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  1. Dammit. I really like these. Considerably more than what we're getting, which I really want to like. I'll reserve judgement until the thing is built.
  2. La rumeur est que SNC songe à délocaliser son siege sociale et quitter le Canada pour s'établir à Londres en 2024, alors je doute qu'une nouvelle tour soit construit pour eux autres.
  3. Il est hors de question d'installer un mur rideau parce que le feu puisse se propager par les fenêtres. Au maximum, peut-être que 10-20% de ce mur pourra être recouvert de fenêtres. Typiquement, pour éviter la propogation du feu, nous construisons un mur solide. Pour un immeuble comme celui-ci (apartments à locations), j'aurais probablement fait la même chose. La problème est plutôt les contraints du site et sa proximité avec d'autres immeubles résidentiels de hauteur.
  4. Guys, with the proximity of the Enticy tower sitting on top of the Victorians, it's not that the developer/architects cheaped-out of adding windows to the East facade, it's likely that they literally can't due to building code limiting distance regulations set in place in order to prevent the spread of fire from one building to another. Good chance Enticy will have a West facing blank wall. The towers may be as little as 6m apart (quick measurement on Google Earth). There's no way you can add unprotected openings (i.e. windows) across a large facade with that kind of proximity, without installing a fire shutter (think of a garage door for windows that deploys in the event of fire) on each of them.
  5. Un cône orange gigantesque pour symobliser les travaux d'entretiens interminables de l'O-Train?! 😆
  6. Nous venons de rattrapé la région (MSA) de Detroit, mais nous serons probablement dépassés par la région (MSA) de Seattle (en assumant que les tendances d'avant-Covid se maintiennent).
  7. C'est probablement une des raisons pourquoi Canvar veut démarrer son projet de 900 St. Jacques dans la très courte terme.
  8. An over-sized strip mall crudely disguised as a European masterpiece, complete with fake roof lines and a state-of-the-art modern parking lot instead of boring canals, which sadly can't accommodate vehicular traffic. And not one, but two (!!) architectural tower features for increased visibility. Welcome to Edmonton, City of Champions.
  9. Maybe they have a permit for excavation and site works but it seems highly unlikely that they would have landed a building permit seeing as how only a couple of months ago they were still in the planning stages and was so heavily criticized.
  10. Why would any of these projects be dead? Several of them have building permits and contracts in place with various construction firms. Cancelling them carries penalties and liabilities. For those that aren't yet under construction, they are also bound to various entities. I assume Brivia has enough liquidity to ride this one out. They may be in the process of getting excavation and building permits which means they can actively continue working towards construction even during this period.
  11. Considering Columbus (out) finished with the same point percentage as the good for nothing Leafs, it is a shame. There are whispers of possibly expanding the playoffs to allow teams that are close to play their way in somehow. Obviously doesn't apply to us.
  12. According to Pierre LeBrun, the most likely scenario is that the rest of the regular season will be cancelled and playoff seeds will be awarded based on winning percentages. Honestly... thank goodness the misery that is the Habs' season is over. Not a minute too soon.
  13. YVR is predicting a 700k-1.3m decrease in PAX directly related to Covid-19. They might have it a little worse than us, but there's not much reason to be optimistic.
  14. Un programme d'échange intra provincial serait genial. Faut lui donner crédit - Jean Francois Lisée a été le seul de proposé quelque chose du genre lors des dernières élections, alors que le PLQ se contentait avec le statu-quo.
  15. J'ai constaté l'inverse - je dirais qu'à peu près de 7/10 des étudiants de ma class de graduation de l'école secondaire ont choisi de rester à Montréal. Peut-être que c'est parce que ça fut une école d'immersion française (Royal West)... but uh... don't judge the school based on the level of my French 😅