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  1. I knew this was going to happen .... but they are right
  2. nice but that was just when covid 19 was starting you will see Feb and Mar .... Im cancelling all day here
  3. yes but in a recent post .... I actually admitted where I work and I m not saying anything else 😋
  4. I'm not sure Gabmtl .... and what I am predicting (based on what she told me) is it will be divided in 2 offices.... a new one and another location close to Montreal ... so if this company takes space, it will not be 100% of this company , so some floors
  5. Well ... the company that is being mentioned a lot here .... I can confirm it is that company ... but I cannot speak much about it, as no announcement was made and a person within the company based in another city confirmed it to me .... this redevelopment will be big and will be shocking as this company is an institution to Montreal .
  6. Im not % but I heard a Haitian resto is going there .... hope its true ... miam
  7. Wow ... how to kill a project before we even get the render .... this is where Montreal is at ...
  8. Rusty

    Origine - 7 étages

    OMG this is horrible ... I sometimes walk there 😥
  9. When will holt close completely ? and what will they do with that beautiful building ?
  10. Im cancelling travel all day 😞