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  1. Installing the second to last cable!
  2. "Même si les travaux ne sont pas encore terminés, tant le Groupe Geyser que la SPJD assurent que l’échéancier et le budget seront respectés"
  3. Is this correct? This part will be under construction until December 2019?? Wow, this summer with all the tourists is gonna be a nightmare. Edit: Oops the Mtlurb logo blocked it
  4. According to this graphic, Montreal has the second highest ridership per capita in North America, behind New York City and not by much!
  5. I think we're getting two stations there, one to serve Griffintown properly (near Mary-Griffin parc) and another near the Basin for the Expos stadium.
  6. From the report:
  7. Huh? Where do you see dark grey. Definitely looks dark green to me
  8. Gotta say, really dislike the dark green... makes it feel very old. I was hoping Mont-Royal would be chosen, shame.
  9. Good thing ADM has a rough plan for expansion
  10. Dunno if this was posted yet - Wow! Some pics:
  11. Chris1989


    Do it!! And then let's host the games again in the 2030's, put the Big O to good use!
  12. When the media starts sending reporters to cover the opening of the Champlain, and the completion of Turcot, the reveal of the first REM trains and the launch of each line between 2021 and 2023, official commencement on the blue line construction, the return of the Expos and a new stadium for the city, the new tower silhouettes that make up the skyline (VSLP, BN, Maestria etc etc), it'll be hard for people to keep their head in the sand.
  13. The A220's are coming... patience Amazing news about Brazil!