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  1. I like the idea that "REM B would branch off to the old port just after the Griffintown station". It could descend to the tracks that were abandoned that run between de la Commune and the old port then go up on pillars at the end of de la Commune so it can run parallel to Notre Dame. The advantage of this is in Old Montreal it is at street level (like a tram) then goes up on pillars when Notre Dame becomes industrial. This avoids marring René-Lévesque.
  2. I like the pastiche to classic Montreal triplex in the back. Perhaps they should have had the same metal outdoor stairs in the front? Maybe with the classic circular shape?
  3. Agreed, so why don't we do it more often? Check this out: above ground versus underground cities: https://everydaytourist.ca/wandering-canada/2017/2/7/montreal-vs-calgary-underground-city-vs-above-ground-city
  4. There was a team working on the overpass with a backhoe this morning @ 7:30 but they were gone by 4.
  5. How was the light in Norman Bethune square?
  6. I agree; could it be cheaper than digging?
  7. If so it is an interesting reversal: in the 1960's the central business district moved up the hill from Old Montreal to Dorchester (René Lévesque Boulevard) with the construction of CIBC building and Place Ville Marie. Will we now see the reverse?
  8. Especially for hiding that blind wall on MacKay!
  9. I used to walk by the building every day on the way to work - it wasn't much better back in the eighties.
  10. Where does that passage lead?
  11. I agree; it has a certain Miami Art Deco charm to it, and the rounded staircases give a nod to the rounded corner of the original, but wasn't the 1486 St Catherine building recently renovated into student residences, like a couple of years ago?
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