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  1. According to the registre foncier, Mondev acquired the parc at the corner of Notre Dame & St Jean, and the parking lot on St Francois Xavier, in January. Zoning allows for 23m (about 7 floors) and a density of 6 meaning the project can be about 230,000 square feet and over 300 units.
  2. Picture taken by Broccolini last week from the crane.
  3. Here's a good quality rendering of the Ste Catherine facade and retail section.
  4. Saw some renderings, and this will be another good looking Mondev building .. and is not designed by Geigier Huot.
  5. They started installing the exterior siding. Looks quite nice in person.
  6. This building is not part of the Maison Alcan site.
  7. I have been told from multiple people that there is a new project in the works with potentially several towers.
  8. L'excavation est supposée commencer après le dégel d'après mes informations.
  9. Non le plan d'urbanisme limite à 25m mais le zonage en place est pour 16m. Il faut aller en consultation publique pour augmenter à 25m.
  10. Don't get too excited. The height limit on the lot is currently 16m and I know first hand that the city is very much against increasing it.
  11. Canderel is about to sell the building which is why they are removing the signs.
  12. whitesand


    The site has been put up for sale by JLL - same broker who did the Molson sale.
  13. Construction is scheduled to start in March.