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  1. Well Montreal isn't any better to be honest, if it's not blue glass, it's grey prefab cheap concrete. Toronto still does have a somewhat diverse architecture though, particularly with older office towers.
  2. Just an excuse to pull out of an amazing project. It really sucks not only for Toronto but all of Canada, as we could have become a global leader in experimental urban building and policy from this. Hopefully another company (non American) or the city can make their own plan.
  3. Funny enough, I did my own rough estimation on a study last year and got an estimation of $18-$19B for the project. I find it hilarious that people still think the $6B figure (from 2011 mind you) would get you 29 stations that are above and below ground. It's clear that Plante had no plans for this, it was just a gimmick to win the election. I would go with a REM route, more bang for your buck and you can create multiple TOD's in the process, such as in Singapore for example. $17-$24B (and this figure WILL go up) is too much for just one line. You can use that money more efficiently elsewhere and get much more in return. This is another dud for Plante and the PM regime.
  4. I mean, not a huge loss tbh. The food at St. Hubert is disgusting anyways, so hopefully something light years ahead better will open up in this spot soon.
  5. Not surprising, this admin is clueless, has zero experience and is just a bunch of SJW's who just spend spend spend. This is why people need to vote for people with strong backgrounds in politics, economics and business and not vote for a party cause "they're progressive" or cause "she's a woman". This admin has been such a disaster and the city has gone downhill since they took over. What a pathetic admin they are and I hope they get wiped off for good. They don't deserve anymore chances to govern at all unless they get a good shakeup with competent people with strong backbones.
  6. It may be better than this piece of crap, but it still looks like a project that belongs in Laval or a small city and not our downtown. I'd rather they sell the land to a developer with ambition or just build a park over 600/750 Peel and call it a day.
  7. Ah, nice to see CF cheapening out what was once an amazing project. The office "tower" looks like a taller version of a university campus building, the hotel/residential tower looks like it belongs in a suburb. Such a disappointing project.
  8. I think they'll wait and see how REM does before they (possibly) invest in the Pink Line. And I personally hope they do invest in the project.
  9. As much as I want the Pink Line to happen, I doubt it'll ever happen since it'll be very expensive. It won't be $6 billion dollars (as estimated in 2011). I asked economists and urban planners (some who work for the government) and I've gotten a range from $12-$19B. It will have to be done through PPP and I'm sure all three levels of government will ask the private sector to pick up most of the bill. Hell, the Blue Line extension is ~$4.5B over 5.8km, so again, I think because how much this Pink Line will cost, it won't happen unless the private sector is involved and pays for 60% of it. Plus, at the federal level, I'd give more priority to Toronto for transit since they desperately need it.
  10. It's honestly amazing how rapid Toronto has grown in the past decade and the growth will surpass what we're seeing today. Sure, the architecture is bland, but the intensification Toronto is experiencing at this moment is out of this world!
  11. It's not because of our winters that our roads suck. We use low quality asphalt that has too much tar and the idiot union people here only put 3 inches of asphalt, when it should be MINIMUM 6-8 inches in depth. The concrete paver roads will last much longer and I hope the city one day has all roads like this rather than having roads that crack after 6 months.
  12. Somewhat related to La Ronde, but Six Flags just made an offer to acquire Cedar Fair parks and they are considering the offer. This would be terrible news for the CF parks honestly.
  13. I personally can't unfortunately, but there are these websites that are very accurate (up until 2008, then attendance stopped being public) (This shares the actual attendance #'s updated yearly).
  14. Just a heads up, but La Ronde gets 1.25M people and not 1.81M like this chart says. I'm an investor in SF and get the real numbers in the annual reports to shareholders. As for how to improve the park, well, they won't be getting a world class coaster like Levi, YS or MF anytime soon (plus there's a height limit here, hence why Goliath is only 175ft). This is also due to the park not being known as a park where you'll get ROI that amusement park chains expect. If a park spends $30M on a new coaster, they expect a ROI of $15-$18M in the first year, and La Ronde will never be able to accomplish this. When they added Goliath, attendance went down, same with Ednor. There's a reason why this park is getting its first coaster in TEN years. So ways to improve it? well, staff are lazy, operations are horrible, the park is disgusting and needs a huge infrastructure upgrade, add shade. La Ronde won't see a coaster bigger than Goliath at all (unless a miracle happens) so they should continue adding thrill rides and compact coasters (RMC Raptor, Premier Launch coasters) in addition to infrastructure upgrades. The staff needs training on how to use their brains and to get faster at operations. Also, gate prices are $70! lol, I can get two day tickets at Canada's Wonderland for $73 with taxes and fees in. This park is overpriced and has two good coasters and 3 or 4 solid rides, not worth it.