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  1. From Forage CBF's LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/forage-camille-blais-et-fils/ "C'EST TERMINÉ! Le Quinzecent, ce fameux projet de mur berlinois surdimensionné en plein coeur du centre-ville de Montréal, il est achevé! Beaucoup d'heures et d'efforts ont été consacrés à ces travaux et nous pouvons dire fièrement que cela aura porté fruit. Félicitations à tous les travailleurs ayant participé à ce contrat et aussi aux contremaîtres, chargés de projets et ingénieurs chevronnés qui ont mené ce projet à terme!"
  2. https://fcr.ca/properties/quebec/montreal-southshore/brossard/place-portobello-2/
  3. D'après mes informations, ce serait plutôt du Airbnb de base qu'un hôtel ultra-luxueux.
  4. The Mini Entreposage building was just sold to Montreal Mini Storage. It will stay a storage facility for the foreseeable future.
  5. Reliance just announced the construction of the next phase of Voltige: la Tour Belvédère.
  6. Current status of this site
  7. Rayside Labossiere is expanding its office currently situated on Ontario East. The building on Montcalm has been demolished and they are currently digging the site. http://www1.ville.montreal.qc.ca/CartesInteractives/ville-marie/autorisation_reg/CA19 240410.pdf
  8. I can confirm that there won't be an Eataly in this building, and that it is not being considered for an MMFA expansion. The building is being sold by the Weston family to a local investor for redevelopment.
  9. The groundbreaking ceremony took place yesterday. The project is called 220 Peel.
  10. This site has been sold, the project won't be done by Mondev anymore.
  11. Projet - Notre-Dame / Saint-François-Xavier / Hôpital / Saint-Jean According to the registre foncier, Mondev acquired the parc at the corner of Notre Dame & St Jean, and the parking lot on St Francois Xavier, in January. Zoning allows for 23m (about 7 floors) and a density of 6 meaning the project can be about 230,000 square feet and over 300 units.
  12. Picture taken by Broccolini last week from the crane.
  13. Here's a good quality rendering of the Ste Catherine facade and retail section.
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