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  1. You clearly don't work in the industry. Plans and specifications are getting worse and worse. There are more and more coordination problems between the professionals in the conception phase, that then need to be resolved during the construction phase; which will obviously increase the costs. The system is the problem, not the general contractors. Who the hell would want to get involved in a project with the conditions you suggested?
  2. No one wants to bid on projects for the Ville de Montreal anymore. 6% is NOTHING, and their payment delays are the stuff of legend.
  3. It's a great idea but you can't just build new schools at every station and abandon the old ones ($$$). Like I said, it's a process that will take a significant amount of time. In the meantime, parking space is a must.
  4. I don't think some of you realize how bad TEC service is in the suburbs... The REM will still be a success if the size of the parking lots are reduced but it will be a much greater success if people can drop their kids off at school/daycare and then drive over to the station and find a parking spot. As @ToxiK said, the best bet is to build the parking lots now, giving us time to upgrade/adapt our services and infrastructure to make them less car-oriented, and then build TODs on that land in the future!
  5. Buy Crystal and demolish it ahaha
  6. Back to 1 Square-Phillips please
  7. Just to put things in perspective, the piles used during the construction of the Burj Khalifa are 58 meters deep !
  8. La signalisation pour la voie reservée sur Thimens à déjà été installée
  9. Oui la conformité ajoute une certaine protection mais les exigences commencent à devenir extrême, au point ou il ne reste que 2-3 entrepreneurs qui "qualifient" pour déposer leur soumission.
  10. This is what happens when you have a system where the lowest bidder wins. Profit margins are so thin they try to make their money on change orders. The entire process needs to be reviewed.
  11. 28 janvier 2019 (de plus près)
  12. On parle des deux côtés de la bouche ! More congestion didn’t seem to be a problem when PM closed the road across Mont Royal and it doesn’t seem to be a problem for the new 1.5 lane rue Sainte-Catherine. But it’s a problem now, when a private investor wants to invest billions of dollars in our city. Remind me, do those projects have social acceptability? If not , we better block them at all costs ! Based on past arguments , more congestion should incite people to use public transit . Right ? Is that not still true ??? The real scandal will be pursuing legal action against Carbonleo, who did everything by the book, using taxpayer money ! Not socially acceptable in my book ...