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  1. Some changes made to the domestic schedule this week. St. John's NF : 2 out of 3 flight are operated by Rouge A319 Moncton : goes 4 to 5x daily Quebec: 2 flights operated by Rouge A319, compared to 1 last summer. Most Jazz flights that usually see the DH-1 now seem to be operated by DH-3, looks like it's almost the end for the DH-1.
  2. Absolutely love this angle!!! Looks amazing.
  3. Alexcaban

    Montreal's Future Skyline

    The bridge 😜
  4. Alexcaban

    Montreal's Future Skyline

    Best view of the skyline in my opinion is driving in on the Champlain bridge. Will be even better when it's completed.
  5. Outstanding year! 12.22 million international passengers. Where does that place us North America wide?
  6. In an article released yesterday TAP still mentions Montreal as a route they are starting this year. Out of their plan to start 15 new routes by summer 2019, YUL is the last one to be announced. I guess it's a matter of time now.
  7. I see this aircraft having great success on routes that are currently served my AC express. Houston, Dallas and Denver definitely, the current E75 situation makes the routes difficult to fly when the winds are not in favour and often have load restrictions. All ORD and LGA flight can finally go mainline, Canada wise could be used on YHZ, YYT, YYJ and YWG. New routes such as SAN, SEA.
  8. No need to delete it. C-series have nothing to do with the summer 2019 schedule. We can continue to discuss potential routes here.
  9. Wasn't Avianca looking to launch BOG from YUL this summer ? Is that still on the table.
  10. What a stunning architectural project!!
  11. These Rouge flights to Europe are full of Americans transiting through YUL in the summer, hence the large increase in USA traffic.
  12. A few US changes I noticed that I guess were loaded into the system before the holidays. YUL-DEN 2 daily mainline E190, instead of AC express E175 YUL-LGA 3 of 8 daily flights are now mainline A320 (AC744, 746, 748) Other flights remain AC express E75 YUL-MIA 2nd daily flight on day 1347 (rouge A319)
  13. The 319's could be deployed to open new domestic routes, or to increase frequencies.