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Nom: Évolo

Hauteur: 31 étages/?? mètres

Coût du projet:


Promoteur: Corporation Proment

Architecte: Jean-Pierre Bart

Emplacement: Pointe-Nord, Île-des-Soeurs


Début de construction: Hiver 2011

Fin de construction: Hiver 2012




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The next phase after Zuni will be a 28 storey tower called Évolo that will go on sale this fall.

Wow, that is as tall as anything currently under construction in downtown! Would it be the tallest on Nun's Island?


The Gazette mentions it here: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/todays-paper/Pointe+Nord+Zuni+selling+briskly/2691195/story.html Construction will start a year from now, completion in 2013.


I think that the STM is going to have no choice but to add a station to Nun's Island in the near future. It's amazing how this close, yet isolated island only has two ways off.

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Aprés ZUNI, voici Évolo, la phase 2 du projet Pointe-Nord


Pointe-Nord : http://mtlurb.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15838

ZUNI : http://mtlurb.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13922


Pointe-Nord's Zuni is selling briskly



FreelanceMarch 17, 2010




With its new and modern lines, the Zuni building in the Pointe-Nord area of Nuns' Island has quickly found favour with buyers. Only five months after selling started, about 100 clients have already signed an offer to purchase.


This seven-storey L-shaped building will offer 163 condominiums and a dozen townhouses, with commercial interests on the first floor (mainly small neighbourhood establishments and businesses).


These will be built around a beautifully-landscaped inner courtyard. An outdoor pool with terrace will be located on the roof of the building which will also offer a relaxation lounge, a gym with modern equipment and a yoga studio.


The condos are between 575 and 1,230 square feet in size and will start at $185,000, parking included (plus taxes). The groundbreaking ceremony, marking the official start of construction phase, will be held next spring and the first occupants will move in during the summer of 2011.


"We're pleased with our success to date," said Samuel Gewurz, CEO of Proment Corp. of Nuns' Island.


"We worked hard to design an attractive living environment at a reasonable price and I think that our concept rings well with our buyers."


To comply with the environmental principles dear to Proment, Pointe-Nord is part of a LEED ND pilot project (the new standard for the construction of ecologically-responsible buildings and neighbourhoods).


"We believe it is important to do our share for the environment," said Louis-Joseph Papineau, vice-president of development and construction. "Therefore, our objective is to create a neighbourhood built around the well-being of its occupants, where pedestrian traffic is promoted and energy efficiency is put forth."


As mentioned before, an array of neighbourhood businesses and small bistros will answer the residents' needs.


"We want people to be able to run their errands without having to leave the neighbourhood," Papineau said.


Nature lovers, he added, will be thrilled with the surroundings. The city will create three theme parks on the Pointe-Nord site which will be linked to the island's network of bicycle paths and hiking trails. There will even be a landing wharf to bring small boats to the water.


To learn more about this project, visit zuni.ca, an adjunct site to pointenord.com. In just a few clicks you can see the floor plans of the various condominiums, take a virtual tour of the apartments, test the different styles of kitchens and learn more about Zuni. Barely five months into the official selling period, the project is already 60-per-cent sold.


"Many elements contribute to the success of Zuni, including its proximity to the downtown core and the river, the large variety of apartments to suit all types of buyers and the excellent price-quality ratio," according to company sales reps.


Proment gave interior designer Francine Martineau, a member of APDIQ, the mandate to design a model condo in the Zuni sales office. "I wanted something young and urban, like the target clientele for the project," Martineau said.


When designing a model condo, the visual aspect is paramount - something must stay in the visitor's mind after a visit.


She chose original elements which attract attention: a green shag carpet which looks like grass, a sofa which appears to be gliding on its intriguing base, and a bubble-shaped dining room chandelier.


And the cube, the signature of the Zuni project - a "floating" structure where the bathroom is encased, which the designer transformed in a decorative element and covered with newspapers in a variety of languages which she then glazed to unify its appearance. The model condo is open to one and all; it can be visited when the sales office is open.


Buoyed by the success of the Zuni project, Proment plans to launch sales of a 28-storey-high residential tower this fall. The new project, Évolo, will offer various-size units with breathtaking views on the river and Montreal's downtown core. It will contain nearly 250 condominiums and 25 townhouses.


A landmark building located at the entrance of Montreal and visible from Champlain Bridge, Évolo is designed by a reputable team of architects which contribute to the interior and exterior design of the tower.


The building will be an elegant, modern and elongated Zen-like structure in which glass is prevalent.


Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2011 and the first residents should be able to take possession in the summer of 2013.

© Copyright © The Montreal Gazette

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/todays-paper/Pointe+Nord+Zuni+selling+briskly/2691195/story.html#ixzz0isUcWsXl




Wow, ça promet !

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I think that the STM is going to have no choice but to add a station to Nun's Island in the near future. It's amazing how this close, yet isolated island only has two ways off.


though you have to consider that perhaps it's this combination of proximity and isolation that makes it such a hot market. i don't think too many of those projects are social housing units geared towards lower-middle class families that depend upon public transit, if you see where i'm getting at ....


(not that there's anything wrong with that)

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Bus service to Nun's island isn't that bad from what i've heard, it's limited of course, but brings you downtown in 15 minutes or so.


They obviously will need to add service to the pointe nord once residents move in, but i'm sure they will do so in due time.

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Je ne crois pas que les gens de l'Île des Soeurs veuillent vraiment d'une station de métro... C'est un peu comme Westmount, les gens y habitent pour son caractère exclusif.


Une station de métro amènerait des individus "indésirables" sur l'île et en bout de ligne diminuerait la tranquilité des résidents de ce secteur qui, soit dit en passant, est l'un des plus riches de Montréal... ou le plus riche?... Il faudrait vérifier les dernières statistiques per capita.


Enfin, peut-être qu'un système de train léger au design recherché serait plus approprié. J'ai été impressionné par le système de train aérien de Kuala Lumpur et de Sydney. De plus je suis persuadé qu'au niveau des coûts c'est plus avantageux qu'un métro sous-terrain.

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