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  1. in that case, shortly is very accurate haha
  2. Depends on your definition of shortly
  3. Site work permit and building permit are two different things. Maybe there's something holding up the building permit ???
  4. Nuance: les projets qui sont déjà en cours restent ouverts mais les projets qui n'ont pas encore demarrés ne peuvent pas débuter.
  5. yeah, 135K ft2 is horribly wrong lol... they forgot a "0" also, 2500 residences/units is a bit ambitious but we'll see what happens after the public consultations. i dont think well see anything above 15 floors
  6. Completely agree with your assessment. In regards to buying as an investment property, I would advise against buying in certain neighborhoods (for the reasons you mentioned). That kind of negative cash flow is too heavy a burden for most people/investors. There are, however, plenty of opportunities to buy in areas like St-Michel, Parc Ex, HoMa, as well as most off-island boroughs, that represent great investment potential!
  7. Depends.... are you buying for yourself or as an investment property??
  8. No pics but the ground floor slab was poured yesterday
  9. Ah in that case, it should be good for another 20 years, right guys??? 💩
  10. LOTS of action this morning, piling is well underway. Will try to get some pictures later.
  11. Visible for a couple of years at least
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