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  1. Beautiful drone shots of the Stadium from this video
  2. I hope it all works out, they're saying they can still deliver on time.. fingers crossed.
  3. So last week the tunnel was still planning to close in January, but after a few news reports by whiny Deux-Montagnes folks saying it was going to screw up their plans and 18,000 signatures, suddenly with only a few weeks to go its been delayed til spring? I'm sure it's a total coincidence. Wondering why NouvLR didn't make all this clear earlier, so that CDP could calm the Deux Montagnes folks and tell them about the delay rather than tell them 3 weeks before..
  4. This is unacceptable! They had over a year to plan alternate routes, now McGill station can't get underway, the price has risen and in March, the people will start complaining again that the line is shutting down which could delay again!
  5. The 2010s were a fantastic decade for the skyline. Now onto the 2020s....
  6. That was one of the worst streets to walk down, so glad it's getting a makeover.
  7. Note synthèse.pdf Septembre +4.3%
  8. Fun fact: just a little further west from this angle stood the Princess Theatre, where Houdini performed in October 1926. He was punched in the stomach that night by a McGill student, rupturing his appendix; he died a week later while in Detroit, October 31st (Halloween). This city is littered with macabre history.. there really should be a plaque installed on the site.
  9. 2016 numbers: 1. London-New York (2.96 million) 2. London-Los Angeles (1.56 million) 3. Paris-New York (1.42 million) 4. Paris-Montréal (1.15 million) 5. London-Chicago (1.07 million),_Switzerland,_Iceland_and_Norway)_and_outside_Europe
  10. Literally 2-3 weeks ago the media spokesperson was on TV re-stating a 2021 start date for that part of the line.. fingers crossed OCPM made a little error there.