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  1. Don't forget Paris and Barcelona had an eight hundred year head start!
  2. We already have the Exo Hudson line to Windsor station servicing the area; why a second spur?
  3. Wait until after the COVID storm . . .
  4. Nice juxtaposition between classic and modern.
  5. I vote for the top of central station: it would be surrounded by 200+ buildings creating a mountain effect, a reflection of Mount Royal.
  6. I like weird: I like original and outstanding concepts of design.
  7. I always thought that space was a park!
  8. Sad end to such a beautiful part of N.D.G. Many a memorable night began watching a film there (the Cinema V repertoire version).
  9. Source? It's been a while but when I was at Concordia, the Fine Arts department was an entity unto themselves and they like it that way.
  10. So who is going to tell Legault?
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