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    Bach en Science, pationné de Mtl. depuis les années de l'Expo donc je suis allée, et dévoué du Canadien, Impact, et les Expos. Aussi enthousiaste de Mtl. en ce qui concerne sont épanouissement culturel, économique et architectural.
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    Sports basket, foot, music - guitare, batterie,
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  1. I guess after the museum it's an outing in the Saute Mouton on a hot smmer's day. Thanks Chris that brought a smile to my face.
  2. Je viens juste de recevoir en primeur que la Bioshpere rentre dans le giron des musées d’Espace pour la Vie. https://espacepourlavie.ca/actualites/la-biosphere-rejoint-le-complexe-museal-despace-pour-la-vie?utm_source=dialoginsight&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=infolettreeplv
  3. Merci pour la tournée Techparty, très apprécié des forumeurs qui ne peuvent pas se déplacer pour prendre des photos ou voir de leurs propres yeux!
  4. Thanks Chris for helping to select the venue for my next visit to Mtl. Whenever everything is accesible again that is!
  5. Joyeux 1 avril, a toi et toutes les forumeurs!
  6. We did this one as well as point a callieres in the same weekend. Loved the line about the Redpath belonging in a museum. Very much enjoyed the Égyptienne disolays especially the mummies. 2.5 hours well spent for sure!
  7. I thought the same thing when i drove down to the site, small country road and to think there will be buses and lots more traffic... better modernize it to handle the volume! There was a little room between the main access gate and the road for me to park and take picks, dangerous though since the cars were barreling down the road and very close to me.
  8. Love to see Brocco or Brivia buy them and do their magic!
  9. Ils niaise pas avec la puck, déjà entrain d'installer les châssis.
  10. We finally visited the site in 2019, and were not disapointed. Much bigger than outer bldg indicates. Did not think i would be especially interested in a "local" museum, but was very, happily surprised about how much there was to see, and how much it captivated my, and family's, attention. Very much a must see for anyone visiting Mtl, so that they can gain a thorough understanding of the city's history.
  11. Very well done Chris. i have expressed my feelings in past posts, so no need to repeat now. Suffice to say it pushed my emotion buttons again.
  12. Est-ce qu'il aurait une carte quelque part sur le forum indiquant les lots, non bâti, ou le 200 m est permis? Merci.
  13. Stop the brilliant videos Chris your killing me. Of course you would include the doo-doo-doo at end, the tears started for me. I want this f.....g pandemic over with so can get to Mtl and enjoy everything you have featured in your videos.
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