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  1. That’s true. They don’t even shovel the steps of the Sq Victoria-OACI Guimard entrance. But the covered/enclosed sidewalk entrances in Europe look much simpler and easier to build and maintain than our “buildings.”
  2. Well, the platforms are 500 feet long. Other cities have multiple exits per station, just not usually as grandiose as some of ours.
  3. If and when, that’ll likely be announced separately. In politics, every single entente, concord, compromise has to be paraded as a singular victory, even if part of a bigger idea. Note the Air Canada package is separate from any aviation aid plan. Now they can claim it as distinct achievements.
  4. Oh, now I see why Humaniti couldn’t be 50m taller: it’d block the precious view of 1250RL from the Jacques-Cartier bridge! 😉
  5. I was standing on that exact corner a short while ago looking at that exact view, and remarked what a great combination TOM and Altitude make over the Square. Really nice shot, can’t wait to see that angle mid-summer with a finished square and mature greenery some day.
  6. Hehe hehe hehe [commentaire enfantile obligatoire] Seriously, this Broccolini site has already changed so much since the last time I passed down R-B midwinter! Assuming the other two >150s on the drawing boards get the green light soon, with 900, REM, the airport, and other big projects moving forward, this decade will easily eclipse the 60s building boom in this city.
  7. I’d like to keep discussing this proposal specifically on its merits and shortcomings, but right now we don’t have any clear idea about it. When does the lobbyist mandate end?
  8. This. 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 So much this. Municipal politics is mostly about butthurt personal feelings.
  9. Cool! Yeah see, that’s one of the angles from which the 232 m ASL limit doesn’t make much sense. From Habitat’67 or anywhere in the general Cité/Vieux-Montréal area, the existing high rises already dominate and block the hill we call a mountain. A profiled 300 m doesn’t look shocking or out of place there.
  10. They made the fancy architectural wood ceiling, and then put exposed surface wiring to match Berri-UQAM. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Ima get me a drone and flout the law, too. I hesitated getting one — even when I was travelling twice a month before 2020 — because there are no interesting places to legally fly unrestricted around here. But I mean, I see a couple of new drone videos a day now, showing pretty much everywhere except Dorval. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. People still frequent that place? I stopped a couple of years ago. Nice find, though.
  13. Yeah DL’s overnight Atlanta started a while ago, at the beginning of March. It looks like the Detroit flight will be arriving around 14:10 and departing at 15:57 in May, which is smack in the middle of the two shifts: the morning shift that was handling the launch ATL and the noon DTW turn, and the graveyard shift that was handling the ~23:00 ATL arrival, grooming, towing, etc. They may have to call back a few more of the 75 laid-off employees. 😎
  14. Lol I saw 😂 Even 800 and VSLP don’t match the final plans
  15. Darker blue-green on the PPU map means “authorized or under construction.” Care to comment?
  16. So many great possibilities in the PPU map… I especially like the ones we’ve been discussing recently.
  17. Sauf que le métro de Montréal est l'un des rares au monde à être entièrement sous terre.
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