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  1. Sounds like every public project in Quebec.
  2. Already booked YUL -> SEA in June on this beauty. Can't wait!
  3. I love them from a practicality standpoint. Glass railings are a nighmare for maintenance and long term durability.
  4. Nothing like having something as simple as a REM station being trotted out for political gain. I don't care about who its celebrating, this whole thing is ridiculous.
  5. Exactly. No need to commemorate anyone. Keep it strictly descriptive.
  6. How about we just throw out naming public transport stations after politicians, famous people and other confusing BS? Its idiotic. Name the stations based on their location. Our Metro system or even Ottawa's LRT Confederation Line have their stations named by location so why is it so hard to name this station "Griffintown" or the one at Fairview Mall "Fairview" or "St Jean". The only reason I see is having a recognizable figure on-site allows for a nice little political photo op. We seem to love complicating things in this province for no good reason. But then again our politicians also love their meaningless photo ops...
  7. On commence les travaux en février 2022 et les premiers patients pourraient arriver à la fin 2026." DISGUSTING. I can't emphasize this enough; YES they are delaying again....until an election year. Still playing political football with people's lives.
  8. I seriously hope folks on this project are taking VERY good notes on what's happening in Ottawa right now with the Confederation Line. Man what a mess....
  9. Funny the congestion problems are being blamed on ridesharing but no mention made of the absolute disaster that's the SF public transport system. Ask anyone who actually lives in the Bay Area and you'll hear a million reasons why they don't touch Muni Metro and usually take ridesharing from the Caltrain hub instead of public transport.
  10. Isn't this right near where the massive Ikea distro center is and where Amazon will likely set up another AWS facility? Its right near a generating station so its perfect IMO.
  11. That's really bad. Three major reportable issues in a short period, all identical of time could indicate a major underlying issue.
  12. Once again a massive project that completely lacks ambition. Wow.
  13. My vote is still for an NBA team. The best part about it is we wouldn't need a taxpayer-funded stadium! Personally I hope any decision to use public funds to build and then prop up an MLB team would be put to a referendum so the public can shoot this idea down once and forever. Landing an MLB franchise isn't a prize like it used to be. Tons of cities are realizing the immense drain on public resources those things are, especially in smaller markets.