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  1. No. Investing that money in small business development instead would guarantee long term success in new industries. As it stands, its the small business that pay for propping up the larger ones with tax handouts, buybacks, etc. Its unacceptable and needs to stop. If a large publicly traded or private company can't support itself, the government has NO BUSINESS propping it up. Period.
  2. Here's a novel idea: stop naming public infrastructure projects after public figures. This all just becomes an ego trip for everyone involved on both sides of the debate. Name them after the locations they serve. Not that hard is it? Not only that it helps people identify WHERE the station / stop is. its one of the cornerstones of public transport "language". London, Toronto, New York...even Paris have this. Its like naming a gate at the airport "Lucien Bouchard" gate instead of ordering them numerically. It would be pure idiocy IMO. Sometimes I just think this city complicates things for no good reason whatsoever.
  3. This looks like an outdoor movie screen in the making.
  4. That lineup of 120m buildings along Rene Levesque keeps looking more and more ridiculous. It shows there's a demand for higher structures but the height limits are very seriously limiting architectural identity.
  5. The doom and gloom in certain sectors isn't mirrored in all of them. The real estate agents I know have all been talking about really long waiting lists of buyers.
  6. Porter has cancelled all flights until June 29th now. Yikes.


    😅😅😅 Guess you haven't seen the places off of Queen Mary Rd or around Oakdale Park.


    Given its proximity to the MCMansions in TMR and Bois Franc not to mention Hampstead, I can totally see that. It would be a great location for flagship stores that would rather not be right downtown.
  9. Funny how this is being stopped for design revisions but the horror that's the Children's project is being allowed to even exist......
  10. I did Calgary to Toronto with them and honestly, it was a really good experience. I'd be more than happy to do mid-haul with them again.
  11. What I think is there isn't a single shovel in the ground. We'll see how this pans out.
  12. The problem is the South Shore communities seem to get it. Get the TOD's built in preparation for the REM (Solar, etc.) rather than let land sit vacant for decades. Meanwhile the West ends up shooting itself in the foot by hand wringing for years, turning a blind eye to prime development space before finally doing something. I think we can all see what will happen: the REM in the west is deemed a failure due to low ridership even though there has been zero moves to proactively create residential developments that would "feed" the stations. Its ridiculous.