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  1. It is not unusual for high volume retailers to send management personnel to existing locations for training - and this can be over several months.
  2. vincenzo

    Édifice Rodier

    It looks like they are keeping the arched windows bricked - it's unfortunate.
  3. Even though I am not a big fan of this project, I have a big problem with this mindset: 1- There has been a congestion issue ever since I can remember - FIX IT! This is the geographical center of the city - You don't stop a major development because you can't get your act together; 2- I don't think that this project will ever replace downtown. People that go downtown will continue going for many more reasons than the offer proposed by Carbonleo. This project is attractive to shopping center people especially the ones that go to Dix/30, Mirabel, Carrefour Laval and not your downtown crowd; 3- We should suggest, incentivize, etc.. so that the people that put the money and take the risk are motivated to make changes. It needs to be a win/win on both sides; 4-We are sending the worst mixed message to developers. It should not be anything goes, but once a permit is issued it should be carved in stone. FIX your political structure issues and don't use developers as pawns. 5-This area is not the GOLDEN SQUARE MILE, OLD MONTREAL, OLD PORT, or DOWNTOWN. This is an industrial wasteland that needs FIXING.
  4. I totally agree. We need a Phillips Square makeover at the northeast corner of deMaisonneuve/Guy with McKay bordering to the east and a new street/passage bordering to the north.
  5. The Concordia building needs a serious makeover
  6. The video screens are pitiful. You do it and you do it right or you don't do it at all.
  7. We really lack the mindset of a world class city
  8. Projects of this nature don't come by very seldom. I just hope they do something GRAND like a world class city would. If we do this right the benefits are astronomical!
  9. On peut devenir l’example
  10. Fabulous! They just need to do something with the outdoor parking - should be underground and find something special to put above it.
  11. Montreal lost an opportunity to lead and be innovative as a premier winter city
  12. I would like the city to develop a master plan/strategy and a fund in the form of subsidies for special areas of the city, such as Chinatown, Little Italy, Prince Arthur, Red light district, etc, to help the merchants develop the area towards that plan.
  13. Especially The Gazette and CJAD. I know many Anglophones that have switched to La Presse because they couldn't stomach the continual bashing - no matter how well we do - of The Gazette