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  1. Good news after it was announced last week that AerLingus would not start YUL after all. I expect Star Alliance feed from AC which will hopefully make the route a success. Do we have a start date?
  2. This area really needed a nice project like this one.
  3. That won't happen. First reason AC & ET have no JV. Second, AC has no widebody planes left to operate this route.
  4. At this point, they are still behind with their deliveries also combined with Air Canada increasing service to 4 weekly on a 787-8. I'd say the market is pretty well served.
  5. Well I look forward to seeing what the other phases look like. I'm just not 100% sold on the design.
  6. I know we say this all the time, but I wish we had the same thinking as the developers in the Oakridge project in Vancouver. This could have really been a great extension of the skyline east wards.
  7. Looking good, I assume they'll finish the part near the Biosphere eventually?
  8. I was thinking the same thing. A day tripper to CDG would be awesome. If the 737 MAX ever comes back maybe AC could make it work with an 8:30am departure.
  9. Air France adding a 4th flight 3 times per week for peak summer season, bringing a total of 24 weekly flights to CDG with AF.
  10. About time! Now reopen the 9th floor
  11. When I was at Concordia a few years ago the 8th floor in the JMSB was still not in use. Have they finally opened it?
  12. Official press release today.
  13. No official press release yet but TS has loaded 3 weekly San Diego starting June 15th, 2020 operated by 737-800.
  14. You can see work on the connections centre almost complete between gate 56 and 72 in the horseshoe, as well as work on runway 24R/06L Photo by: @leralindt on IG