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  1. I personally think this is one of the steps forward for Canada if it wants to progress as the modern and progressive country it markets itself to be.
  2. Really enjoy your youtube videos - great content. I'm an architect, though currently based in Toronto (sigh). That being said, the contrast of living here does lend some perspective on Montreal's successes and shortcomings. Would be happy to chat when I'm in town or via PM. Cheers!
  3. It's a higher quality precast concrete panel. Very typical system - comes in a variety of finishes and qualities. Lines are cut into the panel at the factory.
  4. ACDF is killing it lately. Great building.
  5. Chicago still #2... Quality over quantity. It's not on the same level until Toronto completes its first batch of supertalls (designed by superior firms than the typical condo tower). When the cycle is complete, I think the conversation of Toronto vs. Chicago can begin. That being said, Chicago is putting up a 420m Tribune Tower that will blow anything currently under construction in Toronto out of the water.
  6. I got in for the first time right after the crash. I don't know all that much about stocks in all honesty, but the timing was good. You had to figure it would net some gains. I didn't put much in so my dollar gains are modest. Some of my key buys (some since sold) have been Goodfood, Lightspeed, Lithium Americas and a handful of bank stocks. +52% total in 2020.
  7. C'est leur version d'un "HQ2," et Toronto et Vancouver étaient dans la course pour ce projet aussi.
  8. We were thinking of going to Halifax to visit some extended family earlier this summer and this is exactly what we were told. Quickly cancelled those plans.
  9. Big blunder for the city's high rise architecture legacy. You don't get those back.
  10. ^ If SNC is relocating anywhere, it'll be London (where their 2nd largest office is located) or the United States. Their issue isn't with Montreal or Quebec, it's with Canada at large. A few months back during the height of the SNC scandal, an internal memo leaked saying the company was on the verge of deciding to relocate to the States. My money is on London and I fully expect this to occur in 2024.
  11. I see this tower occasionally and it's hideous in real life.
  12. I think the feature rendering we see viewed from the West is probably the least flattering angle of the building - these new perspectives, especially illustrating night-lighting intent are considerably more exciting.
  13. Gotta skip back to see what they think of (and do to) our bagels!
  14. I suspect the project is just working its way through municipal approvals. Can't excavate or build without a permit and it doesn't appear that one exists as of yet. Someone pointed this out previously, but because this is purely rental, there are no presales, so no need whatsoever to unveil renderings prior to construction, as the project's financing doesn't depend on unit sales.
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