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Oops! Paris Match overlooks Quebec City in special edition

Confuses capital with province. Montreal focus of magazine on anniversary


MARIANNE WHITE, Canwest News Service

Published: 7 hours ago


A leading French magazine's special edition on Quebec's 400th anniversary confused the founding of the city with that of the province. Even though the story should have been about Quebec City's 400th birthday, the 30-page special doesn't have a line about it.


Instead, it's all about Montreal, its artists, its universities and its restaurants, a double slight because of the rivalry between the two cities.


The editor-in-chief of Paris Match admits the magazine got it wrong by leaving Quebec City out of the picture in the special edition, which hit newsstands in 120 countries yesterday.


"We had no idea this was the celebration of the founding of Quebec City. In our minds, it was about the birth of Quebec (the province). This is how we see it in France and it was important for us to (put) something in the magazine to show how much France loves Quebec," Gilles Martin-Chauffier said in an interview. "But when we got here this week, we realized that there was a misunderstanding." Martin-Chauffier noted that people in both cities raised the issue with magazine staff who travelled across the ocean to promote the special edition after it had been printed.


The issue focuses on Quebec artists who are widely popular in France, such as Luc Plamondon, Stéphane Rousseau and Anthony Kavanagh. Inside the magazine, 15 of them are photographed in front of the Eiffel Tower. Five other artists posed for the magazine in Montreal in front of a statue of Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, the founder of Montreal.


Paris Match also tells readers where to dine out in Montreal.


"We didn't know there was a competition between Quebec City and Montreal and to be honest, it doesn't really matter to us and to our readers. But we now see that it is sensitive issue here," Martin-Chauffier said.


The rivalry between Quebec City and Montreal is legendary and it reached a climax when Quebec City still had a hockey team in the NHL. The Quebec Nordiques moved out of the city in 1995.




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Je trouve ça insultant, riducule, honteux de la part d'un magazine qui se veut sérieux! Franchement


Paris Match?

franchement, je ne suis pas si surpris. le gars affirme que ca ne derangera probablement pas le lecteur moyen, et malheureusement il a probablement raison.


J'ai perdu la foi dans la presse ecrite en general (ou une tres grande partie, mettons) quand j'ai lu un article dans Le Monde sur la Polynesie, qui etalait erreur apres erreur sur la situation politique la bas. Avoir ete ignorant du pays comme 99% des lecteurs j'aurais tout pris pour argent comptant.

Mon point etant que si Le Monde se permet de publier des pages entieres de salades, imagines Paris Match...

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Je trouve ça insultant, riducule, honteux de la part d'un magazine qui se veut sérieux! Franchement


Le Paris-Match est un magazine People, du style "La semaine" le le "7 jours". Pour des choses sérieuses, prière de vous adresser ailleurs.

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