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  1. How nice to have this wonderful news on our A220. This is quite possibly a sign of better things to come. Also, a nice change from the ongoing spotting pictures here, that really belong best in the spotting section.
  2. In my view, it is true that in some instances, a massive verticale skyline brings beauty along with a sense of power. Looking down at Manhattan is awe inspiring; so is looking up at Hong Kong from the ferry. Montreal will never achieve that combined sense of power and beauty. To try to emulate that is a game for losers. Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town and many more have achieved awesome beauty by accentuating their potential for daily beauty through use of their natural advantages, plus creative architecture. This is the best course for Montreal t
  3. PAL has the advantage of being a real, experienced, well-run airline. If They see YUL as their western hub, it will continue to fill some of the gaps created by the AC pull -out from the smaller Quebec and Atlantic communities.
  4. Qatar has announced a total of 140 destinations this summer. The only. Canadian destination is Montreal. This means that Toronto has been dropped. Is YUL still going to be daily?
  5. This is not a debating society where after 30 minutes a winner is declared. This is a difficult, but healthy exchange of views on what kind of city we wAnt to live in. I notice that you don’t suggest that the project be simply abandoned and we get on with our lives...so clearly you have your own position on this debate. Personally, I have seen over this lengthy exchange a soft coming together...a sense of possible compromise from both sides. This is as it should be...and I anticipate more adjustments ahead as we find more common ground.
  6. I don’t understand the assumption that newcomers to Quebec have no ´attachement particulier’ for Québec. They actually come here by choice, unlike those born here. Nor should we presume that their choice is entirely predicated upon how much money they take home after taxes. Perhaps you underrate the attraction of the Quebec lifestyle, the relative lack of social and economic disparity, the open hospitality of Quebecers or the strong sense of community...just to mention a few of the reasons why they choose Quebec as their new home.
  7. No problem. I understand that it is to be donated to the Museum of Fine Arts.
  8. Yes, we complain about the disgusting roads...and then we complain even more when they are being fixed.
  9. AC, YUL to Cairo this summer!
  10. Silly conversation, but no, I opened your posting expecting some real news.
  11. Agree with the problem of false expectations...but so did your posting...as will this one, I suppose
  12. Good choice of expression! To be ‘ floored’ is very appropriate for this forum. Of course, everyone will want to know ‘ How many floors?’
  13. Chinatown is a bit of an anachronism. It was founded by the first wave of immigrants, who were impoverished, poorly educated, and severely exploited labourers. Since those early days, most Chinese immigrants are highly educated. So they are not interested in investing in Chinatown restaurants per se. The quartier retains a certain cultural importance but it’s health and survival are not central to new immigrants, nor to the offspring of the previous generations, who are much more Quebecois than Chinese.
  14. Very good news. Doha is a relatively enjoyable airport for connections.
  15. PAL is increasing its service from YUL to the Atlantic region. Haven’t seen the details yet.
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