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  1. Small piece of advice. Do not buy penny stock or high risk plays in your TFSA, as you won’t be able to offset your realized losses against realized capital gains.
  2. Are there any diversified blockchain ETF/MF?
  3. As long as the fed keeps pumping free money everything will be just fine... right 🤦‍♂️
  4. I’m done trying to predict the market lol OGIG and SPY for risk ZMI for yield
  5. Haven’t been downtown in a while. What’s it like during weekdays vs weekends? Ghost town?
  6. This picture saddens me. So much wasted potential.
  7. https://renx.ca/rachel-julien-pitches-350m-mixed-use-montreal-development/
  8. Faut dire que la ville est aucunement presente en ce qui concerne Griffintown.
  9. Not enough credit given to this integration. Bravo Mach.
  10. Le promoteur est canvar. Learn to set your expectations in life or else you will be forever miserable. This is actually “nice” compared to their other projects.
  11. They have no idea what they’re doing! Flip flopping on their positions on a daily basis. Rendu franchement pathétique.
  12. Non. Tu as besoin du cash pour faire des rénovations. Les hôtels ont 0 dollars maintenant, comme les restaurants, bars, etc.
  13. Content de voir que les tours s'étendent de plus en plus vers l'est.
  14. Love the height/design variation! This is what Devimco should have done with the Square Children block instead of uninspired shoeboxes. Bravo Prevel!
  15. I don’t find it appealing either but many people here have a chubby for Le Duke. Go figure.
  16. I cannot believe what I just read 😳 the WHO and governments around the world don’t have a clue.
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