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    BIXI New York- hehe! [video=youtube;Kz14vP-vUEU]
  2. Wisdom from Joey Saputo. Too bad that the Problem Industry has already taken over the show. Justin Time Trudeau has weighed in with his vote-fishing opinion therefore Pauline Marois must automatically take an opposing stance. It's like an automatic trigger: One side says this, the other must say that. Common sense is lost in the shuffle. Too bad, as there is no hope of coming up with an intelligent solution now. It's Officially Political. And you tell me: Could we, all the people who are members of MTLurb, have not have solved this problem before it even became a problem? Could 90% of Québécois - regardless of their language or ethnicity - have solved this 'problem' before it became a 'problem'? I think so, and I think we are all being manipulated by the Problem Industry. Put an end to the Problem Industry! Le Président de l'Impact de Montréal Joey Saputo a émis la déclaration suivante : « Personnellement, je pense qu’on ne devrait pas empêcher un enfant de jouer au soccer au niveau mineur parce qu’il porte un turban. Toutefois, je comprends la décision de la Fédération de soccer du Québec qui a été prise selon un règlement de la FIFA, qui laissait place à interprétation. Les commentaires accusant la fédération de racisme sont déplacés compte-tenu du contexte dans lequel la fédération a dû naviguer. L’Association canadienne de soccer a fait une recommandation et n’a pas statué précisément sa position auprès des fédérations provinciales. Par ailleurs, la décision de l’Association canadienne de suspendre la fédération est donc nettement exagérée. Toutes les instances en cause doivent trouver un terrain d’entente pour le bien du sport.»
  3. I'll attempt to 'get in touch' by running home and looking up lists on the internet every day. Fuck all this travelling and living in different places. Who needs it? Knowledge is but a mouse click away...
  4. I agree, but I was responding to someone who said "you can't buy alcohol in Nova Scotia after 5 on weekends" which was incorrect, another who said that "you can't buy alcohol online" which is true, but the same all over Canada, and the article that stated "Le Québec est la seule juridiction en Amérique du Nord où cette règle existe toujours" which is also incorrect. But next time, if somebody posts "They don't sell beer in Australia" I"ll just let it go!
  5. LOL! Malek, if you want to talk about idiotic liquor laws, Canada is a great place to start! Seriously though, I worked in the industry for over 20 years from coast to coast in Canada and in 3 different countries. Stupid liquor laws are one of my pet peeves - especially after spending 3 months in Berlin. Here's a photo I took at a restaurant in New Brunswick. Note the first regulation. Look familiar? The article was wrong.
  6. With all due respect Sir, I doubt that there is a more mediocre member of this site, than you.
  7. I'll ignore the list-obsessed Village Idiot. It's difficult to respond to this particular study (which is just one of thousands) as they don't supply any specific breakdown on any of the Canadian cities other than a number. 57.5? Euh.. OK, what does that mean? But any study from the Economist will put a great emphasis on financial centres, so much so that the study could be more accurately named "What 55 year old bankers look for in a city" That's fine, but what if you're not a 55 year old banker? What if you're a 30 year old aeronautical engineer? A 25 year old visual artist? A bio technician? A musician? I'm sorry but there's more to life than "What business guys want" because all they really want to do is make money and anything that gets in the way of that will fall by the wayside - if you let them run the show. And we've seen where they've taken the world over the past decade or so: to the brink of collapse. The more bankers get their way it seems the more fucked up everything becomes. So I wouldn't place too much emphasis getting our 'Economist ranking' up. At least not to the detriment of all else. When I look at the rankings and I see cities like Berlin, Montreal, Melbourne, Hamburg finishing well below a dump like Toronto, I know that my idea of a great city and the Economist computer's idea of a great city differ widely. I'd like to take the Economist computer (I hope it's a laptop!) to each of these cities and see if it changes its mind. Of course these conclusions weren't arrived at by actual humans who have lived in or even visited these cities. These conclusions are reached by taking data that is important to bankers (but not necessarily to the rest of us) and feeding it into a machine. The results are predictable with the 3 or 4 financial powers that really matter finishing at the top and the rest - that are interchangeable and don't really matter at all - arguing over who gets to carry New York, London or Tokyo's briefcase to the next meeting. Somewhat like the world's 25 largest army bragging because it has 75 tanks and the 35th largest army only has 65 tanks. It doesn't really matter when the U.S. army has over 8000 tanks. That said, I do want us to continue to do well and there are many things we can improve upon. But it's important that these improvements are made with the emphasis upon making life better for us - the people who live here - and not simply on providing better data for the Economist computers. The most important improvement that needs to be made IMO are in transit and infrastructure. We need to extend the metro, AMT, LRT NOW - not 5,10 years from now. We need to take down the Turcot, Bonaventure, fix the roads NOW. These will have direct benefits for citizens and the economy. Every dollar spent (wisely) on infrastructure NOW gives economic benefits of 2 or 3 times that amount in the future. Expand the Palais de Congès, fix the Stade, build the airport train. Enough with the endless studies, start NOW! And the language issue. I can't help but think that if we took that dossier out of the hands of hardline politicians on both sides of the issue and gave it to the 90% of us who get along fine every day, it could be solved over the weekend. Instead, it keeps being passed from one group of idiots to the next who continually use it to pit each of us against the other simply to garner support from the extreme minority at either end of the nutbar spectrum. As an anglo transplant, I don't really see much of a problem in my daily life yet I READ about problems Every. Single. Day. Most of them are manufactured by the local Problem Industry who only benefit from creating trouble where trouble doesn't actually exist. End the Problem Industry! Otherwise, concentrate on our strengths: aerospace, life sciences, pharma, digital arts, cultural industries. Broadcast our 'uniqueness' to potential tourists. Plan our development properly, decrease the gap between rich and poor, send mark_ac to Toronto.. Smart stuff that will immediately improve the city.
  8. LOL! You don't think that he actually read it or understands it do you? This is all he saw: Some study about something...... Toronto.. 10....... Vancouver.. 28......... Montreal..36!!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!! SKY IS FALLING ONCE AGAIN!!!!!
  9. Considering the disaster of Trum in Toronto (ugly building, falling glass, investors backing out and suing, still haven't installed the 'P' a year after opening, the 'art installation' doesn't work) why would anybody want to be associated with that buffoon?
  10. Obviously, everybody should move to New York or London. That's what the Economist computers say! I'll rough it out here. I'm not a computer.
  11. People who complain about alcohol laws in Québec have obviously never lived anywhere else in Canada! Having different licences is the right idea - it prevents an area or even an entire street from becoming wall to wall clubs - which is a bad outcome. But the restaurant licence in its current form is not a good implementation. A restaurant should have to maintain a certain percentage of food sales in order to prove that it is not simply a "club calling itself a restaurant". This category of licence needs to be modified. That said, the SPVM should not be acting like jackbooted thugs. They should be required to abide by the laws that they themselves are charged with upholding. The Globe must have been specifically targeted as the timing of this raid was designed to create maximum disturbance and maximum embarrassment to the establishment. And not acting until a year and a half after their infraction? This was personal. They must have pissed some petty official off.
  12. That is the case everywhere in Canada. All alcohol must be purchased through the various provincial liquor commissions. You may not want to go to Ontario either as you can't buy any alcohol, anywhere in Ontario after 6 pm on Sundays or statutory holidays. You can't buy anything at all on Christmas day or New Year day. (bars excluded)
  13. You can still buy beer direct from the breweries until 10 on Sunday but that only helps if you live in Halifax. All NSLC stores close at 5 on Sunday. Most urban stores are open until 10 the other 6 days. Rural stores, probably not.
  14. Nicolas Van Praet, Financial Post · Jun. 6, 2013 | Last Updated: Jun. 6, 2013 2:23 PM ET MONTREAL • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. is revamping its Canadian manufacturing operations in Montreal as investors savour a tripling in the company’s shares over the past year. The Waterbury, Vt.-based company, which bought Quebec coffee chain Van Houtte in 2010, will announce Friday a $40-million to $50-million investment to modernize its plant in Montreal’s Saint Michel neighbourhood with new packaging equipment, two sources said. More than 100 new jobs will be created in the move. It’s all part of a larger effort by Green Mountain Canada President Sylvain Toutant to fortify and grow the company’s presence in Montreal since the $915-million takeover three years ago. Building on initial moves to purchase property around the company’s Van Houtte coffee facility in the city’s north end and to occupy a new country head office, Mr. Toutant is now expanding the Montreal manufacturing operations. “This is really a great piece of news for a neighbourhood that badly needs it,” said Frantz Benjamin, the municipal councillor representing the district, adding the company’s modernization is only the first phase of what could be a larger economic development project for the neighbourhood. Related “In the medium term, we’d really like to develop an entire Quartier du Café (Coffee District) in the area,” anchored around Green Mountain, he said. Montreal has other geographical clusters of business activity, but this one in Saint Michel’s industrial district would be among the more remote. The coffee maker sought financial support from the Quebec government for the manufacturing modernization, which it is believed to have won. The funds would be used to add a production line in Saint Michel and diversify commercial activities, the company said in a filing with Quebec’s lobbyist registry. Shares of Green Mountain rose 3% to $74.68 in Nasdaq trading Thursday. They’ve more than tripled over the past year. In December, Mr. Toutant articulated a three-year plan for Green Mountain’s Montreal site to add 50,000 square feet of production space, boost the payroll by 150 workers to 1,000, and refurbish the roasting plant. The site currently encompases the head office, a roasting factory and two distribution warehouses. Green Mountain dominates the single-serve coffee market in the United States with its Keurig-brand coffee makers and K-Cup pods, making money from most of the coffee sold for those machines. The company lost more than two-thirds of its market value during the year ending last October, but has since staged a remarkable recovery, proving that despite the expiry of its K-Cup design patents it can still generate earnings growth. Green Mountain’s product innovation will be an important performance driver in the years ahead, Imperial Capital analyst Mitchell Pinheiro said in a research note Thursday, initiating coverage on the shares with an outperform rating and $95 price target. “We believe the company’s potential on the cold beverage side of the at-home beverage category could create an opportunity that is as large, if not larger, than its current coffee, tea and hot cocoa segment,” Mr. Pinheiro said, forecasting earnings per share growth of 15-25% over the next three years. http://www.nationalpost.com/Green+Mountain+boost+Montreal+operations+with+much+investment/8490304/story.html
  15. The problem with you is that you only look for lists where Montreal finishes lower than some other city. When you find one - whatever the topic or however dubious the source - you hail it as THE definitive indicator that everything is a disaster and that everyone is accepting "mediocrity". Meanwhile, you ignore every positive indicator that doesn't fit with your predetermined doomsday scenario. Lists where Montreal tops other cities are irrelevant and don't interest you as they go against your "everything is fucked" mentality. To top things off, you don't seem to have the intelligence or desire to weed out the bullshit or to understand anything within its context. You see a list, it has negative connotations, you launch into a nonsensical diatribe. "Montreal only has 6 startups!!!!!!" says some list. Whereas an intelligent person would likely question this because it doesn't sound correct - and do a .5 second search which reveals at least 51 startups http://www.montrealtechstartup.com/#. Not mark_ac, he believes everything he reads (but ONLY if it puts Montreal in a negative light of course - good lists are irrelevant and to be ignored). I'd be willing to bet that you've never lived anywhere else in the country or the world because your posts reek of someone who has no clue and no basis upon which to make comparisons between different cities - other than looking for lists on the internet. You come off as a miserable little wretch of a human being who does nothing but complain and blame everybody else while you do nothing but look for lists that will make you more miserable. I have to give you credit though, if I were as deeply unhappy as you are I probably would have put myself out of my misery by now. And don't pm me again - EVER!