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  1. YUL-NCE planned to go mainline A330-300 in summer 2020.
  2. Wow that first photo! Looked like Detroit wasteland
  3. Best store ever!!! Quality clothing and fair prices. Japanese design at it best. Now we need MUJI.
  4. Due to the 737 MAX out of service both AC and WJ had to make some changes to domestic schedule.
  5. July 2019 Domestic 727,990 -1.2% International 943,063 +6.5% USA 423,622 +1.9% YTD 11,779,807 +5.2%
  6. Wow what a nice surprise, hopefully they can do something with the lot across the street.
  7. I could see TAP starting YUL, however Air Italy is not doing so well. I don’t see them starting anything new
  9. “assuré par l’A220-300 d’Airbus, un appareil de 262 places” Le A220 d’air Canada à 137 places. 12J 125Y pas 262.
  10. Don’t these idiots do their research before writing crap like that. Gosh !!!
  11. You guys have no idea what you're talking about, just a bunch of Air Canada bashers. You're willing to lose a Montreal based company to an airline i.e Westjet that has zero presence or knowledge at YUL or in the Quebec market just because you don't want another Montreal based airline to buy them!? Think of the hub YUL could be if this happens, all AF/WJ will do will grow YYZ.
  12. Lord I need to dig and find photos of this view when I was at Concordia 8 years ago.
  13. I would say Transborder is definitely seeing the pinch of the MAX groundings. Examples are both California routes which during the summer sees multiple 7M8 frequencies. SFO would have been 3 daily 7M8's that’s 507 seats daily. Instead AC deployed 3 daily 320's for a total of 438 seats. That’s 2,070 less seats per month. LAX would have been 4 daily 7M8's that’s 676 seats daily. Instead AC deployed 1 333 and 2 320's for a total of 584 seats. That’s 2,760 less seats per month. So we are talking about a loss of 4,830 possible passengers, and July will be worse due to the fact that LAX and SFO only go 4 daily and 3 daily around the 20th of June.