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  1. The crane hit the power lines today. It broke a couple poles.
  2. It's a lot taller than most airport terminals
  3. They have cut all the beams connecting the facade to the rest of the building, and have started clearing out the back yard.
  4. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/fire-deliberately-set-that-burned-century-old-building-in-downtown-montreal-1.4752646
  5. I've got good news for you.
  6. Just a reminder that anything being named in Quebec must go through the Commission de Toponymie and their rules. Currently, Metro stations can only be named for the street that they are on, that is why there are no stations named after people. The STM had to get special permission to rename the stations with universities near them. http://www.toponymie.gouv.qc.ca/ct/accueil.aspx
  7. They are probably trying to attract a different, more mature crowd than other projects. Easier to deal with in the long run, even if sales are a little slower in the beginning.
  8. Not even. "At the Sainte-Anne site, they have cut down 67 trees in total — 17 of which were dead."
  9. It's possible that the CT lot and 6 231 048 were merged and formed into a new lot, 6 278 915, but the castadre map hasn't been updated yet.
  10. It appears there was still power running to the building while they were trying to tear it down. Lots of sparks and some loud bangs. Hydro is on the site now.