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  1. Boeing deserves to go under. Then, in order to avoid a global monopoly, Airbus should be mandated to sell back the 200s and 300s to Bombardier.
  2. Well, Toronto and Vancouver have always been greeting customers uniligually and it doesn’t seem to have hurt investments there.
  3. Trump has zero interest in participating in any multilateral body. To him they infringe on national sovereignty, which is true, obviously...but if we don’t have various mechanisms of international or global governance, then we have chaos and disaster. Just think of climate change, epidemics, crime, and in this case, aviation. They are , by definition, global in nature and solutions to any problems in these and a growing number of domains (internet for example) can only be achieved through official international cooperation. Of course, Trump wants a return to a hegemonic control of all world issues by the USA..Uh, uh, those days are gone. No single nation state can assume global authority over these issues. We live in a rapidly growing global reality. Trump and many Americans do not yet realize that they no longer run the show. That being said, the other superpowers, China and Russia, also resist bequeathing any of their sovereignty to multilateral bodies. They also live with the delusion that they are big and wealthy enough to go it alone. Nope! We are way past that now. But, largely because of these superpowers and their outdated views, effective international governance on all of these matters is lagging way behind.
  4. Come love them. You can’ t wait to jump on the negativity wagon.
  5. I stand corrected. It’s founder , Dax Dasilva, moved to Montreal from Vancouver, but that was before he actually created Lightspeed.
  6. With the rising sea level, all of these figures will have to be revised downwards in the near future anyway.
  7. No, but I could easily find 600 who would...and I am not even a salesman type.
  8. This same issue was discussed here a few years ago. I remember looking up inter-provincial tourist stats and it was clear then that, proportionally,Quebecers travelled much more to the ROC than did residents of the ROC to Quebec. (These were accumulative stats and did not break it down by means of travel) I would agree that this hesitation to visit Quebec is part and parcel of the 2 Solitudes mentality. In fact there are massively more Americans who visit Quebec City than Canadians. The only good thing I can say about that, is that ROC visitors are a little ashamed of their uniligualism, whereas Americans are just too ignorant to know any better. After all, the world is their oyster...right?
  9. Also, there is a theory that once an airport hits the 20 million mark, it achieves a sort of critical mass; that there is now sufficient traffic with enough connecting strength that growth becomes more self-generating and less dependent on marketing or promotional strategies.
  10. As an Anglo-Quebecois, I would argue that the massive departure of the Anglo business community was a prime factor in the emergence of The new entrepreneurial class here. As long as the Anglos ruled the roost, they oversaw a closed shop...they ensured that francophones were excluded from most senior corporate positions. The anglo departure, which included robbing Quebec of millions of dollars heading down the 401 in Brinks trucks, hurt Quebec big time for several years. But is also opened up space for the new innovative Franco entrepreneurial class and the emergence of Quebec Inc. Today we see the innovative genius emerging in Quebec,. For the Anglos who have stayed here, or even moved here, they have largely integrated into the new Quebec, learned the language, accepted their minority status, and work in harmony with their Franco colleagues. Of course, you would never know this by reading The Gazette ( or the Journal de Montreal for that matter) , but the progress described above, is only the beginning.
  11. Irrespective of one`s ideology, left, right or center, every citizen in a democracy has the choice to play a role in his or her governance. Most opt out of doing anything; for several possible reasons, including ignorance and plain disinterest. I include ignorance because for anybody who has actually lived in, or visited non-democratic states, it becomes hard not to be grateful for living in a democracy and, by extension, undertaking the minimum commitments of civic responsibility. A slim majority head to the ballot boxes every 4 years (much lower rates at the municipal level). Although that is the minimal commitment of any citizen, it is a vital one; I always vote even if it is only to destroy my ballot, since I am profoundly aware of how many people have given their lives so that I may vote. And then, there is someone like M. Fernandez. He is driven by a passionate commitment to a social vision. He clearly feels that he must contribute as meaningfully as he can as a citizen. Not too surprisingly perhaps, he opted to become a politician. He gives his all for several years and now...he resigns from being a politician (however, not from politics in my opinion.) He has simply decided that he can do more to achieve his social vison outside of the formal political system. This is not unusual; there are hundreds of thousands of activists around the world who have made the same choice. They prefer to attempt to influence form the outside rather than from the inside. They are not defined by ideology. The could easily decide to join the National Rifle Association as they might join METOO. Why work from the outside rather than the inside? Mainly because of the freedom from constant compromise. Politics is `the art of the possible`. That means finding a denominator that can move society in one direction without totally alienating those who are in disagreement with that position. It is evolutionary, painstaking and demands enormous patience, stamina, diplomacy and strategic adeptness. Outside of the system, one can participate fully and passionately in advocating for your preferred social vision. As an activist your views can be expressed without nuance. At the same time, if you really want to move the political system forward you have to adopt some of the tactical skills of the politician. If this system breaks down and if social activists have no role to play, then society risks moving towards authoritarianism of the left or right variety and the climate becomes more ripe for a revolutionary option. M. Fernandez will no doubt continue to be a social activist. That is his choice and it would appear to suit his personality. Good luck to him. My concern is that we are entering an era where compromise is disappearing and where absolutism is increasing...across the political spectrum. Partisanship is solidifying; extremism is mounting; and the issues are increasingly global in nature and beyond legitimate governance structures. While the one body responsible for global governance, the UN, claims that we are heading for catastrophic climatic change, its own member states squabble among themselves, do everything they can to weaken or bypass the UN, and cling desperately to an irrelevant past. So, I am not surprised at his choice. The city of Montreal, the government of Quebec or even the government of Canada are largely irrelevant institutions in the face of the global issues he is concerned about. But, he has more choices to make. As an activist now on the outside, does he put his efforts to influence action at the local level where he has visibility and access, or at the global level where the real decisions will be made? .
  12. You mean, I have been hanging on to my tuque all these days just for this!!! My fingers are aching ....for nothing?? What are they going to suggest we do if they are going to announce real news??? Barricade ourselves in our homes? Call the army? Start a run on the banks?
  13. Non-stop flights to La Tuque?