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  1. This would be a phenomenal to develop in the area between the Atwater market, Atwater street, and Lionel Groulx metro station.
  2. The solution is to use one of the lanes of the Ville Marie tunnel for the downtown portion.
  3. It's too bad the Parma Café building is still there. It would have made for a spectacular lobby or common area at this corner.
  4. We just recently got rid of a huge scar that was the Bonaventure Expressway and what an improvement that was. Let's not add a scar on RL.
  5. It’s missing something that ties it to Chinatown.
  6. I don’t understand how the newly renovated building was not obliged to do something to the side facing Bleury. unacceptable!
  7. Ideally they should use Notre Dame underground, then, they can link at several stations (Champ de Mars, Square Victoria) and end at the REMA Griffintown and/or Bonaventure Metro.
  8. I can see a much taller version of this facing BN on the nw corner of RB and St Jacques
  9. It was unfortunate that the heated sidewalks were cancelled in the redevelopment of ste Catherine street. To bring back life to st Denis heated sidewalks and bike path from st Joseph to Roy could bring new life to the street filled with cafés, stores and people.
  10. This is the type of development that should be demanded and incentivized all along the Lachine canal
  11. I really don't have a problem with the height. I am more concerned with what it will be like at street level. We need to make this area very alive.
  12. I hope it's a high end hotel with high end retail on de la Montagne and restaurant/café style on de Maisonneuve.
  13. It would be awesome to replace the buildings in the background with several tall 50 stories skinnies similar in scope to the maestro project.
  14. Referring to the lack of street presence on RB
  15. It's unfortunate that the old Banque Nationale Building has no window onto RB
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