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  1. Just called and got to talk to their agent. Tower 2 is a rental and commercial tower. No start Date yet fixed. I asked ''Could it be 1 year or 10 years ?''and she said, yes that is correct. Kind of disappointing!!😎
  2. I heard that the site is supposed to be completed as a new A&W restaurant.
  3. On dirai la version moderne du CIBC??
  4. Il est ahurissant de voir comment ces opposants se contentent de tirer la merde de leurs fesses. Tous s'inquiètent d'un centre commercial dans une zone peu peuplée si l'on regarde tous les espaces ouverts autour du 15/40. Je me souviens de l'ouverture des Galeries D'Anjous à la fin des années 60. Il n'y avait rien autour des centres pendant des kilomètres et des kilomètres. Les galeries et la place Versailles sont à environ 2 km l'une de l'autre et coexistent. La région s'est développée au cours des 50 dernières années. Cela se produira également au centre 15/40. Rockland et la Marche Centrale renaîtront en tant que nouveaux hybrides. Cessons de nous plaindre des milliards de dollars dépensés par le secteur privé.
  5. Like it or not highways are here to stay. Gas cars will be replaced by electric cars. No flying cars are possible at this time. The subway going north south on Pie ix is redundant and expensive. Instead let's get a new bridge to the south shore and a surface tram on Pie IX. Imagine a new link to the south shore that crosses the island and connects to both the north and south shores. Relief for the tunnel and the Jacques Cartier. Remember a lot of traffic is caused by transport trucks. These thousands of vehicles cannot be replaced by the Metro. Roads are required to be updated, Notre Dame East is a project that has to be completed. The intersection of Dickson and Notre Dame looks like a scene from a Mad Max movie. We have dozens of half finished projects that had been planned for the last 30, 40 or 50 years. This is a shame and continues to haunt us today. Cote de Liesse is an embarrassment to the entrance to Montreal from PET airport.
  6. Yeah, that's it keep Montreal in the squeeze!! The 15/40 project will be the catalyst for the future development of Blue Bonnets, the Cote-St-Luc rail yards ...the Cavendish extension, the redo of the mess we call the Metropolitan etc etc. Take off the blinders, we are in the midst of Montreal's renaissance and we want to stop this huge development?? Other cities welcome development as it spurs on the economy and attracts more and more investments. What all of a sudden some agree with la mairesse on development. She has no fkn clue, all she keeps on bitching is for is the pink line. Screw that...that is a waste of billions. Let's finish the blue line. Let's get working on a replacement for the the Metropolitan asap...this scar is one of the biggest inhibitors of Montreal's progress. Let's think Big. Get the Beltway finished, the 440 the 640, the 19, let's replace the Mercier bridge, let's get the ball rolling for a new stadium downtown, let's make the tunnel LaFontaine into a 6 lane in both directions by adding a new tunnel beside the existing one. Montreal is unduly choked by 2 and 3 lane "expressways" The entrances to Montreal suck in comparison to Toronto, Chicago, LA, Houston, Boston, NYC...need I go on????Let's go after companies and people who want to invest.. don't chase them away!! Remember the 80's and 90's when the only cranes in Montreal were the birds that are known by the same name.
  7. Exactly Toxic....You are absolutely spot on. The Met and Decarie are really in bad shape. We need new solutions...the Cavendish extension has been talked about for 50 years and everyone wants to develop Blue Bonnets and the CP St-Luc Yards....Where are all those vehicles gonna go?? Let's lose " the gros village mentality". We are a big city and we need modern infrastructure....The Met is an embarrassment and so is Decarie . We want investment but we want to control everyone who has great ideas. We throw up our hands and scream that this will be a traffic nightmare, this will cause sprawl this is only for the corporate benefit. STOP looking at the glass being half empty all the time. Sure keep the developers honest with good plans that will integrate into the urban fabric......but let's provide the infrastructure to help make the integration complete.
  8. My dad worked there from 1954 To 1987. It was Atlas Asbestos then it became Atlas Turner and closed when the. Province took it over. Yes many men died from the effects of asbestos. My dad had a 30 percent reduction in lung capacity. He died of other causes, apparently. Won't be sad to see it go!!
  9. ''MEGAFOLIE'' Génial, vous le frappez à la tête du problème de l'attitude négative envers le changement . Construisez-le et ils vont venir. Lorsque ce projet sera mis en œuvre, les villes, la province et les deux compagnies de chemin de fer seront obligées d'agir. L'extension Cavendish devra être une priorité et le '' Met '' deviendra également une priorité. C'est la meilleure chose qui puisse arriver à Montréal. Arrêtez de dénigrer des investissements privés de plusieurs milliards de dollars et commencez à chercher des solutions positives.
  10. This is huge from Devonshire to Decarie.pdf This is huge from Devonshire to Decarie.pdf
  11. Le QuinzeCent, nouveau projet de condos au centre-ville de Montréal 26 septembre 2018 Situé au 1500 boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, à l’angle de la rue Guy du côté sud-est, le QuinzeCent est un projet de condominiums haut de gamme de 36 étages. Le concept architectural a été confié à la firme d’architecture Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux architectes. Le projet QuinzeCent proposera, lui, 400 condos composés de studios ainsi que des unités avec une, deux et trois chambres à coucher. Le montant global pour la construction du bâtiment s’élève à 250 millions de dollars. Il s’agit du quatrième projet immobilier pour le Groupe Brivia au centre-ville de Montréal. Le premier, YUL Condominiums, comprend 2 tours de 38 étages, quelque 800 unités et 17 maisons de ville. Le deuxième, Stanbrooke, est un immeuble locatif de 19 étages comptant 178 appartements. Le troisième, NEST Condos, proposera 97 condos composés de studios, mais également de condominiums un, deux et trois chambres. Source : Le Groupe Brivia
  12. Phew! I threw up in my mouth. What was that hideous monstrosity? If Safdie did that I think it's time to retire or time for him to take his meds. Fortunately they approved a much, much better project.
  13. Why not come back to the original????
  14. Well Quebec City may get Le Phare and now this for Ottawa. I guess that 65 stories is just too much for! Planning committee decides Ottawa is a 65-storey city Ottawa is a 65-storey city, no matter what a community plan says. That’s the view of the majority of planning committee members who voted Tuesday to recommend allowing a giant three-tower complex at 900 Albert St., near the Bayview O-Train station. Councillors Jan Harder, Tim Tierney, Stephen Blais, Rick Chiarelli, Jean Cloutier, Allan Hubley and Shad Qadri voted in favour of planning amendments that would allow the development, while Jeff Leiper and Tobi Nussbaum opposed. Council will cast the final vote Wednesday. TIP Albert GP (Trinity Developments, InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust and PBC Real Estate Advisors) proposes to build towers of 65, 56 and 27 storeys, soaring above commercial and office spaces. There would be 1,241 residential units, which the city expects would generate a massive transit ridership for the Confederation Line and Trillium Line. The 65-storey and 56-storey towers would be the tallest buildings in Ottawa. B+H Architects and GGLO Design are the architects on the project. The city’s Bayview station secondary plan allows a maximum of 30 storeys on the property, but the official plan calls for buildings taller than 30 storeys to be within 200 metres of transit stations in mixed-use centres. A prime candidate for the official plan direction would be 900 Albert St.
  15. Something will be going up for sure Look at the digger Vespo. Lots of big projects.