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What do you really want out of a city? And what can you do without? With the environment top of the agenda in mayors' offices around the world, Monocle looks beyond the recycling bins and congestion charges to see what makes for a liveable city. Tolerance, punctual transit, plenty of sunshine and the ability to get a drink in the wee hours all count for something.


(Courtesy of Monocle Magazine)


1. Munich


2. Copenhagen


3. Zurich


4. Tokyo


5. Vienna


6. Helsinki


7. Sydney


8. Stockholm


9. Honolulu


10. Madrid


11. Melbourne


12. Montreal


13. Barcelona


14. Kyoto


15. Vancouver


16. Auckland


17. Singapore


18. Hamburg


19. Paris


20. Geneva




It is an interesting list of cities. I am happy that Honolulu beat out New York. Though New York has been growing on me. One thing certain cities I did not expect to see on this list especially: Vienna.

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Pour 2010 Montréal se trouve à la 19ième position:




25 most liveable cities: our annual Quality of Life survey


As you run your mouse over the Monocle list of top 25 cities, have you wondered why your hometown didn't make the cut? Each year we send researchers to urban centres that we've heard good things about, or that have been included in previous surveys, but in the end, do they really merit being named as one of the top 25 places to live in the world?


Sometimes it's crime that lets a place down. This year we headed to Chicago, for example, but when you see its murder rate - in 2009, 453 people were killed out of a population of 2.85 million (Tokyo with 13 million people had 179 murders) - it's hard to make it a winner.


Other times cities may be safe but lack other key ingredients. Take Düsseldorf where there were just two murders but which is missing the softer aspects that make a city work. Even a few more places open on a Sunday just to buy groceries would help.


We also put Hong Kong to the test. Here's a city we like so much we are opening a bureau there, but on our metrics test it misses out. Traffic congestion, air quality, housing and conservation all need attention.


In the end the cities that make the cut are not just OK, but places that are benchmarks for urban renaissance and rigorous reinvention in everything from environmental policy to transport.

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Makes sense: stories of corruption, infrastructure nightmares, big projects still waiting to raise above the ground....


Mais quand tout ça sera plus avancé, et les grands projets bien avancés, je pense qu'on va remonter la liste d'aplomb!

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Je crois notre plus gros problème sont les infrastructures... et je parle de toutes les infrastructures: routes, ponts, TEC, parcs, places publiques, ...


En effet. Si tous les projets sur la table actuellement se matérialisent, ça va faire une sacrée différence dans une vingtaine d'années!

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