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Avis de la Ville de Montreal



The location and picture of the pukey building that will fall to the demo ball!!Yeah


go to google maps and put in 1221 Hôtel de Ville, Montreal and see the building that is there now beurk!!



The architectural firm is the following: I cannot find any renderings ..the site just seems to run a spool of the same images over and over...





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The building with the stone facade? That's what they want to demolish? Well that just seems strange to me. It's a nice looking building with a classic stone facade... why not build on one of the many vacant lots nearby instead?


They better not tear it down to build a 4-storey generic and mundane building. I can accept the loss but only if we get something high-quality. Minimum 10 storeys and high-quality architecture.

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Maybe they want to expand over part of hte lots, and the lot too small :)


Anyway why destroy a parking lot instead of abuilding? Maybe the building is in need of serious repairs and has zero or less than zero value and the parking lots are more valuable. Or maybe the lots belong to other properties and the owners don't want to sell...

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Anyway why destroy a parking lot instead of abuilding?


Because cities are generally thought of as collections of buildings, not collections of parking lots.


Here's an illustration to help you understand:


A city:



Not a city:


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