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  1. vincenzo


    From a very reliable construction firm although not involved with the project.
  2. vincenzo


    I heard it's over for Royalmount. Can anyone confirm.
  3. We need design at this level along the Lachine Canal!
  4. IMO, both 555 and 505 next door should be demolished and replaced with 50/60 story mixed use buildings worthy of the street.
  5. We can add multilevel public parking in each block for residents and customers blended into the current architecture managed by stationnement Montreal.
  6. That site screams for a tall skinny!
  7. Actually not bad. I would just hope that all commercial spaces on the ground floor would be obliged to be at least 18 ft in height. It would heighten the experience at street level.
  8. It's manageable with government help. Without the C Series transaction it would have been unmanageable
  9. Thank God they made the deal with Airbus, they would have never survived the current crisis.
  10. Not much of an overpass. IMO an overpass similar in size to the one in Toronto connecting King Street to the CN Tower and to the aquarium would be more appropriate and highlight the connection over the tracks to the water.
  11. I think after this Covid affair is over, we are going to need government to fast track projects like this to get the economy going.
  12. With Molson moving, do we need all those tracks along the River? Can’t we reduce to 1 or 2 tracks and cover with a deck bringing the whole site to the edge of the river.
  13. What an amazing job Legault and his admin have done so far. Quebec has the same ratio deaths/cases as Germany.