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  1. Tout ce coin est magnifique... et la avec Humaniti 🤷‍♂️ Encore plus magnifique
  2. Nouvelle épicerie Italienne coming soon
  3. Weird phantom project ... but I am thinking they want the present situation to quiet down ... who knows
  4. Lol 😆 Rocco you kill me
  5. Very nice video ... this shrine is really underrated these days .... and it’s funny I should say this, as it is huge. Hopefully the renovations and additions will restore its original awesomeness 🙏
  6. Jaime bien le design de cette tour 👍
  7. Wow that video is amazing ... the guy who shot that should work for tourisme mtl love the downtown and Griff picture too .... great job
  8. Funny ... it definitely stayed the night ... admtl site shows flight 94 oct 3 tonight 🤗. Sorry this is correct ... departure tonight as planned so it did stay overnight
  9. On admtl site ... there was no 94 flight BA on the 2 .... ?
  10. Moi je dirais 5 grues en tout pour ce site ?
  11. British Airways 95 scheduled To arrive at 1950 h Months after being away from YUL ... happy to see them return . im wondering if the plane will stay at YUL till 04 oct when flight 94 is scheduled to do yul lhr
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