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  1. OK, at least it’s news anyway. So, let’s have a discussion. Does this mean that there will be another A220 route out of Montreal?
  2. No problem with the title...but pictures don’t classify as ´General Discussion’.
  3. Thèse recurring photos of the A220 would fit better in the Spotting section.
  4. Very encouraging news. It will effectively become the global head office.
  5. We just have to accept that. On ne peut pas jouer de l’autriche.´
  6. It looks as if the clairvoyant who rented this office didn’t see this coming!
  7. I agree with your optimism, but not with your compulsive need to be nasty. Just state your case....
  8. These guys invented social distancing! Too’s over.
  9. It might work the other way around. As commercial flights are increasingly shut down , the corporate community might have to increasingly rely on its stock of private jets.
  10. I have worked closely with MI and I agree with you. I have much respect for them. That being said, I have some misgivings about this type of reporting which is really more of a PR job. In fact, I am concerned that they are leaving themselves vulnerable to anyone in authority who might have an ideological opposition to their quasi-governmental status.
  11. In general, I support the work of MI. However, these annual reports often give me the impression that it is more about justifying their own existence, than it is about the growing internationalization of Montreal. How many of these new arrivals would have come to Montreal even if MI didn’t exist? I have no idea what the answer to that question would be, but I would appreciate a more objective analysis of the added value that MI has actually contributed to the decisions of these companies and organizations to come to Montreal.
  12. All of your assumptions above, (and they are, in my view, rather simplistic stereotyping assumptions) can be discussed openly. Your assumptions do not give you the privilege of questioning the honesty of those who disagree with you..That is Trumpism. I actually know more about what I think than you do, and that is true of everybody on this forum. My problem is simple, and you refuse to answer it. You assume dishonesty on the part of other contributors. Not acceptable here!
  13. You are obviously entitled to your opinion. What is annoying, and in my view unacceptable here, is your presumption that those who don’t share your opinion are not being honest. I can assure you that that is not the case.
  14. Soyons honnête?. You can’t seriously believe that all of the criticisms here reflect some hidden issue that cannot be revealed publicly. Your preface is nothing more than a cheap, thoughtless debating trick. montreal has an urban tissue that is unique in North America. This project is a generic suburban car-oriented model. Maybe it will harm downtown commerce; maybe it won’t. If it does that would be sad. If it doesn’t, it will still be a sad blot on our landscape.
  15. Rocco has actually mellowed with time. He really cares about the beauty of our city. Yes, he will still throw out the occasional zapper, but they are less cynical than before and are often right on the mark. From time to time, he will overdo do it, but no need to get defensive or agressive about it. His heart is in the right place.