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  1. All of your assumptions above, (and they are, in my view, rather simplistic stereotyping assumptions) can be discussed openly. Your assumptions do not give you the privilege of questioning the honesty of those who disagree with you..That is Trumpism. I actually know more about what I think than you do, and that is true of everybody on this forum. My problem is simple, and you refuse to answer it. You assume dishonesty on the part of other contributors. Not acceptable here!
  2. You are obviously entitled to your opinion. What is annoying, and in my view unacceptable here, is your presumption that those who don’t share your opinion are not being honest. I can assure you that that is not the case.
  3. Soyons honnête?. You can’t seriously believe that all of the criticisms here reflect some hidden issue that cannot be revealed publicly. Your preface is nothing more than a cheap, thoughtless debating trick. montreal has an urban tissue that is unique in North America. This project is a generic suburban car-oriented model. Maybe it will harm downtown commerce; maybe it won’t. If it does that would be sad. If it doesn’t, it will still be a sad blot on our landscape.
  4. Rocco has actually mellowed with time. He really cares about the beauty of our city. Yes, he will still throw out the occasional zapper, but they are less cynical than before and are often right on the mark. From time to time, he will overdo do it, but no need to get defensive or agressive about it. His heart is in the right place.
  5. This rather massive growth of Redefine in Montreal is very revealing...even ´redefining’ Montreal’s role. The India-China axis would not typically choose a francophone city for such a major investment. So, for me, I find this especially important and a great tribute to our city!
  6. The fairy must be tired.
  7. A true democracy respects the majority view, but must avoid the tyranny of the majority by protecting the rights of the minority. This issue cannot be solved by the majority, ie Montreal, imposing its views. It can only be solved by honest dialogue and by achieving a satisfactory compromise.
  8. We all seem to agree that bad and overpaid management is at the heart of this problem. Unfortunately, I would add irresponsible oversight by the Board of Directors. So, what is the solution? Leave it to the market and lose the incredible potential that exists within Bombardier? In my view that would be a total disservice to Quebec.
  9. I find this issue similar to the SNC dillema. Are conscientious and highly skilled employees to be punished because of bad management and bad Board of Governors oversight? Are we going to lose those very people who have produced a cutting edge product in one of the world’s most competitive industries? When the Arrow was canceled, Montreal lost hundreds of highly skilled workers, who had just designed and manufactured a magnificent aircraft. Here we are again. Unfortunately, I don’t see any solution coming from inside, including the controlling shareholders. Forget ideological purity. We need government intervention to get this company going again.
  10. So, with those convenants conditions, you would agree with government intervention?
  11. What’s not to understand? His points are well taken. We have in place a research , design and assembly infrastructure that is world class. Are we going to flush that down the toilet because of a handful of bad managers and administrators? If the government does not step in, if they decide not to use our money to ensure survival of this unique infrastructure, then they are not doing their job if the C Series had turned out to be mediocre, it would be a different story. But, it is an amazing success and we will have others if we put our minds to it.
  12. I agree that Quebec will lose little if the transport division is sold and that the opposite is true regarding the airline division. i have lost confidence in Bellemare. He tries to jack up his own salary, he constantly misleads shareholders and the general public about the true state of affairs and he chooses priorities that are slowly suffocating the company. The C Series is a remarkable technical and engineering achievement. There is genius behind it and Quebec must preserve at all costs that human reservoir of creative vision and technical brilliance. Bombardier failed on the marketing side and on the budgeting side and Bellemare has to assume that responsibility. There were factors outside of Bombardiers’ control; the combined illegal efforts of Trump and Boeing to eliminate a legitimate competitor. There, our federal government failed to adequately protect Bombardier. What I want to hear from Bombardier and governmental leadership is where the company is going to be 10 years from now. What is the vision behind these incessant cutbacks and sell Offs? It is time to look beyond the next quarter...or, unfortunately, there just might not be one.
  13. Close to Montreal International Airport??
  14. You make some valid points this time, but my concern is that it is a ‘very singular instance’. Alleyways, lanes etc. do not compare with a vintage site on our unique mountain. We had an excellent opportunity to enhance our most treasured property for the benefit of all Montrealers, and we missed it.
  15. My recollection is that the flight to BUenos Aires was not nonstop. I think that it stopped at JFK and Miami.