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  1. Source:
  2. Humaniti is a world class project! really supurb, and I even overheard some tourists from Spain who said the same! Source:
  3. From Today, so happy to see a crane on this lot for once :p Source:
  4. Source:
  5. Source:
  6. That's a really long timeline honestly, 2024 for the first phase? what about the others? that's way too long.
  7. Surprised that they pushed it back (again). When I went last year they said March, then it was May, now July... And they did sell a good %, close to half when I went.
  8. I guessed PVM ditched the lights at night time, it's a shame cause the skyline lost something IMO.
  9. Late to replying on this, but this is the best news in politics in a while. He can take his far left radical ideas and shove it where the sun does not shine. Also, his radical plan for the environment is so dumb and narrowminded that it's not even funny. Taxing everything out of existence, 100% tax on cars + where you park downtown, taxing meat and taxing economic progress will destroy the downtown and the city. In fact, I showed his plan to all my environmental friends, who are activists, scientists and politicians and they all agreed that it was one of the most idiotic proposals they've ever seen and that taxing everything isn't a solution. Ferrandez might have a vision which is "right" to him, but the execution and lack of foresight are childish, plus he's very authoritarian which is a no go in a democracy.
  10. Passed by today, really interesting and awesome to see all the renovations taking place. Obviously, there's still a lot of work to do but it's nice that it's getting an upgrade. On a side note though, I've noticed the lights on top of PVM aren't on anymore and it's kinda ugly without them, to be honest. No idea if this is temporary or permanent but it does make a huge impact in the skyline at night.
  11. Seriously? you've got to be kidding right? So there can't be another hotel downtown because there's a hotel across the street? The market is expanding, there is a demand for hotels and perhaps this means another high-end hotel. This means more rooms for tourists and it generates a lot of money for the city as well. Clearly, there aren't enough hotel rooms in downtown Montreal since they're building more and occupancy rates are always about 75-80%+, which means there's demand.
  12. 1,150 units and also a hotel in it! perfect place to put in a high-end hotel.
  14. Three neighbours! don't forget 628 St. Jacques haha 😜
  15. I got a call from Maestria, here are some details: April 27-28 is the V.I.P launch. Delivery of Tour #1 is expected by Spring 2023. Studio is = $226,700+ tax, 1 bedroom = $340,900 + tax and 2 bedroom = $509,500+ tax. Penthouses will have a separate event.