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Industrie québécoise des sciences de la vie : actualités


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I was following Biovail back in 2010, when they ended up merging with Valeant. Ever since that time, they have been buying up so many different companies. One thing, it is interesting to see that a company HQ in Ontario, ended up deciding to come to Quebec. I know they have an office in St Laurent.


I just wonder who will buy the massive Merck building in Kirkland though.

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Le site de Valeant mentionne que le Siège Social est situé à Saint-Laurent,


Tiré du http://www.valeant.com/about/locations.aspx

Corporate Headquarters

4787 Levy Street

Montreal, Quebec H4R 2P9




Est ce que je me trompe où Montréal a perdu un siège social pour Laval ?

Je dois me tromper surement, mais je veux juste en être certain.

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A good day for Montreal



-Molson buys a European beer company

-Babel hires more people in the Montreal office

-Aveos relaunch

-All of the real estate projects


Je suis d'accord pour tout sauf pour Molson ...c'est à Denver que ca profite davantage.Le siege de montreal est une sorte de coquille vide

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