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  1. February should be a good month also. #1 Only PVG was cancelled and shouldn't have done much harm. #2 GRU, ORY and VIE, flights that were not available in February 2019 make up for any loses. #3 2020 is a leap year, Feb 29th is a nice little bonus.
  2. And it's official, last outbound tonight. AC890 will depart YYZ-FCO and will return tomorrow as AC893 FCO-YUL. Suspended until May 1st
  3. Ouff that Concordia library.... very 1980s.
  4. Wow, it really completes the square.
  5. With Italy on lockdown, I expect AC to cancel FCO any day now. YYZ-MXP was to resume March 29th, which is no longer the case now.
  6. Transat is in the process of being bought out by Air Canada, so I doubt it's them.
  8. So am I, I love anything ArtDeco, its a shame they let it get the bad before they started the development . Wishing they would do something with Eaton 9th floor.
  9. I'm talking about the first quarter of 2020. Losing LIM has nothing to do with the first 3 month of the year.
  10. The Coronavirus will virtually have very little effect on YUL. Nowhere near what YVR and YYZ will have to deal with. Air China is still operating to YUL. How their loads are doing I have no Idea? I'm going to assume that AC pax from YYZ-PEK are being rebooked via YUL. YUL-GRU/VIE/ORY will make up for the loss since we didn't have these flights last year.
  11. Solid year despite the MAX groundings.
  12. I have so much confidence in a twitter post.........
  13. Looks like nothing changed over the last month!?