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  1. This is an embarrassment to the sector and to architecture as a whole. It shows how we strive for mediocrity with these projects rather than making them something to be proud of. Griffintown taught planners nothing.
  2. Oh boy. This is gonna get the NIMBY's frothing at their mouths. Also, this really can't be done without a complete update of the road network around there with the service road dead-ending at the Colisee.
  3. Welcome to Condo Life in the 21st century. It makes you wonder what kind of crazy things are happening where you CAN'T see them.
  4. Did I miss something? Why are there prefab panels going up on 111 Atwater when every rendering and the floor plans show floor to ceiling glass curtain walls?
  5. This is hilarious. Every year, like a groundhog, this projects pops its head up in November / December and then runs back into its hole until next year.
  6. "We ignore the lessons of history at our own peril"
  7. Pearson has seen a number of -96%: https://www.torontopearson.com/en/corporate/partnering-with-us/air-services/airport-and-market-facts
  8. Isn't this built within the MTQ exclusion zone? Like right within the existing embankment?
  9. Looks like they've reduced the number of north facing windows on the first 8 residential floors versus the renderings and plans. This whole development is such a disaster....
  10. No. Investing that money in small business development instead would guarantee long term success in new industries. As it stands, its the small business that pay for propping up the larger ones with tax handouts, buybacks, etc. Its unacceptable and needs to stop. If a large publicly traded or private company can't support itself, the government has NO BUSINESS propping it up. Period.
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