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  1. http://www.vieux.montreal.qc.ca/accueil.htm [ Visite éclair Grand tour en 150 images Des siècles d'histoire Plan lumière Découverte de la fortification de Montréal Trois courts métrages : L'archéologie montréalaise en vedette sur You Tube Musées, attraits et espaces publics Vieux-Port de Montréal Calendrier des activités et expositions Carte officielle et circuit lumière Cartes, localisation et accès Informations touristiques Autobus 715 – Vieux-Montréal / Vieux-Port / Centre-Ville Hôtels et auberges Shopping et divertissement Carte des stationnements dans le Vieux-Montréal et environs Carte pour les autobus touristiques Galerie de photos Communiqués Guide pour la réalisation de travaux Portrait socio-économique Sondage auprès des clientèles Le Vieux-Montréal en calèche : manuel de formation pour les cochers Projet de plan de protection et de mise en valeur du Vieux-Montréal Réaménagement de la place d'Armes 2009-2012 Vision Vieux-Montréal 2017 La Table de concertation du Vieux-Montréal, une interface efficace Imaginer la place d'Armes Plaque tournante montréalaise Déclaration de Montréal lors de la 8e Conférence mondiale des villes historiques Site de la Ville de Montréal sur le patrimoine architectural Aménagement du square des Frères-Charon Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal Sites internet complémentaires
  2. Je vais déménager à Manhattan au mois d'Août. Je garde un pied-à-terre à Vancouver et reviens fréquemment à Montréal. Je viens de voir cette nouvelle toute fraiche. Je vais habiter tout juste à côté de Washington Square, et ce nouveau développement m'intéresse au plus haut point. J'esssaierai de vous en faire part régulièrement. Voici l'article du Wall Street Journal: First Look at NYU Tower Plan University Wants 38-Story Building on Village Site; Critics Fret Over Pei Design By CRAIG KARMIN New York University on Thursday expects to unveil its much-anticipated design plans for the proposed 38-story tower in Greenwich Village, one of the most ambitious projects in the school's controversial 25-year expansion plan. Before and after: The space between two towers designed by I.M. Pei, above, would be filled by a new tower, in rendering below, under NYU's plan. The tower, sight-unseen, is already facing backlash from community groups who say the building would interfere with the original three-tower design by famed architect I.M. Pei. Critics also say the new building would flood the neighborhood with more construction and cause other disruptions. The concrete fourth tower with floor-to-ceiling glass windows would be built on the Bleecker Street side of the site, known as University Village. It would house a moderate-priced hotel on the bottom 15 floors. The 240-room hotel would be intended for visiting professors and other NYU guests, but would also be available to the public. The top floors would be housing for school faculty. In addition, NYU would move the Jerome S. Coles Sports Center farther east toward Mercer Street to clear space for a broader walkway through the site that connects Bleecker and Houston streets. The sports complex would be torn down and rebuilt with a new design. Grimshaw Architects The plan also calls for replacing a grocery store that is currently in the northwest corner of the site with a playground. As a result, the site would gain 8,000 square feet of public space under the tower proposal, according to an NYU spokesman. NYU considers the new tower a crucial component of its ambitious expansion plans to add six million square feet to the campus by 2031—including proposed sites in Brooklyn, Governors Island and possibly the World Trade Center site—in an effort to increase its current student population of about 40,000 by 5,500. The tower is also one of the most contentious parts of the plan because the University Village site received landmark status in 2008 and is home to a Pablo Picasso statue. The three existing towers, including one dedicated to affordable public housing, were designed by Mr. Pei in the 1960s. The 30-story cast-concrete structures are considered a classic example of modernism. Grimshaw Architects, the New York firm that designed the proposed tower, says it wants the new structure to complement Mr. Pei's work. "It would be built with a sensitivity to the existing buildings," says Mark Husser, a Grimshaw partner. "It is meant to relate to the towers but also be contemporary." Grimshaw Architects NYU says the planned building, at center of rendering above, would relate to current towers. He said the new tower would use similar materials to the Pei structures and would be positioned at the site in a way not to cut off views from the existing buildings. Little of this news is likely to pacify local opposition. "A fourth tower would utterly change Pei's design," says Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. He says that Mr. Pei designed a number of plans about the same time that similarly featured three towers around open space, such as the Society Hill Towers in Philadelphia. Watch a video showing a rendering of New York University's proposed 38-story tower, one of the most ambitious projects in the university's vast 2031 expansion plan. The tower would be located near Bleecker Street in Manhattan. Video courtesy of Grimshaw Architects. Residents say they fear that the new tower would bring years of construction and reduce green spaces and trees. "We are oversaturated with NYU buildings," says Sylvia Rackow, who lives in the tower for public housing. "They have a lot of other options, like in the financial district, but they are just greedy." NYU will have to win permission from the city's Landmark Commission before it can proceed. This process begins on Monday when NYU makes a preliminary presentation to the local community board. Jason Andrew for the Wall Street Journal NYU is 'just greedy,' says Sylvia Rackow, seen in her apartment. Grimshaw. While the commission typically designates a particular district or building, University Village is unusual in that it granted landmark status to a site and the surrounding landscaping, making it harder to predict how the commission may respond. NYU also would need to get commercial zoning approval to build a hotel in an area designated as residential. And the university would have to get approval to purchase small strips of land on the site from the city. If the university is tripped up in getting required approvals, it has a backup plan to build a tower on the site currently occupied by a grocery store at Bleecker and LaGuardia, which would have a size similar to the proposed tower of 270,000 square feet. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704198004575311161334409470.html?mod=WSJ_hpp_MIDDLENexttoWhatsNewsForth
  3. Porter Airlines eyes expansion and an IPO - Travelweek
  4. http://www.fil-information.gouv.qc.ca/Pages/Article.aspx?idArticle=2310085665 sent via Tapatalk
  5. Plan du Quartier des Spectacles Masterplan Si j’ai oublié des projets, n’hésitez pas à me le dire ! ------------------------------- 1 : Lofts des Arts, phase 1 - 10 étages 2 : Lofts des Arts, phase 2 - 25 étages 3 : Terrain vague, métro St-Laurent 4 : Redéveloppement de la rue Ste-Catherine 5 : 2-22 Ste-Catherine - 6 étages 6 : Agrandissement / rénovation de la S.A.T. - 4 étages 7 : Quadrilatère St-Laurent ~ 5 étages 8 : Maison du développement durable - 5 étages 9 : Le Parterre / Esplanade Clark 10 : Promenade des artistes 11 : Salle de l'OSM 12 : Rénovation Place des arts / Grand foyer culturel 13 : Place des festivals 14 : 400 Sherbrooke ouest - 38 étages 15 : Le Concorde - 19 étages 16 : Louis-Bohème - 28 étages 17 : Mise en lumière du GESÙ 18 : Place du SPECTRUM / Complexe SIDEV - 26 étages 19 : LADMMI et Tangente 20 : Édifice Wilder 21 : Édifice des Grands ballets canadiens de Montréal 22 : Maison du jazz 23 : Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, phase 2 24 : Condos Dell'Arte
  6. Suite au dépot du PMAD, voici la proposition d'aménagement des environs de la gare de l'AMT de Candiac en secteur TOD pour les années à venir. Le plan d'ensemble Les hauteurs proposées Aménagements publics (Parcs, pistes cyclables...) La présentation complète http://www.ville.candiac.qc.ca/fckDocs/file/fr/nouvelles/2014/presentation_TOD.pdf
  7. 14 unités d’habitation de petite dimension http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/documents/Adi_Public/CA_Vma/CA_Vma_ODJ_LP_ORDI_2015-02-10_19h00_FR.pdf CA : 40.10 2015/02/10 Adopter une résolution autorisant la construction d’un bâtimentrésidentiel projeté sur le lot 2 162 250 du côté est de la rue Saint-André, entre la rue Sainte-Catherine et le boulevard René-Lévesque Est, en vertu du Règlement sur les projets particuliersde construction, de modification ou d’occupation d’un immeuble(CA-24-011) -plan d'aménagement paysager général, le tout réalisé par Blouin, Tardifarchitecture-environnement et Version paysage, architectes paysagistes
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