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  1. They have been pouring foundations since the end of last week ! Sorry I don't have pics
  2. A couple of snaps from earlier this week. The Well is a massive site !
  3. December 20th 2019 I couldn't get a good picture but it looked like they were starting to assemble a crane this morning ! Can someone in the area confirm???
  4. Good news but so sad that Bombardier isn't even mentioned in the press release
  5. Prochain arret, next stop: Griffintown - ETS - Donovan - Bernard Landry - D'Arcy McGee - Luc Ferrandez 👍
  6. This building will also have a very nice car/pedestrian entrance/dropoff, via Sherbrooke.
  7. This is exactly what the new urban boulevard should look like in the A440 corridor going towards the Kirkland REM station, with two slight differences: - Two reserved bus lanes instead of a tramway - Two lanes in each direction instead of three It encourages public/active transit without purposely hindering overall mobility !
  8. This project will be 19/20 floors, not 23. And will very likely be using the Upbrella construction method (like Rubic condos)
  9. Driving up boul. Laurentien / Marcel-Laurin to work (downtown) this morning it really hit me how much action we have going on. Starting with the projects around the Bois-Franc station to Cite Midtown then to Royalmount and Westbury. It's great to see
  10. Excavation is in full swing (Nexus). Reliance is the GC. Sorry I don't have pics
  11. December 4th 2019 L'effet REM... This was an empty lot right next to Euro Marche, just north of the Bois-Franc station. Sorry for the blurry pic. On the south side of the station, the project on the southeast corner of Henri-Bourrassa and Marcel-Laurin is topped out and Sotramont has set up a roulotte de chantier on the southwest corner for the next phase of their Bois-Franc redevelopment. Bref, beaucoup d'action dans le secteur! I also heard that the Euro Marche lot was recently sold and is scheduled to become condos and/or apartments.
  12. Dante is by far the most interesting street in Little Italy but the city should promote and support new Italian businesses on St-Laurent. They can start by using the Little Italy in Boston as a business model
  13. The city really needs to do something about the St-Laurent portion of Little Italy It's a disgrace seeing what it has become...