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  1. Montreal's tech scene is on fire, after $800M in deals yesterday, a significant acquisition today. NUVEI TO ACQUIRE SIMPLEX FOR $250 MILLION USD https://betakit.com/nuvei-to-acquire-simplex-for-250-million-usd/
  2. Clipwire Games ouvre un studio à Montréal https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2021/05/06/clipwire-games-ouvre-un-studio-a-montreal
  3. Big day for Montreal, a little more than $800 million raised today by companies here! I wonder if any more news will trickle in today. BDC Capital Launches $200 Million Deep Tech Venture Fund https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/bdc-capital-launches-200-million-deep-tech-venture-fund-814436839.html Former Samsung Ads Tech Leadership and Founders of AdGear Close Seed Round for Optable, US$3.6M Raised To-Date https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/former-samsung-ads-tech-leadership-and-founders-of-adgear-close-seed-round-for-optable-us-3-6m-raised-to-date-894760346.ht
  4. Yup.... Not going for this design stings honestly, it would've elevated the city when it comes to the modern towers, sigh....
  5. NEW REPORT SHOWS MONTRÉAL CAUGHT UP TO TORONTO AS CANADA’S LEADING TECH ECOSYSTEM IN 2020 https://betakit.com/new-report-shows-montreal-caught-up-to-toronto-as-canadas-leading-tech-ecosystem-in-2020/
  6. I'm loving the small black glass trend going on with some projects, I much prefer it over the blue.
  7. This one is gonna be the TOM condos of the 2020s, isn't it? 😩
  8. CF has been dead silent on 600 Peel and 750 Peel... really pathetic to see how slow they are.
  9. I'm inclined to go with the April Fool's approach here for now haha....
  10. Depressing..... Those commie blocks need major renos (all glass would be better) or to be completely bulldozed. Too much grey/black here.
  11. So a few thoughts about this project 1. Looks fantastic and love the design, although it is pretty massive 2. Holy crap, almost 700,000 sq ft of office space proposed during a pandemic, that sends a message. 3. The fact that a company as massive as the HBC is proposing an office tower shows there is still demand to invest and work in downtown Montreal. A serious company like HBC won't propose a project like this if they don't have any prospected companies lined up to lease space. I also have more faith in them than CF, which outside Deloitte, has a hard time finding companies t
  12. Since this one will have hotel rooms, what are the chances it'll be another Marriott brand? 😛
  13. I have pressed the city to collab with landlords (esp in the Western downtown area) to do this, but it is very expensive. They'll have to repair the concrete and a large wall like that would cost $50K plus. But I think if the government of Quebec steps in and offers tax credits for repairs/adding art, it'll be a great way to revitalise and beautify downtown and it will get more people to come.
  14. Loved how the CSU complained about this building for being "too tall" and disrupt the harmony of the area when it was first proposed. It's a beautiful fit, perfect height for the area and high quality. Can't wait to see the ground level and whatever shops open up.
  15. NYC and SoCal would love to have a word with you.
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