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  1. An advertisement seen on this very website. I guess Phase 1 did well??
  2. Or they'll see an amazing new artwork they weren't expecting. We have no idea what they're planning for summer 2020 yet but I agree, it's become a Montreal landmark, really sad to see it go.
  3. Little video I made to help promote Fierté Montréal and the last summer of the rainbow balls
  4. RIP Georges Brossard. I immediately thought of this great bit he did years ago on Conan
  5. The design for the bridge was unveiled FOUR years ago and two days out from cars rolling on it for the first time people are realizing it's not "iconic" enough 😓
  6. And the sad thing is we're gonna lose that view Solano
  7. I'm positive it's tied to the New Expos Stadium, and they're just not yet ready to announce it. With yesterday's news about Tampa/Montreal from MLB, we may be hearing something soon..
  8. I'm impatient too but this is going to be transformative for the area, let them plan it properly and get it right. I have a feeling we're getting two stations in Griffintown, the Bassin Peel one always seemed a little far south to properly serve the neighbourhood
  9. I was there the other night and the steel walls at the back were lit up in different colours, the whole site is spectacular, very sophisticated. Can't wait to see it full of people