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  1. Djentmaster001

    Baisse marquée du nombre de Montréalais à faible revenu

    It can be both for sure, but poverty rates have been decreasing across the board. Usually, when you see poorer people move to regions, their poverty rates increase, but within the island of MTL/GMA it has been decreasing. Regardless, to go to 17.9% of the population when after the 1995 referendum that number was at 40% is absolutely stunning honestly.
  2. Djentmaster001

    1 Square-Phillips - ?? étages

    Let's be honest here, they just announced Quinzicent not too long ago + the holidays occurred just after. January is always slow news-wise so don't be surprised if things heat up at the end of the month or February.
  3. Djentmaster001

    R sur la Montagne - 21 étages

    Can't believe this is legit, pretty awesome. Here is my pros/cons list Pros: - Looks like high-quality glass -Great density that'll add more people to the downtown core - Looks like they'll be commercial on the ground floor as well (hopefully) Cons: - It is very stumpy and definitely looks out of place given the new towers around are 128m (including 1025 Lucien L'allier) to 199m. I understand there's density rules and all that, but another 10-floors would've been nice.
  4. Djentmaster001

    Reconstruction de l'autoroute Métropolitaine

    Damn, I was hoping if possible that they would bury the highway and build a large park on top and they can connect existing neighbourhoods. Now that we know it'll be an elevated highway, I do hope that they use steel to support the highway and the bottom will have urban parks, paths, art, etc. It'll be a very long path but it'll encourage people to explore new neighbourhoods and maybe give incentive to reinvest in them as well (St. Michel needs it badly for example).
  5. Djentmaster001

    Victoria sur le Parc - 57 étages

    End of summer? I heard it'll start in fall, especially since the project is roughly 90% sold from what I heard.
  6. Djentmaster001

    Développements commerciaux sur Sainte-Catherine - Discussion générale

    Retail is hard these days due to online competition and demographics. This is happening in every city where aside from a few streets, once heavy retail streets are now transitioning to streets with more restaurants, art galleries, services etc... You're seeing streets in Manhattan with 20% vacancy, Broadway (in 2017) had almost 200 vacant storefronts. The city needs to make this area an economic zone to reduce taxes so we can fill those empty shops and make them last longer than a few months, but with retail, it's a different beast.
  7. Djentmaster001

    TOM Condos - 42 étages

    By the time all the balconies are fully finished, TDC3 will probably be topped off and it's just sad that this is happening. On the bright side though, at least this is taller than 122 metres. I talked to a person involved with the project and they said it's about 135-138 metres. I didn't ask about the delays but I can tell you that the people behind this project should never be trusted and are crooks. they've screwed so many people over and it's insane, not to mention they treat the tenants like trash and keep telling people " yeah it'll be finished by X month Y year". Plus they only have a handful of workers on the site. I wouldn't be surprised (and I do hope) if lawsuits happen for these issues.
  8. Djentmaster001

    2070 Peel (Édifice MAA) - 33 étages

    A nice little sneak peek
  9. Djentmaster001

    What's up with tagging murals here?

    I understand it is part of the "culture" and it is common, but compared to cities I've lived in or travelled, murals in Montreal are defaced and vandalised much more often and it's pathetic honestly. I have a lot of friends in Miami who do works in Wynwood and other cities and don't want to step foot here because they know their art will get defaced quickly. Compared to Wynwood for example, tagging is less common there, much much less. Yesterday I walked in Le Plateau for the first time in a while and most of the newer murals and ones that are two years old are completely covered in tags. Is there some turf war going on? is it jealous graffiti artists who can't make it big? is it anti-gentrification activists who think murals and art = gentrification? all three? it just sucks cause everytime I want to show off art here to friends, or my other friend who has a blog, they can't take proper pics because it's vandalised and it is a disservice to the city and pathetic.
  10. Djentmaster001

    Symphonia Pop - 32 étages

  11. Djentmaster001

    Heritage threatened by towers?

    I love how when I talk to urban planners and some citizens, they say that our heritage is threatened and yes, they do mean by taller towers. What's hilarious though is that they think building four-floor buildings all over downtown is more sustainable than building high rises and leaving more spaces for parks and services. They complain about all glass towers but we literally have what? not even two dozen downtown out of 500+ highrises? it's clear they're anti-development and use towers as an excuse to stop development, yet the urban fabric of the downtown core is much better now than five+ years ago.
  12. Djentmaster001

    Tour des Canadiens 3 - 55 étages

    ^ that should be updated since there are 565 units if I'm not mistaken, not sure how many parking spots though. For the other question, I don't have a car but I noticed with many newer towers (here and other places I've lived) it's either 1 space per unit or they'll have much less parking to unit ratio.
  13. Djentmaster001

    Victoria sur le Parc - 57 étages

    There's no collusion of pricing downtown haha, it's all based on attractiveness. This is near the Old Port, a new park and soon to be new transit system and because it's so close to all that (and more) land value is higher, therefore higher pricing rates. it also depends on the materials used, how big the structure is etc...
  14. Djentmaster001

    Terrains vacants « South Blocks » - ?? étages

    It's a good opportunity to build slim towers at angles + build on top of the tracks as well. What's the depth below grade of the tunnel?
  15. Djentmaster001

    Terrains vacants « South Blocks » - ?? étages

    I was thinking the same as well as I went on with the brochure said. I'm glad these two lots might see something relatively soon and continue to densify the downtown core and I'm hoping it'll be a unique project as well.