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  1. The 2010s were a fantastic decade for the skyline. Now onto the 2020s....
  2. That was one of the worst streets to walk down, so glad it's getting a makeover.
  3. Note synthèse.pdf Septembre +4.3%
  4. Fun fact: just a little further west from this angle stood the Princess Theatre, where Houdini performed in October 1926. He was punched in the stomach that night by a McGill student, rupturing his appendix; he died a week later while in Detroit, October 31st (Halloween). This city is littered with macabre history.. there really should be a plaque installed on the site.
  5. 2016 numbers: 1. London-New York (2.96 million) 2. London-Los Angeles (1.56 million) 3. Paris-New York (1.42 million) 4. Paris-Montréal (1.15 million) 5. London-Chicago (1.07 million),_Switzerland,_Iceland_and_Norway)_and_outside_Europe
  6. Literally 2-3 weeks ago the media spokesperson was on TV re-stating a 2021 start date for that part of the line.. fingers crossed OCPM made a little error there.
  7. From what I hear, the Toronto subway isn't connected at all - you know, a city that receives millions of tourists every year?
  8. An advertisement seen on this very website. I guess Phase 1 did well??
  9. Or they'll see an amazing new artwork they weren't expecting. We have no idea what they're planning for summer 2020 yet but I agree, it's become a Montreal landmark, really sad to see it go.
  10. Little video I made to help promote Fierté Montréal and the last summer of the rainbow balls
  11. RIP Georges Brossard. I immediately thought of this great bit he did years ago on Conan