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  1. A photo like this, from the MUHC to the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, ten years from now is going to make the skyline more stretched out. More Chicago-like (spread out) and less Los Angeles-like (concentrated).
  2. If Montreal wanted to build something more substantial for cycling than Norreport Station, and do something else above ground, they could do like Strawinskylaan Bicycle Parking in Amsterdam. Bikes could be parked underground:
  3. This site would be good as a large bicycle parking plaza, for the same reasons as those mentioned in the article above. Similar to Nørreport Station in Copanhagen, it would frequently have buses passing by, with a subway underneath. That whole block, including the bus terminus, would be an even larger transportation hub than it is now. And a cycling plaza does not have to be a concrete slab with bike racks, but it does not have to be over designed either. This is what it looks like in Nørreport Station:
  4. There should be regular train service between both Burlington and Plattsburgh to Montreal. Those cities are our U.S suburbs! And the North County Chamber of Commerce in Plattsburgh sees themselves as that.
  5. This is exactly what I was thinking last week. There are many ways to make money off of a condo, other than renting it out to someone who lives there permanently. I met a real estate agent about two months ago who was selling a unit in the McGill and Wellington area. He was telling me of all the different options he sees owners renting their units: International or out-of-province students: 3 to 4 students pool resources to rent out condo units (many times the condo was purchased by one of the parents of the students in the unit) Professionals: After late nights working in the core,
  6. I've never seen a condo tower take so long to finish. TDC3 will top out before TOM is completely finished (I am joking of course).
  7. I think you guys (and ladies too I'm sure) let mark_ac rile you up too much. I use to get mad at him too, but it's better to talk about how people actually live their lives and make decisions, which can be messy and complicated, rather than stats that matter mostly to economists. All the premier city-second city discussions aside, what stats about people moving to a city never show is the failures or outcomes that are not ideal. Not everyone who moves to Montreal from another part of Canada, the US, or abroad has a success story. Some people come here and fail, or their plans get derail
  8. I agree with mark_ac. I wouldn't call it Fake News, but I do think that English Quebec media tends to skew stories , as all media do. For example, if an undercover reporter in the English media visited 100 stores in Montreal, and managed to get service in French in 90 stores, their story would be French is Being Use in 9 of 10 Montreal Stores. But if an undercover reporter in the French media did the same experiment, their story would be Le Francais Est Seulement Utilisé dans 9 de 10 magasins Montréalais? That's the nature of the media where we live. Some places in this world it is left-right,
  9. Yes, California and New York have lost millions of people over the last ten years to more affordable places with less tax like Texas, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. They mainly attract the wealthiest who can afford living there.
  10. It will be fascinating to see how they will renovate the Big O. Hopefully they can be inspired by the Olympiastadion Berlin. Built in 1936, renovated in 2004. A renovated Big O should have less of a 1970s feel and colour scheme.
  11. I prefer the first version too, even if the towers required more creativity. It would have made more of an impact overall on the downtown area. This supposed new version looks like something they would build in Longueuil or Dix30. This is very disappointing. Then again, we trust that Montrealers who live in that area know what's best for their neighbourhood.
  12. Once the Turcot is completed and the new highway 20 is open, there are plans to develop the land where the existing highway is. That land between the new highway 20 and the canal. Does anyone have any knowledge about serious plans or intentions to develop that land? My desire is for that land to be zoned for buildings taller than the St. Jacques Escarpment. I would prefer a mixed-use master-planned neigbourhood like CityPlace or Concord Pacific Place. It would be a nice way to stretch the skyline of Montreal, because west of Westmount Square there are few tall buildings. Having a mixed-
  13. Ten years after the REM is built, they should do part of the Grand Deblocage just to make those people happy. Enough with the false dichotomy, we can build the REM and Grand Deblocage. Not at the same time, but in phases. Trainsparence is full of it. When the REM was announced, the Caisse held interactive information sessions in various municipalities across the metropolitan area. The public were able to come and ask questions directly to the people involved. Some of us on here went to these sessions, and they were very informative. I went to one of them. I even volunteered to write some
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