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  1. Seems like a good time for Quebec to offer to buy Labrador from Newfoundland. Newfoundland can`t afford it and they never deserved it in the first place.
  2. Or, not think at all. It is so much easier that way. .
  3. I`m always ready for a debate, but this thread, and therefore any debate, is about unemployment rates (see thread title above) , a subject that you seem to be uncomfortable with. It is an important indicator, it has been presented as a topic, and all you can do is try to change the subject. We all know just cannot find it in yourself to acknowledge anything positive about Quebec or even Montreal.
  4. Its always interesting how people move the bar when it suits their prejudices. For years , the ROC admirers have criticized Quebec for its high unemployment rates and compared them negatively to Ontario.. Now that Quebec has been staying ahead of Ontario for some time with its lower unemployment figures, it suddenly becomes a secondary criterion. . The reality is that low unemployment remains an important objective for any society. Quebec has done a better job than Ontario in recent years and Montreal has done better than Toronto. So, we can be rightly proud of this accomplishment. There remain other areas where we need to do better and my guess is that Quebec, and Montreal, will continue to gain in economic impact and influence. We`re catching up...and moving
  5. mont royal

    Le 1420

    Ontario has been having a net loss of inter-provincial moves for some time.
  6. Personally, I find this project to be much more exciting than a $200 million, 40 story cereal box. This is Montreal-unique. It captures and preserves a vital component of Montreal`s, as well as North American, history. Properly presented, it will attract visitors from around the world. No one os going to travel here in order to stand on the South Shore and gaze at the symmetry of our skyline, but they will come for this building and the other unique aspects of our architecture and life style. .
  7. In my experience, sarcastic humour doesn’t work on-line. Verbally, it would be accompanied by a wry expression and perhaps an exaggerated tone of delight. But, on- line, the reader typically just asks “ Is he serious?”
  8. My understanding is that, yes, in absolute numbers, the overall gap is increasing. However, over the past several quarters, Montreal's rate of growth has usually been higher than Toronto. Conversely, Vancouver's has generally been slightly ahead of us. I have not seen year-end comparions of rates of growth. although I am sure they are available. A lot of commentators here have predicted that once YUL hits 20 million, its growth will really take off (so to speak). At that level, it will be judged to be a hub of significant size so that airlines will start taking a hard look at it.
  9. We now live in the age of instant gratification. We expect immediate answers, immediate results. Government regulations are dismissed as 'red tape; when, in reality they are there to protect us all...based on hard experience from the past. I will take slow and steady planning over rush-rush...unless there is a clear reason as to why speed is essential. I don't see any need for urgency here.
  10. Very good point. Hence, the need to step back and plan accordingly.
  11. In adition to the questions about the viability of the project, (irrespective of its location; anywhere on the Island it would have raised the same concerns) and also the obvious transportation issue, there is a third issue here; that of our municipal governance. How is it that a small fenced-off community of 20, 000 people can virtually hold the city of Montreal to ransom? Those who argue that 'the rules were followed " are being very sloppy; it was the TMR rules that were being followed.; not those of Montreal City nor those of Metropolitan Montreal. So, here we have a little town which has decided to act as a small autonomous fiefdom. This is a municipality which exists only because of Montreal, whose citizens mostly work in Montreal and receive much of their services from Montreal, deciding unilaterally to support a project which fits into no urban plan and which intends , from the outset, to threaten the commercial base of Montreal and which will also cause chaos on the streets of Montreal and other municipalities. TMR has clearly neglected its own western perimeters and now is drooling at its cash-cow [potential. It would be completely ridiculous for Montreal or even the provincial government to have no legal say in this matter. Why are TMR and other island communities allowed to take independent decisions which will have a significant impact on neighbouring communities, including Montreal? The Balkanization of the Island of Montreal has now gone past its best-before date. We need a unified governance in which all inhabitants are legalized stakeholders.
  12. Thank you YMQ. It is always a pleasure to disagree with you. I have no doubt that I can count on you to continue to give me this pleasure.
  13. You are right. It works. Right now, I am very proud of our city. We care about our community. There is a reason why our quality of life is so high. There is nothing sacrosanct about private money;.it does not rule our community. Those who we elected to represent us are doing so with integrity. They see the long-term and are not blinded by the fast buck. I am now hopeful that we will come through this with a win-win solution. If you have any doubts about the wisdom of this, try driving north on Decarie service road in rush hour: try getting out of Hampstead to go north. And, then, instead of fuming, try imagining what it would be like if this project were to go ahead unchecked.
  14. The increase to 4 weekly flights was announced before this agreement took effect. The agreement clearly states that designated carriers can increase the number of flights to Qatar. My reading at this stage therefor is that they now have permission to go beyond 4 weekly flights. Is AC also a designated carrier to Qatar? If so, they could presumably introduce flights to Doha as well.