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    Nouvel hôpital à Vaudreuil-Dorion

    Where do I start? The Farmers' Union lobbied the metropolitan board: The land in question isn't even farmable. Expropriations were underway. The 2011 zoning is ridiculously out of date and out of touch with current regional realities. Any other land acquisition would need to go through the same process (it took three years this time)

    Nouvel hôpital à Vaudreuil-Dorion

    As someone who lives in the region, this is getting to be ridiculous. Lives are at stake here; with the extreme overcrowding at Lakeshore and Suroit (200%+ on a daily basis), the only option is Hawkesbury. Politicking while the residents are suffering alongside inflation means the cost has gradually increased to pretty astronomical levels. There is no "perfect" location for this thing but giving in to every lobbying group means it will be in limbo for another decade. That's just unacceptable.
  3. Personally I think its an eyesore and I'm one of the most anti-NIMBY people around. But this thing is like having a two inch pimple on the butt of a supermodel. Even if its temporary this is an abortion of monumental proportion and basically sticks a middle finger up at one of Montreal's most beautiful locations. I mean of all the architectural designs possible, WHY a knock off version of the Luxor? /end rant

    Station Pointe-Claire - Discussion

    The land around Fairview Pointe Claire (the parking lot between the old Sears and Reno Depot) will be converted into an expanded mall / residential complex between now and 2030 with the Reno Depot being demolished. The first step will be to demolish the Sears and build Simons in time for 2022. The initial city proposal can be found here (PDF):

    AC to start Montreal-Raleigh

    Delta has a great service between YUL and ATL. I take it all the time.
  6. They are showing plants all over it because the entire construction looks like cheap concrete blocks. Just like the whole, "trees on top of buildings" craze these renderings are being shown with greenery to simply deceive the eyes.
  7. Or address a little-served market by adding KOA. Tons of people fly into HNL to get to KOA & the rest of Big Island. Use Montreal as a direct Canada -> Big Island hub.
  8. Have to agree on this one. I recently flew from Calgary to Honolulu on West Jet and I would say a good 25% of people on that sold out flight were from Quebec judging from language being spoken. There's definitely a huge number of people who are sick of heading to the Caribbean for their winter / spring vacations.

    Le Quartier des Lumières (Groupe Mach) - 6 à 15 étages

    Where have I heard this before. Oh right......Square Childrens anyone?
  10. SKYMTL

    Air Canada S19 service changes

    Ironically, I'm booked YUL -> PEK next week on Air China. Should be interesting since this is my first trip with them. So far the online booking process has been a nightmare though. Ticket booked through company travel agent so no possibility to view booking, change seats or even check in online on the Air China website.
  11. SKYMTL

    Victoriatown Condominiums - 4 étages

    Samcon. Great, it'll be poorly planned and look like a bunch of Soviet-era communist housing blocks. Hopefully the Plante administration will make good on their promises of insuring new projects have an adequate amount of green space, access to services, etc.
  12. SKYMTL

    Jazz Brossard (Solar Uniquartier) - 26, 15 étages

    Want to know what this will look like when done? See Urbania Laval. Terrible.
  13. SKYMTL

    REM - Discussion générale

    If you want to make this type of development that boxes in the REM station, two things need to be done: 1) You need HIGH density for the area (15+ floors) immediately around the station to maximize the station's capacity 2) Provide a LARGE interim pay-per-use parking lot next to the station as the development is being built. Eventually, as the development phases are complete over 6-10 years, eliminate the parking lot or move it underground. That way, you get the most out of the station while waiting for the developers to build their units.
  14. Cool concept but I always wonder how those flat glass roofs will feel once they're covered in a foot of snow.
  15. SKYMTL

    Nouvelle piste aeroport St-Hubert

    I agree. But I think the worry would be that several LCC's are operating with or looking to operate with 737 aircraft and that would indeed represent a significant uptick in noise pollution.