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  1. Habfanman


    BIXI New York- hehe! [video=youtube;Kz14vP-vUEU]
  2. Wisdom from Joey Saputo. Too bad that the Problem Industry has already taken over the show. Justin Time Trudeau has weighed in with his vote-fishing opinion therefore Pauline Marois must automatically take an opposing stance. It's like an automatic trigger: One side says this, the other must say that. Common sense is lost in the shuffle. Too bad, as there is no hope of coming up with an intelligent solution now. It's Officially Political. And you tell me: Could we, all the people who are members of MTLurb, have not have solved this problem before it even became a problem? Could 90% of Québécoi
  3. I'll attempt to 'get in touch' by running home and looking up lists on the internet every day. Fuck all this travelling and living in different places. Who needs it? Knowledge is but a mouse click away...
  4. I agree, but I was responding to someone who said "you can't buy alcohol in Nova Scotia after 5 on weekends" which was incorrect, another who said that "you can't buy alcohol online" which is true, but the same all over Canada, and the article that stated "Le Québec est la seule juridiction en Amérique du Nord où cette règle existe toujours" which is also incorrect. But next time, if somebody posts "They don't sell beer in Australia" I"ll just let it go!
  5. LOL! Malek, if you want to talk about idiotic liquor laws, Canada is a great place to start! Seriously though, I worked in the industry for over 20 years from coast to coast in Canada and in 3 different countries. Stupid liquor laws are one of my pet peeves - especially after spending 3 months in Berlin. Here's a photo I took at a restaurant in New Brunswick. Note the first regulation. Look familiar? The article was wrong.
  6. With all due respect Sir, I doubt that there is a more mediocre member of this site, than you.
  7. I'll ignore the list-obsessed Village Idiot. It's difficult to respond to this particular study (which is just one of thousands) as they don't supply any specific breakdown on any of the Canadian cities other than a number. 57.5? Euh.. OK, what does that mean? But any study from the Economist will put a great emphasis on financial centres, so much so that the study could be more accurately named "What 55 year old bankers look for in a city" That's fine, but what if you're not a 55 year old banker? What if you're a 30 year old aeronautical engineer? A 25 year old visual artist? A bio techni
  8. LOL! You don't think that he actually read it or understands it do you? This is all he saw: Some study about something...... Toronto.. 10....... Vancouver.. 28......... Montreal..36!!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!! SKY IS FALLING ONCE AGAIN!!!!!
  9. Considering the disaster of Trum in Toronto (ugly building, falling glass, investors backing out and suing, still haven't installed the 'P' a year after opening, the 'art installation' doesn't work) why would anybody want to be associated with that buffoon?
  10. Obviously, everybody should move to New York or London. That's what the Economist computers say! I'll rough it out here. I'm not a computer.
  11. People who complain about alcohol laws in Québec have obviously never lived anywhere else in Canada! Having different licences is the right idea - it prevents an area or even an entire street from becoming wall to wall clubs - which is a bad outcome. But the restaurant licence in its current form is not a good implementation. A restaurant should have to maintain a certain percentage of food sales in order to prove that it is not simply a "club calling itself a restaurant". This category of licence needs to be modified. That said, the SPVM should not be acting like jackbooted thugs. The
  12. That is the case everywhere in Canada. All alcohol must be purchased through the various provincial liquor commissions. You may not want to go to Ontario either as you can't buy any alcohol, anywhere in Ontario after 6 pm on Sundays or statutory holidays. You can't buy anything at all on Christmas day or New Year day. (bars excluded)
  13. You can still buy beer direct from the breweries until 10 on Sunday but that only helps if you live in Halifax. All NSLC stores close at 5 on Sunday. Most urban stores are open until 10 the other 6 days. Rural stores, probably not.
  14. Nicolas Van Praet, Financial Post · Jun. 6, 2013 | Last Updated: Jun. 6, 2013 2:23 PM ET MONTREAL • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. is revamping its Canadian manufacturing operations in Montreal as investors savour a tripling in the company’s shares over the past year. The Waterbury, Vt.-based company, which bought Quebec coffee chain Van Houtte in 2010, will announce Friday a $40-million to $50-million investment to modernize its plant in Montreal’s Saint Michel neighbourhood with new packaging equipment, two sources said. More than 100 new jobs will be created in the move. It
  15. The problem with you is that you only look for lists where Montreal finishes lower than some other city. When you find one - whatever the topic or however dubious the source - you hail it as THE definitive indicator that everything is a disaster and that everyone is accepting "mediocrity". Meanwhile, you ignore every positive indicator that doesn't fit with your predetermined doomsday scenario. Lists where Montreal tops other cities are irrelevant and don't interest you as they go against your "everything is fucked" mentality. To top things off, you don't seem to have the intelligence or d
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