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montréal STM: Prolongement du métro: Ligne 02 orange vers le nord-ouest


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STM: Prolongement du métro: Ligne 02 orange vers le nord-ouest


Discussion et actualités sur le prolongement de la Ligne 02 orange vers le nord-ouest. Plan: ligne-2.pdf

Présentation du 26 février 2020 au comité exécutif de la Ville de Montréal https://ville.montreal.qc.ca/documents/Adi_Public/CE/CE_DA_ORDI_2020-02-26_08h30_Presentation_Prolongation_de_la_ligne_Orange_Ouest.pdf

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I think we are getting ahead of ourselves here. Yellow line improvements and extensions have been warranted and wanted for more than 30 years, yet suggestions keep getting thrown to the back burner every couple of years. Laval has also needed structural improvements in rapid transit since the 70s, and the three-station Orange line foray has been largely insufficient since the extension’s inauguration. Rapid transit connecting the airport and Brossard to downtown had also been discussed for decades, and has only been made possible due to a temporary wrinkle in space-time in 2016 that was exploited by the province’s pension fund manager to partially privatize public transit. The necessary Blue extension had also  been discussed for decades.

Yes, the Bois-Franc extension is necessary and overdue, and a further extension into the densest parts of Laval would undeniably benefit both cities and the CMM, but just as with the Blue extension, I’ll only believe it’s happening when shovels are actually in the ground and building it — no matter that the groundwork has been laid with the construction of the Côte-Vertu garage.

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