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  1. On commence les travaux en février 2022 et les premiers patients pourraient arriver à la fin 2026." DISGUSTING. I can't emphasize this enough; YES they are delaying again....until an election year. Still playing political football with people's lives.
  2. I seriously hope folks on this project are taking VERY good notes on what's happening in Ottawa right now with the Confederation Line. Man what a mess....
  3. Funny the congestion problems are being blamed on ridesharing but no mention made of the absolute disaster that's the SF public transport system. Ask anyone who actually lives in the Bay Area and you'll hear a million reasons why they don't touch Muni Metro and usually take ridesharing from the Caltrain hub instead of public transport.
  4. Isn't this right near where the massive Ikea distro center is and where Amazon will likely set up another AWS facility? Its right near a generating station so its perfect IMO.
  5. That's really bad. Three major reportable issues in a short period, all identical of time could indicate a major underlying issue.
  6. Once again a massive project that completely lacks ambition. Wow.
  7. My vote is still for an NBA team. The best part about it is we wouldn't need a taxpayer-funded stadium! Personally I hope any decision to use public funds to build and then prop up an MLB team would be put to a referendum so the public can shoot this idea down once and forever. Landing an MLB franchise isn't a prize like it used to be. Tons of cities are realizing the immense drain on public resources those things are, especially in smaller markets.
  8. Of course they're in favor since a baseball team wouldn't compete directly against the precious Canadiens. After seeing the excitement here in Montreal for the Raptors, I think it should be more than evident an NBA basketball team should call Montreal home long before another baseball team.
  9. Not a fan of Mrs Plante but her administration is right on this one. They should have put the school and social housing units as part of a binding contract. They already lost the school and the developer thumbing its nose at the social housing aspect is just icing on the cake.
  10. Sorry but I'm more concerned about the consumers than the "prestige" of our fair city. Neither option would work. The only option I'd like to see is Transat remaining independent.
  11. While I really don't want to see Air Transat go to Air Canada, this whole situation stinks of backroom meddling.
  12. OK now THAT'S scary to see. Looks like Jenga; one wrong move and the entire tower falls.
  13. YUL to SEA too:
  14. If you were on a plane loaded with kids from a soccer team, yeah that was my flight. I've flown all over the world dozens of times every year but that plane.....that plane was the most uncomfortable I've ever been on. Neither my girlfriend or I have any back issues but we both had stabbing lower back pain after that one. And reclining the seats made it WORSE. 🤦‍♂️