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  1. Wow, I never knew Montreal was located New Jersey/Pennsylvania, as is being shown on the map, but I suppose if we're going to have Philly's climate in 30 years anyway, might as well show us at 40 degrees North on the globe to avoid any confusion. Thanks CBRE!
  2. Pros : It adds density (etc.) and kind of sustains the MAA building and its functions. Cons : If you look up underwhelming in the dictionary, the above rendering will be pictured next to it. 5/10.
  3. I really struggle to believe that there are only 28 cranes in New York with at least 5 supertalls going up. 28 in New York to 44 LA? I call BS.
  4. The architect, Karl Fischer, has sadly passed away:
  5. This is a reflection of some sort of undercount - they seem to go back and revise the numbers from previous years every time they release a new estimate. I don't really know why. Case in point - in 2017, Toronto was originally reported at 6,346,000 in 2017 and this year (2018) it's 6,341,000. They then revised the 2017 number down to 6.2M to reflect one full year of growth. I would only look at the 2017-2018 growth and the 5 year rolling growth for an accurate idea. Just for source: 2017:
  6. Bien plus vite que personne (et toutes les prévisions) croyait!
  7. Since we're talking about trends, CMA populations were released today. Of note, Montreal's growth rate (1.6%) is now faster than the Canadian average (1.4%) for the first time in... decades? Growing at a faster rate than Vancouver (1.5%) as well, which would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. We added 65,000 people last year. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me and a major increase over the 30,000/year from the 2000s. We're moving in the right direction.
  8. Are we looking at the final design here? Without knowing any details of the project, it looks to me like a massing study. A kind of "this is what you can get" type of thing. Might explain why the integration between the two buildings is a little awkward. I would suggest though, that this type of intensification represents a new dynamic for the Montreal market - where vacant downtown lots on in short supply so densification of existing buildings becomes an option.
  9. It's funny because NFLD's debt of 15B (think that's what I read) is quite small in absolute terms compared to other provinces. I'm no expert, but my feeling is that Quebec could absorb it without too much difficulty. The debt is only massive when put into per capita terms as NFLD's population is 530,000 and declining constantly.
  10. I mean, yes, it is factual and non editorial. You've even provided supporting statistics. I suppose it came across with a negative connotation, as I feel that the "rich are getting richer" comment usual does. That said, reactions tend to be knee-jerkish. I will assume that I have misinterpreted the nature of your original comment and will happily retract my protest downvote
  11. Just so there's no passive-aggressive confusion: I downvoted your comment. This is a public university and believe me, many of the facilities and equipment reflect that. Always fun to do labs with broken beakers. The lovely stone buildings get very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer because they're not properly insulated and have inadequate ventilation. Just some of my experiences from 10 years ago, but I digress. Like it or not, McGill is one of Montreal's most reputable institutions on the world stage. As such it creates growth and attracts and works to retain talent for our city. This donation is excellent news.
  12. I know it's a long shot, but my fingers are firmly crossed that the developer will push for a 220m tower and the city will accept it given that this site is in the centre of the skyline and can offer a signature tower. Given that we will soon have 8 towers between 180m and 205m, it would be nice to break the self-imposed plateau, even by a bit. In exchange for the added height, the developer can suggest building or contributing to a park or an amenity that the city wants to fund.
  13. I mean, I doubt they would announce publicly if they were contemplating relocation or a sale of a team to outside owners, which may very well be the case. Good chance with this news, attendance will dip even further. Hard to see them sticking around for 8 more years at less than 10,000 fans/game just to honour the lease.
  14. Looks like the leasing team for these towers is pushing hard. Honestly, lack of height aside, I find the ground level presence to be half decent and resolutely modern.
  15. Hurts to read this every time, but nonetheless, very true. I love this rumour and want to encourage members to continue to share information with the forum. I do think we need to temper our expectations on this one. I will be very happy if a big-5, particularly BMO, becomes an anchor tenant in a new office building, even the Quad Windsor stubby twins. In fairness, no one really calls TD Toronto Dominion Bank anymore either. The cover up would have been if they had changed their name to First Canadian Bank, something they considered in the 70s when they relocated their head office.