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  1. I know right? I didn't believe it either. Based on some research, the Island of Montreal: by far the most populous island in Canada 6th most populous island of the Americas (more populated than Manhattan) 37th most populated island on Earth World's most populous island surrounded by fresh water
  2. Montreal's most thrilling attraction: the Lachine Rapids
  3. I have a catalogue of footage, slowly going through the ones I have enough footage for
  4. Canada's oldest art museum: Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal
  5. Everyone I know who's visited Bota Bota absolutely loves it, I had to make a little video. It's also the largest floating spa in the world apparently
  6. One of my favourite things to come out of this city ❤️
  7. I had heard the tunnel will be demolished and more transport vehicles will be bought to ferry people back to the main terminal. Who knows anymore, everything is up in the air after 2020.
  8. Depends how quickly passenger numbers return, they had originally said by the 2030s. This part will be built first.
  9. Reminder of the expansion plan for YUL. Domestic will be expanded to accommodate larger aircraft, slight expansion of transborder and of course the massive expansion of international jetty. And look at all those new spots for parking planes.
  10. One of Montreal's lesser-known gems, and the oldest building built specifically to be a museum in Canada: Redpath (1882)
  11. Tourists definitely loved smoked meat as much as Montrealers, but who makes the best meat in the city?
  12. Tourists spend the day exploring Parc Jean-Drapeau
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