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  1. Love the height/design variation! This is what Devimco should have done with the Square Children block instead of uninspired shoeboxes. Bravo Prevel!
  2. I don’t find it appealing either but many people here have a chubby for Le Duke. Go figure.
  3. I cannot believe what I just read 😳 the WHO and governments around the world don’t have a clue.
  4. CBRE sold property to Carttera.
  5. Soil testing machinery on site today.
  6. Agreed. Lots of construction going on further down Hymus after Alston as well. Khoury construction buying up all the land to built towers.
  7. Pricing in the neighbourhood is getting crazy. List prices on Centris.ca at Trianon excluding parking are as high as $494/sqft.
  8. The views from the restaurant in Montparnasse are incredible. Highly recommended!
  9. Does anyone have the price list of remaining units? Thanks in advance.
  10. Looks great. The corners remind me of 520 West 28th Street that borders the High Line in NYC.
  11. Would you happen to know what the height limit for the parking lot?
  12. Small and friendly suggestion to the admin team: removal of # d’unités in all headings. When scrolling through threads it can easily be mistaken for # d’étages.
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