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  1. It's going to be great when it fills he corner of the street, the view from Clark will be awesome. Much needed height as well.
  2. The 3D scans of Montreal have been updated. The last images had the Deloitte tower half finish, so around 2014. The new ones show Rocabella 2 almost finish, so I would estimate summer 2017. @Faitlemou The city looks so much more dense, I look forward to seeing the next scan with all the new projects.
  3. Ils ont ajouté des DELs sur le toit, jai hâte de voir le projet finis. J'aime l'effet Tron!
  4. This is terrible publicity for Devimco, shameful really. If the city does lose this battle, I hope they remember the next time Devimco asks for anything from them.
  5. All of the tenants have moved out of the building since the start of June. The back is fenced off.