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Le Maritime


Architectes: Panzini Architectes

Fin de la construction:?

Utilisation: Hôtel/résidentiel


Emplacement: Centre-ville, Montréal


? mètres - 21 étages




- La tour est une nouvelle partie de l'Hôtel Maritime, existant déjà.

- Le projet inclu la rénovation de l'hôtel, de sa base et de son entrée.



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So happy that these people are spending money to renovate that hotel, because every time I pass by it I want to puke, seeing its so ugly.


So many buildings in this city have to be redone.


Who ever made these buildings in the 1960's until the 1990's man they had bad taste.

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same here man... who the fuck stays at le maritime anyways?!!


Heh, my mother stayed here once when she was visiting from out of town and I was a student living in a 1 1/2. Dumpy place, to be sure, but cheap.


This area would really pick up with a renovated Maritime and the 16-story condo towers across the street.

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