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  1. Les voussoirs-chevêtre pésent 52t et donc dépassent la limite durant la période de dégel; plusieurs de ceux-ci ont été apportés près des collonnes voisines de la poutre de lancement durant l’hiver. Les voussoirs de mi-portée pésent 48t et donc me dépassent pas la limite.
  2. The “Gherkin” and The Shard were my first thought! 😁 London is certainly not defined by these two imposing skyscrapers, any more than Santiago is defined by the 300 metre Costanera Center.
  3. I like to be “épaté” by tall structures, but make no mistake, ce n'est pas la hauteur des bâtiments qui définit une ville. Ok except maybe Dubai. Mais le reste des grandes villes du monde qui ont également de grands immeubles ne les présentent généralement pas comme leur élément déterminant, mais seulement comme une facette du caractère de ces villes.
  4. Slotting a 150+ right there is a perfect idea, filling what might be an obvious hole in the grouping between CD South, Le V, 1SqP and Maestria.
  5. Tangential to this discussion, but run-of-the-mill modern suburban/regional rail lines in Europe and Oceania commonly run at speeds comparable to (or higher than) our current VIA corridor trains at their highest speeds, and some even run at “higher-speed rail” speeds (up to 200 km/h).
  6. I think pointing out signature skyscrapers in other cities is germane to a discussion of our skyline, but you’re perfectly correct that discussing sprawl and comparing population growth is outside the scope here. Thanks for that.
  7. The last-mile (or last-10-miles?) advantage is one of the points made by those pushing for a $10-50 Billion investment in rail, but I also think that’s nonsense. Few casual users live “within 10 minutes” of Union or Centrale, and with sprawling cities, I reckon only a slightly greater percentage of those travelling for work are better served by the two termini’s locations than YUL or Bishop.
  8. exo1 Vaudreuil-Hudson, as well-situated as it is, is a terrible suburban rail line. With just 14k passengers per day, it barely even qualifies as “mass transit.” It needs about $400 million in upgrades and $250 million in new (electric) rolling stock just to bring it to early-21st-century standards.
  9. Le contremaître avec le front row seat!
  10. City population of 5.4 million, the statistical metro area over 6.6 million. But in some ways similar to us, yes! 😊 There is even a suburb named Canada Bay, after a settlement of 60 convicts from the Lower Canada rebellion of 1837.
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