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  1. We could use a few more parks; Montreal is middle of the pack in North America with 14.3% of our land deicated to parks compared to 27% for New York, and we randk very poor compared to European cities: London (33 percent), Rome (34.8 percent), Madrid (35 percent), Stockholm (40 percent). (https://www.treehugger.com/global-cities-most-and-least-public-green-space-4868715)
  2. Shame! I like that fifties look. Another some loss for Montreal.
  3. Aren't they trying to repair/protect the brickwork?
  4. So that reduces the walk to 3 minutes? In the wintertime that would make a nice break for anyone living in the Viger Station site.
  5. Is there an entrance to the metro through CHUM Pavillon S?
  6. Cans someone define "micro apartments" please? How small is "micro"?
  7. I worked in the building for three years and insides is far more interesting, with massive atrium and natural lighting. It's a shame what they did with the exterior. Article not on topic but picture illustrates my point. https://montrealgazette.com/opinion/columnists/opinion-the-cynics-are-wrong-about-the-value-of-an-arts-degree
  8. "Close to highway"? That is some serious equivocation.
  9. Thanks for the clarification 👍
  10. Why does the rendering focus on Clarke? Does the lot not extend to St Laurent or is that another lot?
  11. So help me to understand: air rights means that if this is passed no one could buy the Imperial Theatre, tear it down and build something taller? It the purchase to ensure the view from the Imeria or something else?
  12. I find it too dense. I prefer to see parts of the city through the buildings.
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