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MUHC : Hôpital Général de Montréal (2012)


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    Source: http://www.muhc.ca/media/news/?ItemID=28723'>http://www.muhc.ca/media/news/?ItemID=28723


    The MUHC takes an important step in the redevelopment of the Mountain Campus


    January 22, 2008


    The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) took an important step today with the submission of a new preliminary design to the Ville-Marie borough for the development of the Montreal General Hospital. The MUHC is pleased with the borough’s positive response after working for many years with the borough and the city of Montreal.


    “Indeed, this new design is the result of close collaboration with the internal MUHC community as well as municipal authorities, local organizations, the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications and the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux,” explained Dr. Arthur T. Porter, Director General and CEO of the MUHC. “Our goal was to create a design that meets both government and community needs and that allows us to continue to provide our patients with high-quality health care.”


    The Mountain Campus will comprise the modernized facilities of the Montreal General Hospital, new care units with single-patient rooms, an expansion onto Pine Avenue that will house activities of the Montreal Neurological Hospital, and new space for the emergency department that will be created from the Hospital’s West courtyard.


    The new design will ensure improved integration with the urban environment for the hospital while preserving the view of Mount Royal. The hospital’s expansion onto Pine Avenue also supports the MUHC’s mission as a tertiary trauma centre and will ensure a suitable link with the downtown area. The project meets all clinical objectives that will guarantee both the excellence of the hospital activities at the Mountain Campus.


    In terms of the MUHC’s sustainable environmental development policy, this plan aims for the highest standards in the industry, including a LEED Silver certification.


    In the coming weeks, the MUHC will introduce this design to various city and governmental committees. The borough council and the city council will then take over and vote on a proposed by-law. Finally, the project will be presented to the public in the spring through the Office de consultation publique before a by-law can be passed at the beginning of autumn.


    About the MUHC Redevelopment Project

    Guided by its mission and its role as the nerve centre of the McGill integrated university hospital network, the MUHC is carrying out a $1.579-billion Redevelopment Project that will help the Government achieve its vision for academic medicine in Quebec. Excellence in patient care, research, education and technology assessment will be fostered on two state-of-art campuses—The Mountain and the Glen—and through strong relationships with healthcare partners. Each LEED®-registered campus will be designed to provide patients and their families with “The Best Care For Life” in a healing environment that is anchored in best sustainable development practices, including BOMA Go Green guidelines. http://www.muhc.ca/construction'>http://www.muhc.ca/construction


    About the McGill University Health Centre

    The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is a comprehensive academic health institution with an international reputation for excellence in clinical programs, research and teaching. The MUHC is a merger of five teaching hospitals affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University — the Montreal Children's, Montreal General, Royal Victoria, and Montreal Neurological hospitals, as well as the Montreal Chest Institute. Building on the tradition of medical leadership of the founding hospitals, the goal of the MUHC is to provide patient care based on the most advanced knowledge in the health care field, and to contribute to the development of new knowledge. http://www.muhc.ca



    Julie Paquet

    Information Officer (MUHC Redevelopment Project)

    514 934-1934 Ext. 71684

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    I'm very surprised since I was (wrongly) under the impression that this hospital would eventually be closed after the construction of the McGill mega-hospital. This is good news.


    No, its like for Notre-Dame hospital, they want to keep at least the Emergency room open but i dont think the the General Hospital and Notre-Dame would still be universities hospitals. However as far as I know, Hotel-Dieu and Victoria Hospital are to be closed.

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    Montréal, le 29 février 2008 – Moins de cinquante jours après son dépôt par les promoteurs, l'arrondissement de Ville-Marie a donné le feu vert à un projet d'envergure pour le Centre universitaire de santé McGill (CUSM), lors d'une séance spéciale du conseil d'arrondissement, tenue ce matin à 10 heures.


    Ce dossier de développement urbain a été traité avec toute la diligence et l'empressement que souhaite pour les projets, le maire de l'arrondissement Monsieur Benoit Labonté.


    Rappelons qu'au mois d'octobre 2007, lors d'une allocution devant l'Association des propriétaires d'immeubles du Québec (BOMA Québec), le maire avait déclaré : « Depuis deux ans, l'arrondissement de Ville-Marie a institué une procédure de fast-track, afin de faciliter les démarches et économiser du temps aux entrepreneurs. Ainsi, nous avons déjà diminué de près de 50% le temps de traitement des projets qui nécessitent une décision du conseil d'arrondissement, et de plus de 70%, le temps requis pour les projets qui ne nécessitent qu'une décision administrative».


    Le Comité consultatif d'urbanisme de l'arrondissement ainsi que le Conseil du Patrimoine et le comité d'architecture et d'urbanisme de la Ville, avaient aussi émis un avis favorable au projet. Ils reconnaissaient l'opportunité exceptionnelle que constitue ce projet pour le secteur Ouest du centre-ville.


    La séance régulière du conseil pour le mois de mars, aura lieu le mardi 4 mars, au Marché Bonsecours, à 19 heures.

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    Great news but i'm surprised the hippies aren't protesting construction so close to the mountain.


    I mean just look:




    Clearly the "After" picture has a 5% reduction in the amount of sky visible! Unacceptable!!!!1



    And in this picture:


    We see that if you place yourself at the right spot either to the south-west or the south-east, you might obscure roughly 0.2% of the mountain if viewed from the precise angle (unless you just move your head to the side..) How can this be tolerated?!


    C'est une injustice flagrante!

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