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  1. Roger B .... this comment is from 2017... really ? just to let you know ... I am a big contributor to mtlurb I take great pics of construction projects and I don't always yawn ... take your pill now, so we can all chill ...
  2. oh I was wondering what was going there close to Sir William Pub .... nice
  3. This is a huge project ... when you walk next to it, you realize not a small project 🙂
  4. Wow ... makes me sad ... what a beautiful building , they demolished that oufff ca fa mal
  5. They should do tower 2 as a condo.... trust me will go up faster
  6. Moi j’aime McDonald’s 🍟🍔🥤
  7. Oui Rocco ... c'est pas Pique nique ... c'est en bois
  8. I like the interior really hip outside facade is awful
  9. I went after work at sales office and was closed ... all boarded up ? Where did you see all these people?
  10. oui je dois aussi dire que je remarque beaucoup plus d'Indiens a Montreal ... sikh ou pas ...