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  1. There is already a thread for this project in the Cancelled Projects section. Regardless of what they are advertising, I highly doubt this will be a luxury project lol FYI, construction is moving forward; they are about 2-3 floors above ground.
  2. The rust is coming from the painted chevetres, not from the rebar in the concrete (which is entirely in stainless steel as @DravasQc mentioned)
  3. There aren't enough workers, plain and simple
  4. Est-ce qu'un mod peut mettre ce lien dans l'entete? C'est tres pertinent! Merci
  5. Can you please explain to me why it's a language issue? Two unnecessary comments...
  6. @Acajou Mostly pictures of the Rouge project and not Condos Vue
  7. People enjoy making money more than they enjoy being creative. I think most of us can relate to that. Nothing spectacular about this project but definitely not an eyesore either.
  8. I just received some info via e-mail! - The project is already on sale via appointment only. Official public launch will take place on April 16th. - Studios starting at $230K + tax (for a 282 sqft condo! ) - Condo fees: $0.41/sqft, Parking: $58,000.00, Locker: included ($5,000 value) - OCCUPANCY DATE: SUMMER 2022 - SPRING 2023 - LINK FOR PRICE LIST AND FLOOR PLANS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/114_tObkm05_GrrjRxhTEqHmcVve4p6-v
  9. This tower is going to écrase the Parliament buildings
  10. Stephen Bronfman just did an impromptu interview on CTV News live from ExposFest. Didn't give many details but he did stress that things are moving forward. Keep the faith!
  11. Great picture! This one would have been a real beauty with 20 more floors
  12. C'est une rue résidentielle à 2 voies. Sérieusement je ne comprends pas la résistance à l'idée d'ajouter un autre axe nord-sud. Présentement il n'y a rien à l'ouest de St-Charles pour desservir la population Pierrefonds Ouest et Kirkland. J'ai habité dans le secteur pendant 20 ans, c'est vraiment l'enfer se déplacer (peut importe en auto, bus etc.).
  13. Site clearing machinery was being delivered tonight. Start of construction is imminent.