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  1. The 2 or 3 story building currently being built Should have been at least as tall as the AECOM building. The additional floors would have made for a great hotel site.
  2. The reason I mention EATALY is that I was expecting a combination market/resto.
  3. GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT! I was expecting something more like EATALY.
  4. They should look to the UK and London in particular for the street markings - so impressive!
  5. I really don't like the treatment at street level.
  6. I really don't understand why they didn't use the median of the 40 instead of building in front of buildings on the north side of the 40
  7. I would have liked to see a public square in the area to make the buildings breathe a little.
  8. I hope not. This lot needs a tall skinny.
  9. I hope this building will be set back in line with the Concordia building to the west so that we have a "square like" space in front of it.
  10. I might be missing something. But isn't the Air Canada/Transat marriage much better for Montreal than an AirFrance/Tranast union?
  11. There has been no activity or news here for awhile. Is everyone on holidays?
  12. Imagine a mini rail (expo 67 style) from downtown through McGill through the mountain to St Joseph's oratory.
  13. I did not know - thank you for sharing the info. Are they still doing it ?