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  1. budgebandit

    Reconstruction de l'autoroute Métropolitaine

    I'm sure there will be several configuration changes as well. The Royalmount project is already paying dividends guys!
  2. budgebandit

    R sur la Montagne - 21 étages

    Came across this ad on Instagram earlier tonight! The name of the project is R Sur La Montagne and we now have an idea of what it looks like
  3. budgebandit

    Royal Quai

    Emplacement exact:
  4. budgebandit

    Royal Quai

    Royal Quai Luxury at the water’s edge Located in what was once the McConnell Woods on a huge estate on the banks of the Lake Saint-Louis in Dorval, the Royal Quai residences will offer an unparalleled lifestyle. Ten of them will have direct access to the lake, allowing boat lovers to own their own private docks. Delivery scheduled from late 2019. “It’s a unique and very special project,” says Paolo Presti, Vice President of Presti Homes and Developments, the real estate company responsible for the design and construction of Royal Quai. “It’s rare to find a building plot in the West Island located directly on the waterfront, especially one of this size. The region is beautiful,” he says. Hence, future owners will enjoy an exceptional environment, in an oasis of privacy with peaceful nature surroundings, a stone’s throw from the water and its soothing presence. Built in perfect harmony with this setting, the 31 luxury residences will each be a haven of peace and serenity. Designed with the best materials, with huge windows, they will offer unparalleled comfort and a breathtaking view of the lake. For each residence, a swimming pool and well-maintained landscaping will make every summer a delightful experience. Energy-efficient homes Of course, Presti Homes and Developments is not new to all this. Specializing in customized prestige homes, this family business has acquired a solid reputation, in just over 16 years, for the quality of its superior energy-efficient buildings. As a member of the Novoclimat and Netzero programs, it has won eight Domus trophies. The Royal Quai project simply confirms this expertise while respecting the environment and helping to reduce the carbon footprint. In the heart of nature and yet so close to the city With no obstructions to visibility and idyllic views of sunrises and sunsets, these majestic residences will transport us into a bubble of privacy, where time and the proximity of downtown Montréal, just 20 minutes away, are forgotten. Closer still, the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club and chic golf clubs are on hand for discreet socializing. “The 31 building lots of the Royal Quai project will be on sale very soon. We already have a few people interested, including one who wants to combine two lots for an ambitious development,” says Paolo Presti. [email protected] 450 663-9486 www.royalquai.com Opening of the sales office in spring 2019 Up to 31 building lots available 10 lots with direct access to Lake Saint-Louis 21 houses with access to water 20 minutes from downtown Montréal 10 minutes from Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport Nearby: yacht club, golf clubs, parks, skating rink, tennis courts Novoclimat and Netzero certified homes Outdoor swimming pools, landscaping From $2M Delivery scheduled from late 2019 http://www.presti.ca/en/projects-royal-quai
  5. budgebandit

    1 478 gratte-ciel de plus de 200 m dans le monde

    And the Dubai Creek Harbour project will subsequently dethrone the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. Rumoured height is 1345m !!!!
  6. I sure do! I will try to upload some of them this weekend
  7. Toronto's growth is definitely impressive but after recently visiting Dubai, it really puts things in perspective lol They are on an entirely different level out there...
  8. budgebandit

    Tour des Canadiens 2 - 51 étages

    January 7th 2019
  9. budgebandit

    Victoria sur le Parc - 57 étages

    Five or six new max height (or close to it) towers in the next 3-4 years: VSLP, new BN HQ, Maestria x 2, Brivia Square Phillips project (and those are just the ones we know about!) ?
  10. budgebandit

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    FYI, the building that was being demolished is now completely gone
  11. budgebandit

    Square Dorchester et Place du Canada: réaménagement

    AVIS has got to go!
  12. budgebandit

    Pont Samuel-De Champlain

    Only the central beam is connected. The other ones are about a foot away from main span (extremely close though!)
  13. budgebandit

    SQDC et Légalisation du cannabis

    What if Francois Legault.... is working for the Hells Angels??? ?
  14. budgebandit

    Royalmount "Quinze40"

    December 5th 2018