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IMO, the end cost will be MUCH higher than 1.3 billion when you factor in other developments in the area of the original project.


Just Phase I of the current project is pegged at nearly 1/2 billion and that only accounts for ~ 4 blocks. If you add in projects like Hotel Mo, Carre De La Montagne and others which haven't been announced, I am sure the figure will hit a billion for the general area before the end of Q1 2011.

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Carre de la Montagne is a "relatively minuscule" 8 floor condo project. Then there's Gallery on teh Canal (or some similar name), but with the recent history of major projets from architect firm being Panzini NOT being built, or some of the promoters being associated with the mafia, one could only wonder if this massive 15 floor condo tower will ever see the light next to the canal. And District Griffin (the renewed phase I) seems to aim for luxury buyers (who else would pay $550 000 for a corner unit next to a highway?), which seem to have been running scarce in this city since at least the last decade or so.


I further think the promoter Devimco is making a few major mistakes in this renewed project with an awesome potential to become Montreal's new prestige entrance:


- aiming mainly for the luxury market;

- not showing any renderings on their outdoor promo ads on the site (which would serve as a great window because of their location near a few major axis of transportation);

- and nowhere else in the city (which may hint at low financial capacities of the promoter);

- with its past history of twice postponing the launch of their grandiose project (2008, 2009) they should be weary that they lost much credibility, even for potential luxury buyers;

- although they've said from the start that they've got major financial backers, a delay of over 2 years seems to point in the other direction...


I don't mean to be a party pooper, but it seems like the Nouveau Bassins du Havre projet is far more credible, and with sound financing from CLC (Canada Lands Corp), but even with District Griffin being a flop for a 3rd time, the Bassins project would definitely be the start of a grandiose urban renewal of this historical neighbourhoood which now mainly looks like post-industrial wasteland.

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Nostalgie, avec de nouveaux rendus :




Now that is nice, sucks that was scrapped or wont look like that in 14 years from now. Would be interesting if the Cirque did move their big top from the Old Port into Griffintown.

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Some of this is still possible. A lot of the land still isn't accounted for and Devimco is still a part of the District Griffin project. It's a pity the public was never witness to these months ago when they surely could have swayed some naysayers.

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