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  1. The views from the restaurant in Montparnasse are incredible. Highly recommended!
  2. Does anyone have the price list of remaining units? Thanks in advance.
  3. Looks great. The corners remind me of 520 West 28th Street that borders the High Line in NYC.
  4. Would you happen to know what the height limit for the parking lot?
  5. Small and friendly suggestion to the admin team: removal of # d’unités in all headings. When scrolling through threads it can easily be mistaken for # d’étages.
  6. Bad news for commercial real estate if other companies follow suit. Mastercard will not send staff back to offices without coronavirus vaccine: exec Mastercard Inc will not ask staff to return to its worldwide corporate offices until a vaccine is available for the sometimes fatal coronavirus that has infected the globe, a senior executive told Reuters on Wednesday. The world’s second-largest payment processor is also looking at its real-estate footprint and considering consolidating offices, Chief People Officer Michael Fraccaro said. https://montrealgazette-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/montrealgazette.com/pmn/business-pmn/mastercard-will-not-send-staff-back-to-offices-without-coronavirus-vaccine-exec/wcm/65b35a9b-9efe-487c-9b7f-e971218fb82f/amp/
  7. _mtler_


    Aren’t all chantiers on complete lockdown ?
  8. Don’t waste your energy. Santana has been on my blocked list for a long time, with good reason as everyone can see.
  9. Wow, very surprising to hear about Costco Bridge. Costco Pointe-Claire has a line up outside at all hours of the day, including at 8am when allowing persons aged 60 plus.
  10. Et t’avais dit que les taux d’interets allaient monter lol cmon
  11. Yes but you don’t know exactly when that is, but you’re Rocco so you must know.
  12. Good timing! Do you think you bought at the bottom? I haven’t bought yet My prediction: I think a lot of pain will be felt in the US in terms of illness/deaths very soon. The bottom will be once that tapers off and contagion is under control. We’re far away from reaching that point. I hope I’m wrong
  13. I think real estate will take a hit as well. You need cash to invest in real estate even when interest rates are rock bottom. And very few people have liquidity right now.
  14. On Monday, my notary was wearing gloves and forbid to meet people that have travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days.