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  1. I was just thinking, I'd take a 150m on that lot just to balance stuff out.
  2. Whats the hight limit for hotel espresso?
  3. You do realize that if someone doesn't step in (i.e another buyer or gov. bailout) you might not have Transat as an option anymore.
  4. Are they still planning the Rue Souligny extension in the lower part of the area? Other then that I'm glad the area is redeveloping, it's currently a wasteland.
  5. I'd love to see the Concordia building next door disappear.
  6. Check Air Canada's timetable There is no press release yet, but the flights are loaded in the system. Check any Thursday in July and you'll see them loaded.
  7. And Delhi starting in April. both on 787 dreamliner.
  8. This view for the next 3 year!!!!!!!!
  9. Good lord, who is approving these designs?
  10. This should get built, Wellington is a fkn mess at all times of the day now. Paying cops and cadets to control the lights at rush hour and on weekends.
  11. WOW I always wonder what tour de la bourse would be like at 280m
  12. Looks massive, this really really pop like Le Duke does.
  13. Hands down this will overtake TOM Condo's title. Willing to say VSLP tops before this one even hits the street.
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