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  1. The nicest street in NA. Minus the road and sidewalks
  2. Rocco - “take some pics of those cranes” Wife - “why?” Rocco - “because”
  3. If only Brocco got a hold of Griffintown before Devimco.
  4. But we need to preserve the view of our “mountain”. Where’s Waldo?
  5. https://briviagroup.ca/project/mansfield/
  6. https://www.montrealinternational.com/fr/actualites/amazon-games-ouvre-un-studio-de-developpement-a-montreal/ Amazon Games annonce aujourd’hui l’ouverture d’un studio de développement de jeux à Montréal. Le studio canadien, qui s’ajoute à ceux de Seattle, Orange County et San Diego, se concentrera sur la création d’une toute nouvelle marque de jeu AAA. Amazon Games recrute activement pour renforcer l’équipe, et plusieurs postes sont ouverts.
  7. Thanks for all your snaps. I’m really puzzled as to why CF did not continually roll out TDC4-5-6-etc given the success of TDC1-2-3. It’s guaranteed money.
  8. @IluvMTL or other admin! Le project s’appelle « Le Cent-Onze ». Deux grues sur le site https://le111.ca
  9. Small piece of advice. Do not buy penny stock or high risk plays in your TFSA, as you won’t be able to offset your realized losses against realized capital gains.
  10. Are there any diversified blockchain ETF/MF?
  11. As long as the fed keeps pumping free money everything will be just fine... right 🤦‍♂️
  12. I’m done trying to predict the market lol OGIG and SPY for risk ZMI for yield
  13. Haven’t been downtown in a while. What’s it like during weekdays vs weekends? Ghost town?
  14. This picture saddens me. So much wasted potential.
  15. https://renx.ca/rachel-julien-pitches-350m-mixed-use-montreal-development/
  16. Faut dire que la ville est aucunement presente en ce qui concerne Griffintown.
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