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  1. Unfortunately not but my guess is that the additional stations would be more towards the sud-ouest
  2. Very important project in terms of "lengthening" the skyline westward and connecting Westmount Square to the DT "core"
  3. I recently heard that the CAQ is very intent on making this happen and the extension could be up to 26 stations
  4. For me, everything west of the red line is the "West Island" haha
  5. I'm not suggesting the city foot the bill and assume the financial risk. I am just suggesting that the city present des pistes de solution to better appease the members of the marina. It's negotiation 101. The resistance that they are currently experiencing is the alternative. I would like to assume that the role of the city is to make financially sound decisions that please as many people as possible. Also, it's not just upper middle-class people that own boats...
  6. Exactly... but any potential project wouldn't begin for at least 2-3 years because the MTQ has to do work on the tunnel.
  7. Some advice for the city.... it would be a great idea to anticipate the pushback / resistance on some of their projects and provide immediate solutions. ex: we are taking away your marina in Lachine but this other site would be a great alternative The lack of foresight is incredible.
  8. @SameGuy @Ousb Like I said last time, high, medium and low density residential to go along with the retail/office components ! The high density would be HIGHER density than Kubik
  9. September 11th 2020 - even though these are all rectangular blocks, it’s still a very impressive site
  10. September 11th 2020 Structure well above ground and lots of concrete being pumped at the secondary site
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