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  1. I wonder who will buy the 300sqft condo at $295,000
  2. Ce n'est pas le revetement final, c'est juste le contreplaque sur lequel le bois d'oeuvre va etre fixer. And don't wood ceiling renders look great... no lighting, no ventilation, no sprinklers etc. 🙄
  3. Wake up early and blast the tunes! Give him a taste of his own medicine
  4. I guess that's one way to spin the anodization problem lol... there was all kinds of legal action on this building after the envelope went up
  5. Je pense que notre climat est quand meme pertinent à la discussion....
  6. Roxboro a remporté l'appel d'offre avec une soumission à $111 M
  7. Fort possible que la compaction en dessous de l'asphalte n'est pas adequate
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/12/science/5g-phone-safety-health-russia.html Not going to post the entire article here because it's quite long but this is a very good read
  9. Very possible that they didn't properly protect the ventilation conduits during construction. Now that all the equipment is up and running, the dust is being blown out through the ducts
  10. Carbonleo already has many commercial tenants lined up (including anchor tenants and some that do not yet have a presence in Montreal). There’s a reason they’re starting with the commercial component; the demand is there.