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  1. Personally, I think the blue line extension is a bad idea - save for an extension of one station to Pie-IX. The east side of the orange line is too busy due to the extension to Laval. Sending east enders to the orange line who would otherwise head to the green line is only going to make matters worse. Furthermore the green and blue line stations get closer and closer to eachother as you go east. The exception to Pie IX is because it would facilitate things for people in Montreal North and St-Michel by means of the SRB, which would then link the Train de l'Est, blue line, green line an
  2. It's not that they aren't coming here, as clearly stated in the article, it just makes more sense to start in Canadian markets where they have more brand awareness.
  3. 1. As the article stated, Toronto and Vancouver have huge Asian populations. Same reason Muji will go to those markets first. 2. As for Nordstrom, time will tell, but keep in mind no other Canadian city has an Ogilvy's and when Ogilvy's and Holt's become one store they will the largest Holt's in the country.
  4. ??? ''Toronto and Vancouver are ideal cities for the Japanese retailer: both see exceptionally high retail sales, large Asian populations, and considerable Uniqlo brand awareness. Other desirable markets include Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, and possibly Ottawa and Winnipeg, as the company continues expanding.''
  5. Assuming if, and only if, the tunneling is possible, I envision a surface metro with the following stops: 1. Pie-IX & The Met (Connection with Future SRB & Future Blue Line Metro Station) 2. Saint-Michel & The Met 3. Papineau & The Met 4. Collège André Grasset: servicing Christophe-Colombe & St-Hubert 5. Station Crémazie (Connection with Orange Line Metro) 6. Saint Laurent & The Met (Connection with Future Saint-Laurent Tram) 7. Saint-Laurent & Chabanel (Connection with Future Saint-Laurent Tram) 8. Chabanel & Esplanade 9. Chabanel & Meilleur (Co
  6. Sous peu, je pense que la plupart des Bureau en Gros seront des choses du passé. While it isn't the prettiest building, the area between McGill and Peel will be seeing a lot of change in the next few years. Chances are, as long as we can grow the economy for a few years in a row, that lot will be slated for development soon enough. When the Bureau en Gros was built the area wasn't what it is today (and was a very far cry from what it's evolving into).
  7. http://affaires.lapresse.ca/economie/immobilier/201401/22/01-4731155-deterioration-du-marche-des-bureaux-au-centre-ville.php Publié le 22 janvier 2014 à 08h13 | Mis à jour à 08h13 Détérioration du marché des bureaux au centre-ville ANDRÉ DUBUC La Presse Le taux d'inoccupation des bureaux au centre-ville de Montréal devrait continuer à augmenter jusqu'à atteindre la barre des 9-10% en 2015, en raison de l'offre abondante de locaux offerts en sous-location et de l'arrivée de trois nouvelles tours de bureaux au cours de la période. À la fin de 2013, le taux d'inoccupation a a
  8. I know what an emphyteusis and what a superficies is. My point is, and sorry for not being clear, is that the lease ends in February 28, 2065 and they are selling the lease for only 1 325 000,00 $. Something tells me that price means there is something about the land lease that doesn't make it overly attractive.
  9. This had been on the market for a good while I believe. I wouldn't get too excited for this one. It's not the land that is for sale but a long term land lease. I don't know too much in terms of details, but to develop a building on land you don't actually own, not the sexist option. It would obviously depend though on what type of land lease this is.
  10. The Spectrum site is the smaller of the two buildings (the one on the right) -- hence the two phases. The picture and information come from Canderel's monthly listing flyer.
  11. Jusqu'à 1 200 000 pi.ca. Plan type du plancher: ± 33 000 pi.ca. et 27 500 pi.ca. Développement en deux phases
  12. Et c’est à cause de commentaires comme ceux-ci, que je participe très peu à ce forum ces jours-ci…
  13. With the replacement of the Champlain Bridge and the development of the Point Nord this bridge is a must! I suggest a PPP which would include a transponder for every resident's car on Nun's Island to guarantee that the project is viable (paid through their property taxes), direct STM bus access to de L'Eglise metro station, easy emergency access to and from the island, free bike and pedestrian access and the option of non-residents to pay steep usage fees to use the bridge (in order to discourage overuse). As an added bonus it would be great for businesses on boulevard Lasalle, rue We
  14. I think it does a good job of tying in the look of the older buildings in Griffintown worth saving and the newer modern looking buildings being built all around it. I just really wonder if all these projects can survive. There's a ridiculously huge amount of supply being put on the market all in the same area; nevermind the fact there are numerous other interesting projects happening all around the city.
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