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  1. Not far now! Yesterday I saw it roughly behind BMW. Onward!
  2. Si ce sera effectivement un tramway sur une emprise partagée, alors c'est par conception destiné à de courtes escales; par contre, s’il s’agit d’un SLR principalement en emprise ségreguée, il faudra peut-être qu’il passe sous terre entre le Vieux-Montréal et Griffintown/PSC/Sud-Ouest.
  3. Certe, mais si la mode structurant proposée va déjà passer tout près...
  4. Some day, everybody will do as the Dutch already do
  5. If the proposed “réseau structurant” that may or may not run along Notre-Dame meets up with a centrally-located station on one of the other modes (REM Griffintown, Métro Champ-de-Mars, etc), this might be a good alternative. But if there’s no direct link to downtown or educational centres it’s less appealing.
  6. This is a good response. Merci! Je suis d’accord aussi. Je le repètes: “in the middle of the “linear park” should be some offer of cafe/bistro-terrasse, possibly with a liveentertainment venue for the summer months.” This could be open-air (kiosk/truck-style with seating, picnic areas and tables) or small, well-integrated buildings as we see in public promenades and parks the world over.
  7. Oh definitely not suggesting the spaces be crammed with commercial establishments, but that it’d be nice to have something on offer in the immediate area. We’ll see as the area develops but it’s essentially a wasteland from the Port to de Maisonneuve, and then you’re in the Parc des Faubourgs (with green spaces, recreation and a skate park). In other words, I agree that in the middle of the “linear park” should be some offer of cafe/bistro-terrasse, possibly with a live entertainment venue for the summer months.
  8. The copycat (or mini) Jacques Cartier Bridge, the Story Bridge in Brisbane, was built over a heritage “hotel” — Australian for “pub” in the British sense — in 1940, which then took on the name of the bridge and over the decades has been restored and expanded multiple times. The Story Bridge Hotel is one of my favourite bar-pub-restaurant complexes anywhere in the world, and is such a great use of the arcades under the approach to the main span. While I think rehabilitating the areas under our Jacques Cartier for public use is a great idea, I’d like to think that zoning it for commercial or entertainment use in the future as the Sud-Est gradually redevelops might be a good plan as well.
  9. Nobody ever accused Paola Hawa of being the sharpest tool in the shed. WTF is she on about? Can’t have one bus per minute on a road that has dozens of cars a minute at rush hours and maybe just slightly fewer per minute throughout the rest of the day? Several STM buses per hour already use Chemin Ste-Marie but according to her “it’s not wide enough for 60 buses.” Does she think they go side by side? The original “Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue” station was supposed to have a huge incentive parking lot but she put the kibosh on that, so now she’s complaining about the buses. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Seriously, the boomers and NIMBYs have got to disappear eventually.
  10. Thanks @Dominic723 👍🏼. That was something I considered, but it’s my understanding that the yellow is already fairly deep at Berri-UQAM and is just below the surface under de la Commune, so I thought the slope wouldn’t be too dramatic. I’d love to learn more.
  11. Yes it’s very exciting to follow along what develops east of St-Laurent, especially in the under-loved areas of Vieux-Port all the way to Faubourgs. Can’t wait! Now, while I’m daydreaming, does anyone know how difficult it would be to add an infill station on Line 4 (Yellow) in the Port with all the new density coming on line in the next 15 years? Cutting 1.3 km off the distance to Jean-Drapeau could be a key to extending the Yellow into Vieux-Longueuil and adding the necessary frequency.
  12. The more I look at this project the happier I get. The fact that we’ve basically discarded all of our heritage railway terminals is very unfortunate. It would’ve been good to at least plan to give life to the Viger grand railway hotel as an upscale hotel in the future, as I see the 1970s are finally arriving and downtown is gradually “moving east.” But I’ll take what I can get with Viger as long as the basic structure remains.
  13. Lighten up, Tony! I’m sure it’ll be more distinctive than any TdC! 😉