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  1. No sure if this was shared here but Klm coming back to YUL Le programme de KLM pour l'été
  2. Jai hâte de voir les nouvelles tours ... BNC VP et 623 st Jacques .... etc ma vue va changer ... et la nuit c’est un arc en ciel de couleurs
  3. C’est quoi la tour à gauche du BNC ? 1 July 2020
  4. 1 July 2020 it will surely change this part of town
  5. 1 July 2020 i walked in that section and I must say it’s going to be stunning
  6. 1 July 2020 eaton centre is stunning in glimmering sunshine ... beautiful building
  7. La 3 iem tour est ce celle proche de Domtar sur de Maisonneuve?
  8. I’m also watching Yul BA very closely... I also noticed Calgary is not on that list also ... well maybe it will be in the next phase of launches ?
  9. Urbino ... I can say whatever I want svp de retour au sujet et aux photos merci