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    I think Jerry meant that for the whole first floor, a big portion didn't have direct sunlight.


    This is not true for the section closest to the Basin street. The first quarter-third portion of the first floor get's sunlight past 6pm in this time of the year for sure. The second part of the building is in the shadows though.


    I know because I took a walk on Basin street and was standing right next to what I believe will be your future unit


    No I think that, at this time of the day (4:00-5:00), my building blocks sunlight on the whole first floor of his for a certain amount of time. When the sun goes down a little later, the rays then find a way on the side of my building to light his corner. I won't be around for the rest of the week so I won't be able to double check, but I'm pretty sure.

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    Sur le blogue de Prével :




    Le projet des Bassins du Havre est situé sur les berges du canal de Lachine, dans Griffintown. Il offre un cadre de vie paisible, à deux pas du centre-ville. L’eau est au coeur de ce projet, grâce à la présence de bassins d’eau, de terrasses privées aux allures de quais, de piscines aux toits, et plus encore. Le projet, qui vise une certification LEED, reflète une planification réfléchie intégrant plusieurs parcs et espaces de vie extérieurs.


    Le Quai 1 dispose de quelques unités disponibles pour livraison immédiate.


    Unités d’une chambre à partir de 248 000 $*

    Unités de 2 chambres à partir de 356 000 $*

    Unité de 3 chambres à 448 000 $*

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    Hi everyone, for the buyers of phase 1 and 2a I was wondering if any of you encountered any surprises during the pre-construction waiting phase? ie: the builder changed your floor plan and made it worst or better.


    Also did any of you divert from the original design floor plan and make changes? ie: add a powder room, lose space in order to add a separate shower and etc...


    Any insight of your experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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