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  1. Messemble que 2026 c'est tellement loin
  2. I mean.. it's kind of hard to compare Pickering to Kirkland.
  3. They park at Radisson or on the streets around the other stations, where permitted (which is less and less now) You used to be able to park on the streets for a limited time near Cote Vertu and Du College stations, but that is no longer possible. I understand why, it's residential areas and poeple dont want their whole street being used as a parking. Also bus service is better in the east and it's usually more pedestrian friendly. The west island is not, yet, and it will take some time like I've already said to convince more and more people to use the bus. There is also still A LOT of space in the west island, it's still quite low density so I don't see the problem with having bigger parkings. In two decades if the space is needed because the west island has become much denser then they can reduce the parking. By then it'll probably be a moot point since self-driving ride sharing electric taxis will be the ultimate convenience. But this is an argument that will never end between us, we clearly come from different experiences and as a life long west islander, this is my opinion the best option for the west island in the short term. Understand that people will drive to the stations in an attempt to park there and use it, and when they find that the parking is full they'll go to the next one, and the next one, and finally drive to their destination because there's nowhere for them to leave their car, and they're not going to backtrack home and take the bus. This is already what happens at stations on the Deux Montagnes line. I'm also not a fan of the "_force_ people to use the bus" ideology. Last I checked we're in Canada, not a dictatorship. Give people the choice, and when you have a bus service that is convenient enough, people will more easily switch to using it, without being forced to.
  4. Sure, no one said the REM would be empty, it will be popular no matter what. But the goal is to incite people to take the REM downtown instead of their cars and giving them an opportunity to park and ride will help accomplish this. I really think not offering enough parking would be a missed opportunity. We can't complain about people driving downtown and then say "if they want to drive downtown, let them drive downtown".
  5. C'est pas mal ca le probleme dans ce cas. Even with the improved bus service in the west island, it's going to take a long long time to convince west islanders to leave their Audi at home and walk to the bus stop. I know a lot of people who will drive from station to station looking for parking, and just end up driving downtown if they can't find parking, which is really what we want to prevent. If we offer a good amount of parking we can incite people to take the REM downtown instead of driving. It's why they call it 'stationnement incitatif". I even think that charging a 15-25$ per month add on to the monthly pass would be a great idea and people would pay it for the convenience. Those who refuse to pay it or can't can take the bus. I understand that having huge parking lots at stations like Canora, MontRoyal, Montpellier and etc are not feasible. The area is already somewhat dense. But let's not pretend like there isin't space the rest of the way and we can always build upwards.
  6. Stop exposing our negotiation tactics!
  7. Wasted space where? Around the Kirkland station? Around the St Anne station? Near Fairview's already huge parking lot? Near the abandoned warehouses and factories along the 40 next to Sources? Just by seeing how quick the parking on the Deux Montagnes branch fill up in the morning, I think it's a safe bet that the parkings would fill up pretty quickly at the REM stations. We have an opportunity here to build enough parking to take cars out of the core of Montreal, let's do it. Charge monthly premiums to be able to park. I don't think money is much of an issue, people will pay for convenience and comfort.
  8. Si le tramway roulerait juste au nord de notre-dame sur l'ancienne voie du CN, pourquoi pas en faire un REM? Son propre axe et il y'a deja des rails.....
  9. The traffic has gotten much much worse recently. There are many solutions, some prettier than others but more effective. Having an on-ramp to A13-N directly from Henri Bourassa west. Having on-ramps directly from/on Gouin Connecting Thimens, and also connecting it to Salaberry at Davignon
  10. Il a peut etre lu nos posts sur ce forum hahaha
  11. Parcequ'il y'aura une station REM deja a St Anne de Bellevue. Vaudreuil c'est juste l'autre bord du lac et c'est une opportunite en or d'allonger le REM a Vaudreuil. Juste parceque St Jerome etc n'ont pas de REM ca veut pas dire qui faut dire non au reste quand ca la de l'allure. St Anne de Bellevue aura une station 'metro' avant Montreal Nord. La on parle d'un pont qui sera fini en 2030. Tout les autre secteurs que tu as nommee deservent le REM aussi, ca veut pas dire que Vaudreuil le merite pas d'ici 2030. Faut arreter de se sentir mal pour les autres secteurs qui en ont pas. Chateauguay devrait en avoir un quand ils feront le nouveau pont Mercier. Boucherville en ira surement avec le plan de la CAQ meme chose pour Mascouche. Si ils pensent aller jusqu'a Boisbriand eventuellement Mirabel.
  12. Vaudreuil grandi tres vite. Le nouveau Pont sera seulement pret dans 10-12 ans.. Ca prendra absolument un REM rendu la je suis certain que Vaudreuil aura une assez grande population dans 10 ans
  13. did I misread...2 billion for just that ??