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Dans La Presse de ce matin, il y a deux articles sur le Quartier Angrignon, on y mentionne ce projet ainsi que d'autres plus denses et hauts. Je n'ai pas trouvé les articles en ligne, mais le plan de zonage de tout ce secteur a été changé pour développer selon les principes du TOD. On aura le droit dans le secteur à des tours de 6, 12, et 16 étages.


On y parle de 7 projets en préparation ou potentiels:

- un développement de 1000 unités en préparation sur le terrain de l'usine Domfer.

- Un potentiel de 1000 unités face aux Tours Angrignon à développer.

- Un projet de 300 unités dans 3 tours de 12 étages par Constructions G. Melatti (voisin des Tours Angrignon)

- La Tour Angrignon phase 3, en construction, 12 étages

- Un potentiel de développement sur le terrain du Carrefour Angrignon, si le propriétaire le souhaite.

- Un projet non nommé à l'étude de 300 unités, voisin du Bois-des-Caryers.

- Finalement ce projet-ci, Bois-des-Caryers, 600 unités au total.


Bref, on dirait qu'il va avoir, malgré tout, un peu de densité dans le coin!


Pour le quartier comme tel, on prévoit de la mise en valeur des espaces verts, de nouveaux arbres, du nouveau mobilier urbain, des corridors pour le transport collectif et un nouveau lien vert entre le métro Angrignon et le train de banlieue Lasalle.

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Homes taking shape in LaSalle

Quartier An grignon project. Redevelopment plans call for 2,000 new units in buildings up to 16 storeys

By ALLISON LAMPERT, The Gazette November 2, 2010 1:07 PM



When two factories near the Carrefour Angrignon shut their doors a few years ago, the LaSalle borough saw an opportunity to reinvent the area.


Bustling Newman Blvd., despite its easy access to Angrignon Park and the metro, had become a mix of shopping centres and cars. What the area needed were new residents and a more urban feel.


Today the first of several developers is announcing residential projects in LaSalle's new Quartier Angrignon -an area stretching from Irwin St. in the east to around Lapierre St. in the west and sandwiched between the Angrignon park and shopping centre.


"We've wanted to do this project for years," said Gino MelattiJr. of Constructions G. Melatti Inc., who will announce today the first of a three-phase, 12-storey condo project at the corner of Newman and Angrignon Blvds. "But several years ago, La-Salle wasn't ready for this project."


The Quartier Angrignon is the product of a sweeping new plan approved in February by the LaSalle borough that allows for the construction of buildings up to 16-storeys high. More than 2,000 new housing units -mostly condos -are expected to be built in the area over the next five years, city officials say.


"We saw this as an opportunity to create a new neighbourhood," said Sylvie Champagne, head of urban planning for the borough of LaSalle. "All the conditions for residential development were there."


The idea of a Quartier Angrignon was born after Domfer Metal Powders Ltd. shut its plant at the corner of Newman Blvd. and Allard St. Like other areas in Montreal with empty industrial buildings, LaSalle decided to come up with a broader and long-term strategy to attract residential development.


"We had to do a global analysis of the whole area," Champagne said. "We did not want to do it piece by piece.


"Newman Blvd. is a suburban boulevard that was designed for the car. We wanted to change the suburban image of Newman Blvd. into a boulevard that acts as the entrance to LaSalle."


While borough drawings depicting the new neighbourhood show an area with a distinct urban feel -including more greenery and a reserved bus lane -Champagne said the borough isn't trying to replicate downtown Montreal.


"We're not trying to densify the entire Newman Blvd. we're trying to densify two areas," she said.


The first of those two is the Domfer site which is now polluted. It's to be decontaminated by a developer and reinvented as the largest residential project in the area -1,000 units over several years.


The site, along with nearby projects -including Melatti's -are playing up their proximity to the Angrignon metro station and park.


Melatti Jr., for example, has owned the land for more than a decade that will be used in his family-owned company's Alta project


The 370-unit condo project, to be built over three phases, will include apartments with prices ranging from $300 to $400 per square foot.


Delivery of the first tower is for spring 2012.


"We're focusing on everybody -from a studio to penthouse," he said.


The second area, located west of the metro, is to be created at the site of an old Chrysler car dealership at the corner of Newman Blvd. and Leger St. That area is walking distance from the Parc du Bois-des-Caryers.


"You will see the construction of towers and you will seen the construction of a neighbourhood that doesn't exist right now," Champagne said.






This is great news for the whole area.

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Quartier Angrignon

Arrondissement: LaSalle




Le quartier est situé de part et d'autre du boulevard Newman, entre les rues Irwin et Lapierre, à proximité du Carrefour Angrignon, ainsi que de la station de métro et du parc du même nom.


Potentiel: environ 3000 nouveaux logements de diverses typologies


Cela n'inclut pas les 600 unités prévues juste à côté, dans le projet Bois des Caryers.


La création du Quartier Angrignon, en février 2010, permet la construction d'immeubles résidentiels de six, douze et même seize étages, autour des boulevards Newman et Angrignon, dans un environnement plus vert.


L'arrondissement se sert du pouvoir d'attraction de la station de métro Angrignon pour donner un nouveau souffle aux environs. Le boulevard Newman, qui a l'allure d'un boulevard de banlieue, sera transformé en un boulevard urbain qui laissera plus de place aux transports collectifs et favorisera les déplacements à pied et à vélo.


Le secteur sera densifié, tout en créant un milieu de vie agréable, moins dépendant de l'automobile, avec un traitement architectural et paysager intéressant.

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