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  1. Do we know what exactly are they building however? Is it being built in phases? How many of those actual towers from the rendering will be built? Forgive me if I missed something that was posted earlier.
  2. Alitalia to FCO LOT polish to WAW EL AL to TLV I believe SAS too, but I’m not sure.
  3. There are many airports in the United States that handle 30, 40+ million pax a year and they could only dream of having the type of international service YUL has.
  4. Tell me about it, didn't this renovation start back in 2008, God I miss the old fountain.
  5. Big deal, Marseille was 3 weekly this summer as well, so nothing really changes. As for ALG, I guess you've got to put your planes on routes that will make money, and Lisbon is hot right now.
  6. Air Canada is increasing YUL-LIS to 5 weekly, with new departures on Monday and Tuesday. Thats a lot of Lisbon for summer 2020.
  7. I'll take that with a grain of salt. They can't even keep a year round flight between YUL-YVR.
  8. I know it's not much but we already have Transat service to Madrid, and was expanded to year round as of this year. If the AC takeover goes through I'm sure they'll keep it, perfect route for the 321neo.
  9. For summer 2020, Air Canada is adding a 3rd flight to Paris-CDG 3 weekly on Airbus A330-300 AC810 YUL 2155 - 1050+1 CDG 246 AC811 CDG 1700 - 1845 YUL 246
  10. Tickets went on sale as of today.
  11. Good news after it was announced last week that AerLingus would not start YUL after all. I expect Star Alliance feed from AC which will hopefully make the route a success. Do we have a start date?
  12. That won't happen. First reason AC & ET have no JV. Second, AC has no widebody planes left to operate this route.