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  1. Yes, the market dictates; but that is only a polite way of saying that greed and short-term vision dictates the long-term health and beauty of our community. Not good enough.
  2. I am really excited about AI development in Montreal, really, but I do have concerns. Having the C Series being sold to European interests, in order for it to become an Airbus commercial success is not an ideal scenario in my view. So I am not impressed thatSilicon Valley heavyweights are putting up offices here if their main objective is to steal our unique creativity and divert any eventual big returns to their head offices. we have seen the failure of the branch plant automobile sector inOntario. Plenty of jobs byGM, Ford and Chrysler etc., but in over 50 years, not one car produc
  3. I agree with the process to date and I largely share your optimism. Also, I am proud of the ethical approach the AI Montreal community is following. I do hope however that there some indicators in place for the financial future of AI in Montreal. We will not succeed if the only revenues come for research or from financial angels. So, for those who know more about it than I do, is there some evidence of serious commercial potential?
  4. Nice to receive such a helpful historical overview. My follow up question would be; is this going to be another Arrow or Bombardier 220? We have been great on the innovative end in both cases and could not get either to market. So, is our AI knowledge really going to help the Quebec economy or is someone else going to seize the market potential?
  5. Good thinking! We should start with a huge demonstration against huge demonstrations.
  6. A Canadian federal judge has just ruled that the USA is not a safe country for people fleeing danger and requesting asylum or refugee status. It is certainly not a safe country for protection of health during the pandemic. Most Canadians are reluctant to reopen our borders with them. Yet, it remains relatively easy to fly there and also to fly into Canada from there. Do we really want to go back to an open undefended border system?
  7. I remember a few years back when a local newspaper interviewed foreign students who had spent 4 years or so in Montreal. Each one of them was asked to be photographed in front of their favourite building here. i was struck by the fact that not one of them chose a modern example; in fact most buildings, if not all, were well over 100 years old. Why? Certainly not nostalgia. They were all young adults. Héritage? All were from overseas; they had no pride of heritage here. Aesthetics? That seemed to be the case. Sense of beauty trumps functionality. Do we wan
  8. OK, at least it’s news anyway. So, let’s have a discussion. Does this mean that there will be another A220 route out of Montreal?
  9. No problem with the title...but pictures don’t classify as ´General Discussion’.
  10. Thèse recurring photos of the A220 would fit better in the Spotting section.
  11. Very encouraging news. It will effectively become the global head office.
  12. We just have to accept that. On ne peut pas jouer de l’autriche.´
  13. It looks as if the clairvoyant who rented this office didn’t see this coming!
  14. I agree with your optimism, but not with your compulsive need to be nasty. Just state your case....
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