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  1. Pas d'Accord avec toi la dessus. Off the top of my head; X condos et X2, L Tower, 88 Scott et 160 Front sont tous des immeubles intéressants. Il y en a des dizaines d'autres, mais je ne connais pas leurs nom!
  2. Je dirais que c'est presque toujours le cas!
  3. Si tu considère que ce qui se fait à Toronto en ce moment est ennuyant et générique, je ne veux pas savoir ce que tu penses de ce qui se construit présentement à Montréal!!
  4. Pitié!! Non!!! Les Olympiques ont "ruiné" Montréal la première fois, pas besoins de gaspiller 20 ou 25 milliards pour une deuxième ronde!
  5. Je comprend ce que Drapeau a dit, mais désolé, Montréal n'est PAS Rome!
  6. Agreed! By the way, PVM 5 had 4 floors added to it in the early 80's. If the foundations are strong enough, I don't see why they couldn't add 10 or 15 floors to PVM 1. J'aime ton optimisme, mais j'ai des doutes!
  7. Seeing as I work in commercial Real Estate, I wanna see the number of office towers grow in this city!
  8. Merci pur ce témoignage Turboled. Encore une fois des Nimbys qui font la seule chose qu'ils savent faire: chialer! Je suis déçu que ce soit LaPresse qui a publié cet article. je m'attendais au JdeM!
  9. That is very good news!! The whole point of the REM was to have a connection between the Airport and Downtown!!!
  10. 1501 always was one of my favorite towers in the City!
  11. I think the idea is to have certain areas where the limit could be increased to 250-275 meters. I'm not advocating that we change the limits throughout the entire downtown core. I agree that there shouldn't be any huge skyscrapers on Ste-Catherine Street or in Old Montreal, but in the lower part of town (Ie: St-Jacques and Ste-Antoine Streets or on top of Central Station) I thing it should be totally feasible!!
  12. ON different topic, I remember there was a time where Montreal and Melbourne had identical populations! According to Macrotrends.net, I was right. In 1990 both Montreal and Melbourne had populations of 3,154,000. However, since then, Melbourne has kinda left Montreal in its dust! Here are some interesting numbers! Year - Melbourne - Montreal 1990 - 3,154,000 - 3,154,000 2000 - 3,361,000 - 3,429,000 2005 - 3,573,000 - 3,674,000 2010 - 3,932,000 - 3,897,000 2015 - 4,430,000 - 4,070,000 2020 - 4,968,000 - 4,221,000 2021 - 5,061,000 - 4,247,000 Ju
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