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  1. Yes you misread, it is 2 billions for a new airport terminal Not for an Added Rem station  only.

  2. What about the people that need to get to Gouin? They'd have to do a pretty hefty detour I think they need to look at this exit urgently. They're already redoing the 40/13 interchange, I can't believe they're not looking at the Gouin-HB/13 exit. The traffic has gotten so bad that it backs up about a KM on gouin each way in the morning. One of the big problems is that people are not respecting the white lines and turning lanes. If those were enforced somehow the congestion wouldn't be as bad. 1: Gouin direction East, turning onto Pitfield. People cutting in at the last second or double turning from the left-most lane. It's dangerous and is causing lots of traffic. There should be a solid white line between the two lanes from Pitfield to the entrance of the parc nature. There's always police on radar there in the afternoon, they should be there in the morning enforcing that hypothetical white line and ticketing anyone turning in from the left lane. (I did see the police there one morning and they stopped someone who did that). 2: Southbound A-13 exit. Everyone tries to preemptively cut each other off by jumping over the white lines, making it much more difficult to merge and slowing everyone down. I don't know why people think this is a good idea because it's much harder to merge this way. They should put some kind of barrier (those reflective plastic bars) to prevent poeple from doing this. Essentially, there is a lot more cars going through here now, and the addition of the Petro Canada / Tim Hortons has added even more pressure. But if drivers respected the road rules it wouldn't be that bad. Eventually of course, a real solution needs to be looked at. You should be able to exit directly onto Gouin ouest bound from A13 southbound, and enter onto A13 northbound directly from Gouin ouest bound at minimum.
  3. Je suis d'accord. Je prefere de loin un axe au nord sur Henri Bourassa ou dans l'emprise du train de l'Est. Reste que ca serait une extension du REM original et le tunnel mont royal sera deja assez occuper. Pour l'ouest j'irai un peu plus loin que les galeries lachine, jusqu'a la station Dorval
  4. Ah je savais pas apropos de Place-d'Armes. Ca fait un tres bon terminus. J'ai vraiment hate de voir quesque la caisse proposera
  5. Si le nouveau REM de l'est emprunte Notre Dame, (au lieu de l'option de l'emprise du train de l'est ou d'henri bourassa), avec une branche le long de la 25 jusqu'a Marie Victorin.... Vers le centreville, ou sera le terminal? J'imagine que la ligne ira sur Rene Levesque mais s'errete ou? De plus, peut etre il y'aurais possibilite de transformer la ligne vaudreuil (Train de l'ouest) en REM aussi pour en faire une grosse ligne. Escequ'il y'aurais de la place pour un REM?
  6. Juste pour mon info, on attends apres qui en ce moment pour une decision? Le federale?
  7. Whoever wrote that article...... what..... If the pink line isin't an option, then the only other options are other extensions? The knowledge line would be redundant on the REM in the tunnel. Blue and Green extensions east and west would be great but are irrelevant in this context.. They finish by saying "We have the means, the demand, even the vision, only thing standing in the way seems to be politics". No I'm pretty sure we don't have the means, that's the whole issue. A Pink line as envisioned would have an absolutely enormous cost.. as much as we would all love to have it, we have to be realistic. Just the cost of the blue line extension makes me shudder at what the real cost of the pink line would be. That being said, all the options need to be evaluated and I think that's the mandate of the ARTM. "Bonnardel and Legault may not be keen on the Pink Line, likely because it’s so closely tied to Plante. But there’s no other option to improve transit in Montreal on the table. And ideas shouldn’t be evaluated on the basis of who proposed them." .......what......
  8. C'est peut etre ridicule aujourdhui mais ca le sera moins dans 10 ans? 20 ans? La ligne connecterais la station St Dorothee au SRB Pie-IX. Un mode lourd sur Concorde/ND et on ignore toute ce qui est au nord, et aussi il y'a la question d'espace. C'est pas vraiment un problem avec la 440 il y'a plein d'espace au centre.
  9. Une grande partie de la population dans l'ouest vit au nord de la 40 quand meme. Le REM va donner access a des destinations quand meme importants pour l'ouest. Et, on pourrait aussi dire que l'est a acces a un mode lourd, le train de l'est, meme si j'en suis pas un grand fan. Je crois que si un REM aurait ete fait dans l'est, le west island aurait chialler haut et fort qu'il a ete ignorer encore. La raison pourquoi on a eu le REM avec ce reseau en particulier c'est accause des differents projets souhaitees: 1: Doublement des voies apres Bois Franc pour la ligne Deux Montagnes, pour bonifier le service. 2: SLR sur le pont champlain pour relier Brossard au Centre Ville 3: Train de l'Ouest (lignes dediees et bonification du service) 4: SLR/Express pour relier l'Aeroport au Centreville Je pense que la caisse a pu combiner ces projets pour sauver beaucoup d'argent et livrer UN projet qui cochait plusieurs cases.
  10. Dans le plan original de la CAQ, on voit une extension au centre de Laval, mais aussi une ligne le long de la 440. (C'est dure a dire si c'est cette meme extension qui fait 2 branches est-ouest, ou si c'est simplement une nouvelle ligne). Mais on en a pu l'air d'en parler...
  11. C'est possible mais tout le monde semble pointer le federal du doigt vue que les terrains leur appartiennent? J'ai peut etre mal compris Et si il fallais que tout le monde debarquer a Dorval pour prendre le REM et faire un gros detour.... je crois qu'il y'aurais beaucoup beaucoup de gens mecontents
  12. This small extension to Dorval absolutely needs to happen, its completely insane that it wasn't planned originally, and I really hope that they include it in the original network. I hope it does not become an eventual extension. It's a small extension that would have a huge impact, like the article above mentions. Not only giving direct access to users of the Vaudreuil / Train de l'ouest line, but also to the residents of Dorval, south of the 20, as well as linking the VIA rail for those that don't necessarily want to go through downtown to take a VIA train.
  13. oui cest plutot ca que javais en tete. Quelquechose de minime sur l'ecran avec une couleure pour matcher la couleure de la branche ca aussi cest une bonne idee. cest sure que l'info sur les quais sont assez mais ca serait un "nice to have"
  14. Esceque les trains auraient des colorations different pour determiner quelle branches du reseau ils emprunterons?