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  1. I thought trucks were not allowed in the ville marie tunnel.
  2. One option is to force all eastbound traffic out at the St Laurent exit and have the REM go underground on the east bound lanes connecting at the Place D'Armes metro station.
  3. Great idea. it can be modified and made less expensive by having the REM underground in the middle with the boulevard above ground on either side. Also, this would allow to raise the ground all the way to the rail tracks providing an unobstructed view of the river.
  4. Really like it. A nice fit.
  5. The message from the building is clearly and it seems wanted that it is outside the arches
  6. Is the project across the street (ONE) still going forward? I passed by on Sunday and both the perimeter fencing and marketing sign had been removed.
  7. I have a hard time believing that for an artist of great significance they could not raise the additional funds needed by going to the Montreal business community
  8. It would have been nice if the had indented the corner across from the Centaur so as to have place for a café with tables.
  9. To complete the portrait, Missing a triangular 60+ skinny at NW corner RB and st Jacques
  10. Amazing project! i could see something similar on Greene avenue between Lionel Groux metro and Atwater market and Lachine canal.
  11. A tall very skinny would be preferable as it would keep the focus at street level, minimize the obstruction of 1250 from the east and minimize the view obstruction from the Klondike.
  12. From a skyline perspective, it would be awesome to see some buildings included of 30+ Stories
  13. Very impressive addition especially in an area that has been dead for so long
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