebirth and how things have changed?
  6. This obsession with expanding the REM to Chambly is an absolute joke. Enough! I have faith CDP will come up with something great.
  7. Excerpts from the 2015 article: Feels nice to save a piece of history.
  8. Wow what a success! I did not expect such a transformation. 4 years ago this was the ugliest parking lot in the entire city, with a dilapidated historic site from the 19th century. Today, completely renovated with 3 towers behind it and a row of townhouses next to it. Wow!
  9. Installing the second to last cable!
  10. "Même si les travaux ne sont pas encore terminés, tant le Groupe Geyser que la SPJD assurent que l’échéancier et le budget seront respectés"