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Montreal not only didn’t make MoneySense’s top 10 best cities to live in Canada – it didn’t make the top 100.


While Montreal stagnated in 149th place, Ottawa was been named the best place in Canada to live for the third straight year by MoneySense magazine.


The publication cited the national capital’s “cultural offerings and family-friendly lifestyle” as keys to its top ranking.


In an article posted online Tuesday, MoneySense said Ottawa's residents "enjoy high household and discretionary incomes, thanks to the large number of well-paying government jobs, which insulate it from some of the vagaries of the economy.”


The Canadian rankings saw some notable movement this year.


Prairie cities, like Regina and Red Deer, Alta., cracked the top 10 – at fifth and ninth, respectively – thanks largely to their low unemployment rates and high income levels.


Halifax also saw a major movement – to fourth overall from 21st last year – based on gains in population and employment.


Canada’s biggest cities were not among the top-ranked places to live, according to this assessment.


Vancouver’s ranking was 56th, down from 29th last year, as MoneySense noted the high cost of housing in the city. Toronto was 47th.


Rounding out the top 10 were: Burlington, Ont., at second: Kingston, Ont., at third; Brandon, Man., at sixth; Fredericton at seventh; Edmonton at eighth; and Winnipeg at 10th.


MoneySense said it relies on “hard measurable data,” like economic statistics, climate and crime rates, in compiling its rankings.


Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/Montreal+149th+best+place+live+Canada/6329887/story.html#ixzz1pgyzR8Wp


:confused: Not sure how Winnipeg is 10th? Isn't that place the crime capital of Canada?

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Lol, il faudrait me pointer un gun à la figure avant que je déménage dans n'importe quelle de ces villes!










Red Deer




''On s'en va-tu passer nos vacances à Red Deer les boys?!''

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N'importe quel liste dépends beaucoup de la clientèle visée et du "readership" que Montréal soit top1 ou top1000.


Comme je me suis toujours fait raconter "Tu peux faire dire ce que tu veux aux nombres" Nous nous pettons les bretelles quand MTL tombe dans les premiers de liste, mais nous oublions ce même facteur.

Mais effectivement, cette liste à l'air un peu bizarre !

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