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  1. https://www.buzzbuzzhome.com/ca/l82 De la Montagne et Ottawa
  2. The most important part of a transaction in my opinion is to shake someone’s hand and look them dead in the eye when saying “deal”. Will that feeling be replicated 100%? I have a hard time believing it but my tech mind has its bounds.
  3. Est-ce qu’un membre pourrai illustré sur google maps le parcours de 700m? Merci.
  4. Agreed. Glad I went, but wouldn’t go back.
  5. This may have been posted already.
  6. Not sure where to post this photo. Please file accordingly.
  7. What’s the latest completion date?
  8. I have a serious question which may seem silly to others...how do you recover that lift/backhoe to street level?