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  1. I'm kind of disappointed... it was evident that this property had become neglected and I was hoping it would be torn down to make way for added height/density in a prime downtown location. Investment is good news, but upgraded glazing and a very basic refresh aren't going to do a whole lot to improve the street level experience, really just the user experience. Anyway, it's nice that it will improve, but I had higher hopes.
  2. Montreal starts at roughly 10m above sea level at its low point and, as has been widely discussed, attains 232.5m in elevation at its highest point. The height of the building is not measured from an average grade (relating to the site or otherwise) but rather from the height of its lowest public entrance. This site is roughly 30m above sea level. (Consulted Google Earth for spot elevations)
  3. Sauf qu'une hauteur 220 mètres au-dessus du niveau de la mer ne s'agit pas d'une tour de 220 mètres.... Si c'était le cas, Calgary aurait la tour la plus haute au Canada avec quelques 1600m+
  4. We've heard from a well informed source (Marc90) that the tower will most likely be 197m tall. It seems they're marketing the tower as the highest residential building in Montreal, which is technically correct as it sits on much higher ground than Victoria sur le Parc (200m). There seems to be some editorial confusion however, in stating that it will be the tallest residential tower in Montreal, which appears not to be the case.
  5. With a few rare exceptions, I think the majority of buildings in the above mentioned skylines are extremely tacky and won't stand the test of time. A skyline needs "filler" buildings (for lack of a better term) to compliment the few landmarks. When every tower is trying to be a world landmark, you wind up with a mess. The street level experience is awful. Curiously enough, even with all the oil money, they're not built to the highest of standards either. Ironic that the Dubai Marina Torch has gone up in flames twice, presumably because there are combustible elements in the tower's cladding. I would have liked a more ambitious Square Phillips proposal, but please no towers shaped like flowers or stars or sail boats or flames. Much of the architectural height of these towers is unusable space tacked on for extra height with no functional purpose, so totally inappropriate for a North American market where demand for space drives highrise construction.
  6. Let's be fair here - just because Power Corp. owns a majority stake in Wealth Simple, doesn't mean Wealth Simple's decisions are made in Montreal. It's very much based in Toronto. Wealth Simple doesn't even have a Montreal office. This is not to downplay Montreal in any way. It's just a fact. Power Corp. has majority shares in a bunch of high profile companies, many of which are based in other cities. Yes, ultimately they report to a Montreal based company, but their management and executives live and are based elsewhere. Montreal is doing great, but especially now we have to keep our eye on our direct competitors. If we stand around and pat ourselves on the back, we'll wind up stagnating.
  7. One thing I recommend if you're doing rendering is a good cooling system to keep your machine from overheating. Really makes a difference and minimizes dust collection. Liquid cooling systems supplemented with a few case fans are the way to go in my opinion. Keeps your core temp low and gives you a good intake and exhaust.
  8. I recommend sourcing your parts and building your own machine. It's a lot cheaper. I used PC Parts Picker to source and verify the compatibility of parts for a decent rendering machine. I had never assembled a PC before, but it's not very difficult and there are a ton of resources online to guide you through a build. It's about 2 years old now, but still running very strong. I will occasionally upgrade a component as needed. 2 years ago, it ran me about $1700 whereas a similar pre-assembled machine might have cost well over $2000.
  9. Gains in full time employment, part time employment, labour force and participation rate. And a decrease in unemployment. Stellar month.
  10. Wow, I never knew Montreal was located New Jersey/Pennsylvania, as is being shown on the map, but I suppose if we're going to have Philly's climate in 30 years anyway, might as well show us at 40 degrees North on the globe to avoid any confusion. Thanks CBRE!
  11. Pros : It adds density (etc.) and kind of sustains the MAA building and its functions. Cons : If you look up underwhelming in the dictionary, the above rendering will be pictured next to it. 5/10.
  12. I really struggle to believe that there are only 28 cranes in New York with at least 5 supertalls going up. 28 in New York to 44 LA? I call BS.
  13. The architect, Karl Fischer, has sadly passed away:
  14. This is a reflection of some sort of undercount - they seem to go back and revise the numbers from previous years every time they release a new estimate. I don't really know why. Case in point - in 2017, Toronto was originally reported at 6,346,000 in 2017 and this year (2018) it's 6,341,000. They then revised the 2017 number down to 6.2M to reflect one full year of growth. I would only look at the 2017-2018 growth and the 5 year rolling growth for an accurate idea. Just for source: 2017:
  15. Bien plus vite que personne (et toutes les prévisions) croyait!