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  1. That's what I thought when I clicked on the thread.
  2. I have heard from sometimes reliable sources that Quebec will transfer the entire Royal Victoria Hospital complex, at no cost, to McGill and the Neuro. All McGill will have to do is come up with $350 million to restore and renovate it---piece of cake. I also heard that some of the bland 1950's additions to the RVH will be demolished as a gesture to the mountain NIMBY's, to be replaced eventually with new low rise buildings that will not be visible when looking at the mountain.
  3. The former Bank of Toronto building would be an asset to the quartier if the exterior were cleaned and restored. Does anyone know how much of the Faubourg office building is occupied by Concordia?
  4. Guy-Concordia was always one of the plainest metro stations and looked drab even in the 1970's. It was also plagued with ground water seepage even back then.
  5. In an ideal world maybe. But given that Quebec is already living beyond its means (a multibillion dollar deficit) where is the funding to come from to allow free tuition? Oh yes, tax the rich and the corporations! Even if this could be done without chasing away the rich and the corporations, why should this revenue be used to allow students a free BA in history or communications etc.? Why not use the extra revenue to boost elementary and secondary education so as to reduce Quebec's embarrasingly high drop out rate. Or maybe use the revenue to better fund health care or day care? But of course to university students, they see themselves as the first priority.
  6. Hopefully the graffiti "artists" will leave this alone.
  7. A suggestion should be made to the architects that they incorporate stylized versons of the cranes on the roof of the finished building. It would certainly be an eyecatcher.
  8. If the US Constitution had a "notwithstanding" clause, the South would still be segregated. Last year, after that creepy blond American (Ann Coulter?) conservative was prevented from speaking at the University of Ottawa, a U of O official was questioned by a reporter as to whether Coulter had been denied freedom of speech. The U of O official replied that freedom of speech was an American value.
  9. This house would make a great centerpiece for some complex. The rest of the site is vacant, I believe.
  10. Montreal and Boston (and the other cities you mention) have some commonalities. There are reasons why middle and upper income people choose to live in the city: professional jobs, colleges and universities, hospitals, culture, museums, entertainment etc. Detroit has few, if any, of these assets. Even suburban Detroit has little to offer compared to the vibrant cities. Cyrus: By the way, the textile industry was based in Lowell, MA, not Boston!
  11. ToxiK: I don't think that you have ever been to Detroit.
  12. Wayne State University and University of Detroit Mercy. That's it. Both mediocre schools. Wayne State University has a medical center that specializes in treating gunshot wounds.
  13. Boston in the 1950's was a desolate and depressed city. And I need not remind anyone about the racial and tribal divides that existed in the city. What saved Boston was its institutions: colleges and universities, hospitals and medical centers, museums and its history. Detroit had few of these. Whenever there are complaints about all the tax exempt institutions in Boston today, the response is that if you took away all these institutions, what you would have left would be Detroit. While Detroit was building cars, Boston was building a knowledge economy and all the companies that are spawned by research done at these institutions. Montreal seems to be following Boston's example. Manufacturing will never come back. The future of Montreal is more tied to McGill, UdeM, Concordia, UQAM, the MUHC and CHUM than to the industrial wastelands in the Southwest Borough. That's why it bothers me when people complain about the cost of the two new superhospitals. Also, Quebec needs to stop penny pinching when it comes to funding the universities.
  14. I thought that this would be a thread about Disney World!
  15. The new Shriner's section looks like the best part of the complex.