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Lu sur Reddit :


I visited this awesome city from Thursday-Sunday last week for the Jazz festival and had an awesome time. Thursday night I was on the 162 bus around midnight and at some point, my wallet managed to leap out of my pocket on the ride home, and I didn't realize it was missing until after the bus was out of chasing-distance.

Unfortunately for myself my time in Montreal ended and I am back home now and need to arrange Fedex to pick it up and send it to me. But just knowing that someone turned it into the STM's lost-and-found as soon as they could (which was yesterday) makes me love this city so much more.

Everyone we ran into was very helpful, including a gentleman that offered help when he overheard me and my girlfriend trying to figure out where our bus-stop was at midnight at an otherwise empty station.

Merci beaucoup!



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Une courte histoire qui en dit long sur la qualité des valeurs humaines répandues dans une société donnée. Ironiquement la perte momentanée d'un bien personnel, se transforme en gain pour tout le monde, grâce au degré élevé d'empathie des montréalais. Ce sentiment de solidarité n'est pas étranger à la mentalité québécoise en général et à notre société distincte inspirée de la sociale-démocratie, où les valeurs de partage sont au coeur de nos préoccupations. :applause:

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