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    Solar power trash bins hit Montreal streets


    Last Updated: Monday, May 28, 2007 | 5:30 PM ET


    CBC News





    The BigBelly garbage cans use solar panels to generate power.

    (Steve Rukavina/CBC)

    The City of Montreal is going solar in its bid to clean up downtown streets.

    The Ville-Marie borough has launched a pilot project starring BigBelly, a "green" garbage can that uses cordless compaction technology.

    The sun-powered trash cans compact garbage using solar energy, and can hold up to five times the volume of regular garbage cans.

    Compacting garbage reduces the need for trash collection and could decrease the all-too-common Montreal sight of overflowing rubbish bins.

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    We have a problem getting people to put any trash in a bin, if we manage to do that first, then we'll get them to sort their trash before putting them in the appropriate bin.

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    they removed the recycling bins because people just put anything in them.


    Time to educate people the difference between garbage and recycling.


    Honestly can't believe people in the city have no idea between the two.

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    Be thankful we are not in PEI.


    There they have a program called waste management.


    It consists of:

    - Blue bag/bin 1 (paper products)

    - Blue bag/bin 2 (plastic and aluminum products)

    - Compost bag/bin (food, non-recyclable paper, boxes, yard trimmings, dog shit)

    - Waste bag/bin (everything else)


    More info: http://www.iwmc.pe.ca/sorting.htm


    If you don't obey the Island Waste Management, you get big fines.. Tourists must abide by them as well.

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