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1 hour ago, MartinMtl said:

Le Mount-Stephen looks better now than it never did since its construction. The restoration turned out to be impeccable, and the building structure is more sound than before the works. 

We may just have to agree to disagree here. Le Mount Stephen looks fresh, I'll grant you that. But it was essentially partially demolished and reconstructed. Another case that comes to mind is Le Brickfield, during which the old building had to be demolished and a replica built.

In my opinion, the facadism (this, Le Smith, 2025 Peel) we're seeing of late is discouraging, especially since Montreal prides itself on design, innovation and creativity. I could get behind a proposal like the one Guy Laliberté put forth because I find it to be refreshingly bold, even if it involves the demolition of a building with noted heritage value.

I'll take a step back and reserve final judgement for when I see the forthcoming proposal and its eventual execution. I would be happy to be proven wrong.

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il y a 53 minutes, GDS a dit :

Church window mixture - interesting.

Je suis assez d'accord. Ce n'est pas un chef-d'oeuvre mais c'est en effet intéressant. J'irais même jusqu'à dire que ce sera amusant pour un passant de détailler chaque fenêtre. 

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J'aime bien ce projet.L'originalité des fenêtres me fait penser à la tour One International Place au centre ville de la magnifique ville de Boston, où les fenêtres ressemblent à des trèfles irlandais, beau clin d'œil à l'héritage irlandais de Boston. 

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