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  1. Does anyone know of a good source on Montreal corruption? I'm not asking for research, just for personal interest. A few of the questions I would like to be able to answer are: - Which companies have bribed officials in the past? Are they still in operation? What has been done about it? - I know the new hospital and some other large scale projects were immersed in some corrupt deals, but how widespread is corruption in other smaller projects like street renovations, paving, street furniture, etc? Is it common at all? Does the low quality of many streets/sidewalks in Montreal hav
  2. This is amazing I always pick up trash when I walk around my neighbourhood (in case you ever wondered why some areas around Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park are so much cleaner than the rest of the Plateau ). But the fact that this may become a trend is exciting! Do a little jog, pick up a little trash, let's go plogging tonight! The Swedish fitness trend combines jogging with picking up sidewalk litter — and it's catching on in Montreal Read: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/do-a-little-jog-pick-up-a-little-trash-let-s-go-plogging-tonight-1.4616589
  3. It is almost blasphemy to speak about street-level in this forum (I'm joking), but I believe Griffintown could become a great neighbourhood if it got some street-level love. And I'm not talking about restaurants or fancy shops, but nice sidewalks, nice street furniture, nice parks. I was disappointed to realize that most new Griffintown sidewalks are of horrible quality and horrible looks (just like most sidewalks in the island), and that no new street furniture was planned for the place. Sure, a couple of paths here and there are set to be renovated, but would it hurt to make the whole place
  4. I added all suggestions to the map ( Montreal - Sidewalks), along with other places I noticed on Google Maps. I'll also be adding some TMR as well :*Google Maps
  5. Although not a sidewalk, we have something similar:*Google Maps Quebec City has something kind of similar:*Google Maps Thanks for the tips on L'ile des sours! I'll try to find those and add them.
  6. If anyone else is as obsessed with sidewalks as I am, you may enjoy this map I've made of good quality and renovated sidewalks in Montreal. Pretty much anything different from the typical ugly concrete sidewalks makes the cut. Some of them are still under construction/renovation. I can actually draw most of these from memory, but I still had to look some of them up. I'm sure I missed some, so feedback is welcome! Montreal - Sidewalks
  7. This is a pretty common sight in the Plateau and the cause of 90% of its litter: People take out their garbage too early (one day in advance sometimes) and squirrels take care of the rest. In this case I've placed a temporary piece of paper on the tree for the infractor to read. It says to take out the garbage at the appropriate time (4pm-7pm Tuesday and Friday at this spot), NOT BEFORE. We'll see how they respond. Anyone can get the garbage days and times from here: Info-collectes
  8. Frustrated by how difficult it is to contact Montreal's 311 service, a couple of friends and I have built this handy web app: chermtl.ca It works on desktop and on mobile. This is not a for profit project, but simply our proposed solution to what we see as a very outdated system. We take care of bundling up and forwarding reports to different instances of the city's boroughs using a partially automated system. Please give it a try and let me know what you think
  9. (Please read below for details) My suggestion for now: Call 311 or tweet @MTL_311 every time you see litter around (even if they respond with: "please call 311". It needs to be visible). Take a picture with your smartphone and tweet at them with a description of the location/address. They will eventually be forced to simplify and improve their system. See @SF311 (San Francisco) for a good reference. I've been observing my neighbourhood (Plateau/Laurier) quite a bit. While I still think there is a lot more litter than similarly dense places in North America, residents themselves are not rea
  10. Hi MtlMan! Let's do that please! I'd love to help by: * Translating announcements to English (although that may not be necessary since it's a Montreal page, but it may give it more visibility). * Reporting offenders and taking pictures. * Building and hosting a little web app for people to send pictures with one click. Let me know whether you'd like to create the FB page, or if I should create it and add you as an admin (In that case I would need a title and description that makes sense in French).
  11. Please read: Montreal Desperately Needs To Solve Its Massive Litter Problem Even the sites of trendy co-working spaces, schools in expensive neighbourhoods, fancy condo buildings, landmark public libraries, and churches are often surrounded with trash. ... Continue reading here: https://medium.com/@reportmontreal/montreal-desperately-needs-to-solve-its-massive-litter-problem-dd636a57464#.n40omeqgf
  12. Hi everyone, This is a note to the people who claim Montreal is clean. I just cleaned up one block in the Plateau by myself. This is not representative of the whole neighbourhood, but its neither the cleanest nor the dirtiest street in it. I spent about one hour picking up litter. I filled up two large garbage bags and could hardly carry all the weight by the end. See attached pictures. Having done this in a third world country before, one garbage bag was normally enough for one residential block. Yes, you would find certain spots containing mountains of garbage bags, but this was
  13. Thanks for your comments guys. @peekay, in my case, I realized this by myself since my first year living here. The comments from visitors just made me remember it after I had gotten used to it. My plan is to gather data though, so I'll try to do that as well. @denpanosekai I'm adding cigarette butts to the list, since it is often dangerous to throw them into a garbage can which explains why many people don't do it. @Rusty Agree, Rome is worse. @andre md I've heard a couple of reasons for the lack of garbage cans in Montreal. One is money; collection takes longer and is more exp
  14. I've lived in Montreal almost 10 years, and I've come to the pretty clear conclusion that we have a huge litter problem in the city. I've decided to start a conversation and to try to do something about it, so I'm going to go ahead and gather some thoughts, and I invite anyone interested in the subject to pitch their ideas. Step 1. Admit there is a problem. It seems that this is one of the hardest steps for us to take. Try taking a walk down a couple of residential streets in the Plateau for example, or up Du Parc or Cote Des Neiges. Have someone from another city visit you. A coup
  15. Hi everyone! Has any of you downloaded an official festival mobile app (such as the Jazz Festival app)? What do you think of these apps? Did you find them useful? I'm working on a related projects and I really want to know your opinion! Thanks!
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